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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Keys To Optimizing Your Extended Auto Warranty

Extended Auto Warranties
May, 29 2011
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When a potential customer enters the showroom at a local dealership, he or she is very optimistic regarding the new car that they are about to purchase. Once they've studied their options, met with the dealer, completed all necessary paperwork, they find out that they are approved. Most new cars come with a factory backed warranty. Many used cars offer owners the opportunity to purchase a warranty from either the factory or dealership. Many new and used owners alike, are clueless about what to do after their warranty expires. There are certain things an automobile owner can do, to the optimize their extended auto warranty buying experience.

Key 1: Know what you can and can't afford
Many customers purchase warranties that they can not afford and it results in lost of coverage. Having a warranty is a necessity for today's car owner. Regardless of your income bracket, there are many financing options available, that caters to the various income levels. Understanding these options can save you money.

Key 2: Shop carefully
Due to false advertisement, many buyers has been scammed by car warranty dealers. For those seeking, research carefully to find the best, suitable and legitimate extended auto warranty. Owners have bought expensive warranties, believing that they were getting certain features, only to find out that they were deceived. Make sure to read all of the proposed warranty information, including the fine print. Many people have found comparing easier, through the use of the internet. Within one click, you can find available and affordable vehicle warranty companies and dealers, information about their services and compare prices. Also, understand that there are many auto warranty companies available and you're not limited to a dealer.

Key 3: Understand the different types of auto warranties
It is vital that potential warranty owners, understand the various types of warranties available. There are warranties that only support the wear and tear on a vehicle, while some support mechanical breakdown. Others provide support for both of these. If you are needing an extended warranty, choose a warranty that supports both. You want your vehicle covered if it ever breaks down, due to mechanical breakdown, and if repairs need to be made, due to normal wear and tear.

Finally, owning a vehicle is an asset, need and responsibility. Having a vehicle covered through warranty, means peace of mind for any owner. Peace is gained by knowing that, regardless of what happens to your auto, you have a extended auto warranty that cover's it. Good drivers purchase warranties, in order to prevent possibly future un-expectancies and for basic travel. In order to live effectively in today's society, reliable transportation is a must-have.
May, 29 2011
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May, 29 2011
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Auto Warranty|Listen Up or Lose Money

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The world of extended warranties for cars is a large and confusing place. Vehicles can have a manufacturer’s warranty, extended warranty, product warranty, a vehicle service contract, or mechanical breakdown insurance. To further complicate the situation, each of these has its own laws and regulations which govern the application of them, and can have their own specific benefits or limitations.

Let’s begin with a manufacturer’s warranty, it is provided for the new and original (no modifications) vehicle by the maker. This type of warranty covers specific areas of the vehicle and is enforceable for a set number of months or miles driven, this is mandated by law.

Once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired the vehicle is used and has additional miles on it, the next step is an extended warranty, a vehicle service contract or mechanical breakdown insurance. This is a basic contract between the vehicle owner and the warranty company which covers specific parts of the vehicle to be repaired or replaced in the event it fails. These warranties become more appealing when they are offered with the additional benefit of 24/7 roadside assistance, a wear and tear coverage, rental car reimbursement and in some cases traveler’s insurance. For these reasons, when considering an extended warranty it is a good idea to research and find the best deal possible. Again, each warranty is regulated by the state.

The best warranty companies can be found on A.M. Best & Company’s “A” list.

Product warranties are warranties on an additive or product. These are a promise and backing by the Admin. regarding the product being used.

A major difference between an extended vehicle warranty and a product warranty is the extended warranty has to be backed by an insurance company and a product warranty does not.

Everyone has that nightmare story of how they were done wrong by the vehicle, here are a few tips to help you avoid that problem.

• Always thoroughly read the contract, do not be afraid to ask questions.
• Get a pre purchase inspection by a certified mechanic. These inspections are usually a small fee $100-$250, and will prevent the warranty from saying an issue was pre existing.
• Be diligent in the maintenance of the vehicle. This is a quick way for the warranty to become null and void.
• Establish where the repairs need to be done, many companies have specific shops they use.
• Know how the claim/repair is paid. Some companies pay the shop directly, others want you to pay the shop then reimburse you.
• Check the deductable, this can be a one time total, or per repair.
• Verify the expiration of the contract, the the exact odometer reading or specific date.