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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vehicle Service Contracts

Vehicle Service Contracts

All vehicles suffer from break downs at different instances. It is difficult to cater for high repair costs especially if your vehicle constantly suffers from unforeseen break downs. A vehicle service contract is the solution to comprehensively protecting your vehicle from costly future repair costs.

A vehicle service contract is purchased at any instance from car dealerships or independent companies. It can be thought of as an insurance policy and defers from initial vehicle warranties minimally. The service contracts cover a car's repair and maintenance costs during a given period of time. New cars and relatively new cars may get much more comprehensive extended coverage as compared to used cars, which are offered limited service contract coverage. It is important to weigh the extent to which a vehicle service contract will cover your car before purchasing one.

If your car does not have an initial warranty or lacks comprehensive coverage, a service contract would be ideal for your car. A vehicle service contract offered by vehicle manufacturers hold much more weight than those offered by independent companies. The cost of service contracts are usually determined by the make of the car, the particular car model, the condition of the car (especially in the case of used cars), the extent of coverage and the length of coverage. The vehicle is covered to a certain extent and there are a few service contracts, which cover repairs of all natures. It is wise to watch out for such policies that exclude certain repair costs for instance a policy only covering mechanical breakdowns meaning that they will not cover problems arising from wear and tear. In the instance of a repair, the contract may require you to take the vehicle to the car manufacturer for repairs, in the case of a contract purchased from the car manufacturer, or the contract may allow you to select a service dealer to carry out repairs on your vehicle. When acquiring the contract find out exactly how claims will be handled. These contracts hold you accountable to follow certain manufacturer recommendations such as oil changes. In the instance that you deviate from the recommendations, the contract may be declared void. The car service contract should be able to work for your requirements. If you plan on selling your vehicle in the nearby future it would be beneficial to get a transferable service contract. This aspect highly helps when selling your vehicle. Added fees may be applied to transferable service contracts.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What You Need to Know About Extended Car Warranties

What you need to know about Extended Car Warranties

When you purchase a new car, you will be provided with an auto warranty for a certain period, usually 3 years or for 36,000 miles. When these warranties expire, you will have to pay the necessary repairs on your vehicle. To help in reducing the amount of money you will have to pay, you may consider extended car warranties. These extended warranties are a contract between a warranty company and the car owner that covers the repairs of the vehicle for a given duration. It is a good option because it offers protection to you in case you encounter emergency repair costs.

You will be required to make a decision between manufacturers and after markets when you are considering purchasing extended car warranties. The manufacturers warranty is provided by an authorized dealer and comes with similar features to the original warranty that you bought your car with. In case of any repairs, you will be required to take the vehicle to a dealer so that they can carry them out. The aftermarket warranty provides you with flexible options. You may take your vehicle to a dealer or a certified facility for repairs. The repairs will be carried out after the repair shop has been given the authorization by the warranty administrator. Some of these companies will pay directly to the repair shops while others will require you to foot the bill and then they will reimburse you as required.

In order to determine if you need extended car warranties, you need to check out the situation of your vehicle. Some of the things you need to consider include the time that you will keep the car after the original warranty has expired. If you are planning to have it for a long time then you need an extended warranty. If you have another cover, there is no need for you to duplicate it, therefore you should find out if there is any before you purchase an extended one. The other things you need to look at include your ability to foot unexpected repair costs. If you are not prepared for them then it is advisable you look for a number of extended car warranties before making a selection of the one that will best fit your needs. The reliability of the vehicle is also an important thing to consider. If the car is generally reliable, you might not need an extended warranty but if not then you should get one as soon as the original warranty expires.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Used Car Warranty

Used Car Warranty

As a car owner, you may incur a lot of unforeseen costs arising from the maintenance of your vehicle. The costs may become over bearing as the car ages. Generally used cars are anticipated to require increased maintenance requirements than new cars. Used cars come with fewer warranties compared to brand new cars. The warranties extended to a used car depend on the car's particular state and where the car is bought. Car dealerships are likely to offer a used car warranty while used cars bought from individuals are bound to come without warranties unless the car comes with a transferable car warranty.

A used car warranty defers minimally to that offered for new cars. These extended warranties similarly include bumper to bumper and powertrain policies. However, used cars enjoy these policies to the extent of the car's condition meaning that the warranty may only cover a fraction of the car's repair costs. Used car warranties also cover a number of car items including audio accessories and electrical systems. These items are similarly covered to a limited extent in the case of a used car. It is important to understand how warranties extended to used cars work, especially if you are planning on buying a used car.

Most states allow dealerships to sell used cars without warranties. In the bid to help sell used cars, most car dealerships offer minimal warranties on used car, which cover a percentage of repair and maintenance costs. These warranties cover the used cars for a period of 30 days going up to one year after sale. An extended used car warranty is sold to used car buyers by automakers and independent companies. They are referred to as contract services and work more or less similarly to those offered to new cars. These extended warranties protect a used car from costly repairs, which may be required in the future. A used car warranty varies in the extent to which it covers a car and the length in which it covers the car depending on different dealerships offering them. In some instances extended powertrain coverage may be offered to used car buyers going up to 100,000 miles. Several of these warranties offer roadside assistance to used car buyers and nominal deductible rates. Warranties may be extended to vehicle parts bought in a dealership to replace faulty ones. These warranties usually go up to a year or more. Car batteries come with separate policies, which typically last longer.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Automotive Extended Warranties

Also known as an extended service agreement, an extended warranty is a contract through which a manufacturer or a third party warranty providers carry out the necessary repairs on mechanical break downs for a given duration of time as stated in the contract. The vehicles come with an original warranty that usually covers the car for a period of three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. The users can then purchase an extended car warranty to cover the repairs when the original warranty expires.

The coverage of the extended warranty varies from one provider to another and therefore the car owners need to check out the details to ensure that they know what they are paying for. It is recommended that the car owners read the fine print of the warranties, as it will provide them with the insight on the type of repairs covered. This will enable them select those warranties that are suitable to their needs and they will be in a better position to reduce the out of pocket costs they will have to foot.

The car owners are required to consider a number of things before they settle for an extended warranty. One of them is if they are planning to keep the car especially after the end of the original warranty. If they are hoping to keep it for along time, then they should buy a warranty before the original one expires to avoid being uninsured.

They will also need to consider their financial responsibility. This will deal with the deductibles they are required to pay when they have purchased the extended warranty. They have the option of selecting the per repair deductible which will require them to pay the deductible each time the vehicle is repaired. They can also select the per visit deductible which will require them to pay the deductible each time they visit a repair shop. It is the best choice because some time the vehicle may require more than one repair work.

The warranties come with different payment options. Some of them will pay the repair shops once the repair is done while others will require the car owners to pay the repair costs and then they will be reimbursed later. To be reimbursed, they will need to send the receipt to the administrator of the warranty who will give the authorization. The other consideration they need to check is whether the warranty can be transferred to a new owner, especially if they are thinking of selling it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do You Need an Extended Car Warranty?

One of the most common questions car owners ask themselves is whether they should purchase an extended car warranty for their new or used vehicles. These warranties cover a number of things and it is very important for the users to consider what they want covered before they sign for an extended warranty. Most of the providers offer warranty programs that are almost the same, with a period of up to 7 years.

When they have purchased a vehicle, the users need to consider extended car warranty as it will save them from paying extra cash when the vehicle breaks down. The warranty is necessary even when the users feel like everything is running smoothly. This is because things might happen without any warning or the vehicle might need a replacement of one part or the other when the users least expect it to. It is important that the users consider the type of parts that may be costly than the warranties they are thinking of purchasing because this will influence their decision on whether they should take the extended car warranty or not. Incase the replacement of the part will cost more than the warranty and then they should purchase it and vice versa.

It is essential to keep in mind the fact that there is no correct answer when it comes to selecting an extended car warranty program. It will all depend with the needs of the car owner. There are many areas where these warranties can be purchased from and it is up to the car owners to research on the various programs available in order for them to make the right decision. Some of the providers will offer affordable programs in addition to other services such as warranty for the old vehicles with a number of mileages on the odometer. Others get rid of the users worry when it comes to paying out of pocket costs as they provide prepaid scheduled maintenance plans while others have coverage for the wear and tear for specific parts of the vehicle such as the belts, brake pads, spark plugs and many others.

It is also helpful to keep in mind that most of the extended car warranties are transferable and when users are planning to sale their vehicles, it would increase their resale value. Of importance when researching on these products, the users should find out more information on the provisions so that they can have the adequate information to make an informed decision.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Car Extended Warranty From US Direct Protect

Acquiring a car may be the best step you may ever make to ease your transport requirements. However, a car comes with a number of responsibilities that you may not have carefully considered. Similar to other mechanical appliances, the car is bound to face break downs and other malfunctions requiring repair at different instances. If you can comfortably cater for these costs then you are among the few car owners who can. A number of car owners find themselves in a rut when faced with car repair costs. It is wise to acquire a good insurance policy that covers your car wholesomely. A car extended warranty is what you need to get to deal with unforeseeable car repairs, which may crop up in the future.

A car extended warranty is a form of insurance policy, which safeguards a vehicle against expensive repair costs, which may be incurred at any instance. Similar to auto warranties, these warranties usually cover repairs and other car maintenance costs for a stipulated period of time. Unlike warranties that come with the purchase of cars, the extended warranties are acquired separately. Most car dealerships offer these warranties and they can be purchased when buying a vehicle or well after acquiring a vehicle.

A car extended warranty is convenient for an individual who want to ensure that their vehicle is comprehensively covered against future repair costs. It is wise to weigh your options before acquiring these warranties. Find out to what extent your current warranty covers your vehicle, since the initial warranty may be sufficient to cover your car's maintenance costs. If you opt for an extended warranty inquire about the coverage it will entitle your car to and whether it will cover your car for the period you anticipate to own the car. Another factor that may help you decide on whether you need a car extended warranty is your car model's track record with break downs. Cars that constantly require repairs are best suited for extended warranties. The strength of the extended warranty is determined by the company, which is providing it. These warranties are provided by the vehicle manufacturers or independent companies. Extended warranties from vehicle manufacturers rate highly than those from independent companies. If you anticipate to sell your car in the near future it would be wise to go for an extended warranty, which is transferable. The transferable nature of the warranty is usually a added selling point when selling your vehicle.

Monday, January 3, 2011

US Direct Protect, Your Friendly Neighborhood Auto Warranty and Vehicle Service Contract Provider

Finding a good auto warranty isn't easy. Finding one that won't demolish your budget might seem impossible. Your automobile is a significant investment and it can cost more than $1,000 for repairs. You might be tempted to park your car and buy a horse instead of paying even more money to get a service contract agreement that really doesn't work that well for you.

That's one drastic measure, but we have a better idea. Let US Direct Protect find the best car warranty coverage for you at a price that's just right. Our special licensed software enables us to shop around the hundreds of companies offering these products. Only a few high-quality carriers offer A-rated auto warranties, the best ones available. You could spend many hours searching for them without reward, all the while daydreaming of a brisk horseback ride in rush hour traffic. We have more and better options available.

Most car warranty companies offer one or two plans that probably won't cover a lot of the repairs your vehicle will need. Worse, they are very expensive. You could go to the dealership where you bought your car and buy one of their service plans, but you'll still be paying too much. Most auto warranty companies and dealerships need to make a higher profit from each plan they sell because they sell so few of them.

US Direct Protect specializes in only good-value service agreements. We've helped more than 10,000 people in the past six years find the right coverage for their needs. Because we do a lot of business, we don't have to mark up our prices the way dealerships and warranty companies do. The result: You save money every time you work with us.

Our representatives are highly trained to help you find the warranty that's right for you. They are ready to answer your questions 24/7.

We're auto warranty brokers and we make sure that the plans we sell live up to your expectations, not only in terms of selection and price, but also in terms of your claims being paid. A car warranty isn't worth much if you still end up paying most of the repair bill yourself.

With quality, best prices, a wide range of plans, and the assurance that your plan will cover what it says it covers, choosing US Direct Protect for your warranty needs is the right move.

Put Dobbin out to pasture once and for all, at least for the daily commute. We don't have one alternative to horsepower; we have lots of them. Let us help you find the extended car warranty that works for you.