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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Keeping Repair Costs Minimal with a Car Warranty

Keeping Repair Costs Minimal with a Car Warranty

There are a lot of headaches that go into car ownership that are both assumed and surprising at times for an automotive owner. Cars are not perfect machines in that they do tend to break down over time due to wear, tear, and mileage. Getting a sufficient car warranty can be one useful way of keeping repair and other costs as low as possible. Don’t be caught off guard and unable to pay for repairs by getting one of these deals.

Shopping around for the best kinds of warranty coverage packages will include the choice of four major areas. Each of them has their own drawbacks and positive aspects that make them affordable and useful to their owner. These varieties of warranties include the powertrain, enhanced powertrain, bumper to bumper, and full comprehensive plans. Dealerships will usually have the warranty attached to a car sale but these will need replacing after a certain period of time.

Bumper to bumper coverage is the first kind of warranty that people should look into getting. Bumper to bumper coverages usually include more than technical problems with the car as they are more geared to helping a person when the car actually breaks down. These coverages protect a motorist from high towing expenses, offers clients roadside assistance, and can even get them money for extended trips and rental cars.

Drivers who are not eligible for bumper to bumper coverage need not fear because full comprehensive warranties exist to help fit the personal needs of clients. In most of these varieties of warranty agreements, people have the option of getting the exact types of coverage they desire while being able to leave out what is not needed. Because of this, comprehensive warranties work best for people who have a limited budget to spend.

The powertrain warranty is the next type of extended car warranty to look into getting and, for most people who know a thing or two about automobiles, is one of the most sought after varieties of insurance. A powertrain warranty covers the entire major functional components of the engine. These major components include the transmission and the engine, which will cost the most when they need to be fixed.

Alongside the powertrain warranty, the enhanced powertrain warranty is an add-on to the older coverage package. The only differences that exist between the two are price and the amount of pieces of hardware covered in the car. The price for this variety of package will be a little higher because it covers more pieces of equipment. These pieces of equipment include all the power and electronic instruments found around the automobile.

Getting the very best car warranty package has its upsides in that it can spare a car owner excessive fees that most garages charge for their work. By paying a low monthly fee, people have the option of paying a lower price, if anything, for all maintenance, repairs, and miscellaneous expenditures that arise with car ownership. Shop around and look through each company’s varieties of packages and select the one that fits with a lifestyle.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Auto Warranty 1st Team All-American, US Direct Protect

Auto Warranties are like people: they come in a number of varieties. You can find a warranty that is for only a couple of months, and you can find extended warranties that last for much longer. There are tons of companies around the world that sell warranties. However, not all of them are equal in type and in value. Only a handful of groups actually sell A-rated policies that truly protect a vehicle. It’s important to look for top-notch warranties in the event that a key part of a car breaks or if the vehicle hits some serious trouble. The right warranty will save a person a lot of money on repair costs: labor, the parts used, etc.

A manufacturer’s car warranty ends usually after three or four years after the car has been bought. Thus, an extended car warranty is a necessary investment. Such a warranty will protect you if your car breaks down and you are in need of some serious repairs. The right extended warranties will cover everything from the car repair bills to associated costs like car rentals and the time and labor of the mechanics. If you do not have the right warranty, you could be out of luck because repairs could cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If these costs are unexpected, you could end up in a bad situation. Why pay for costly repairs yourself when a car warranty could help you?

When your car’s warranty is about to expire, it’s time to work on finding extended warranties that suit you, your vehicle, and your budget. This is where we come in. We have unique licensed software that enables us to shop around to the best warranty carriers to find you a great policy at an affordable price. You can buy an extended car warranty from us and know you are in safe hands. If your car has less than 200,000 miles on it and is less than 15 years old, call us and we can give you a quote in minutes. This estimate price is free. Thus, there is no harm exploring your extended warranty options.

By investing in an extended warranty, one will not have to pay for huge repairs when they come up. Instead, only maintenance-related repairs like an oil change will have to come out of pocket. Why negotiate bill prices when a warranty group can do it for you? The best part is that we can find you a number of warranty options from which to choose. Thus, one could have complete coverage in 49 states with just a phone call. Not every company can promise you the prices we can. This is because no other company has the software we have to find you the top-rated warranty options we can. Once we see the details about your vehicle, your driving needs and habits, monthly budget and plans for your car, we can find you a warranty that suits your life. This personalized service means you will not have to worry about when the manufacturer’s warranty expires: We’re a foolproof safety net!

Monday, December 13, 2010

US Direct Protect on The Balancing Act December 16th

Tune in to see US Direct Protect on The Balancing Act December 16th.

US Direct Protect will also be moving their Orange County Office to the Corporation`s main location in Oceanside. "We have out grown our location in Orange County and need more square feet", explains Keri Smith, Manager of Customer Service.

US Direct Protect has the fewest complaints in the industry pound for pound and is also slashing their rates way below market standards.

"We sell the best A rated Fully insured policies on the market today, and now because of our new marketing model, we also will be $100`s of dollars cheaper. So basically you will call company A , and then you will call US Direct Protect and receive the same policy you were just offered, for 2-3 hundred dollars cheaper. So we ask customers to call us with the name of the Warranty Administrators they were offered, and we will beat the overall cost by at least $200.00." ends John Turner, Sales manager at NWS Inc, US Direct Protects home office."

When asked about the BBB of Southlands stunning conclusion to suspend US Direct Protects Accreditation for not being licensed by the DOI, Cunningham state`s "Obviously Kim Burge has made this a personal issue but we will get to the bottom of this. Case in point, no other BBB in the nation requires this, nor are other Vehicle Service Contract sellers under Southland BBB`s jurisdiction required to do this. Nor is it required by law. We also have the fewest complaints of any Auto Warranty Seller in the past 3 years. So it makes them look incompetent when you ask yourself how they give one company with 150 complaints in 1 year and 24 rip off reports an A, and US Direct Protect with 46 complaints in 3 years and 1 rip-off report an NR. We sell more contracts than the company with 150 complaints to answer “Well their bigger, that’s why they have more complaints” excuse. And when we don`t pay them next year we will surely receive an F. The company with the fewest complaints, widest selection, and best rates in the industry. How can we ever trust the BBB of Southland?

We were invited on the Balancing Act due to our solid reputation. So we just ask consumers to take into account the BBB of Southlands crooked reputation. This is another perfect example of their "Goofing Grading" that they have been accused of many times, and remember the LA BBB has spent $400,000 in legal fees to keep a BBB slander case filed against them from ever going to trial when they gave HAMAS and A-.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

National Warranty Services Inc Has Been NR`d by the BBB

NWS Inc of California has had a B+ on the BBB for 3 years. On Dec. 1st this changed to an NR.CEO David Cunningham called the Southland BBB office on 2 separate occasions and was told they were making upgrades to the system and things will be fixed soon. On the 3rd call a Nichole Delnara told them that their account was suspended.

After calling the BBB, Bob Richardson agreed to review the account. The BBB requested tax returns and other documents from US Direct Protect to prove the amount of complaints is tiny compared to the amount of business.

A US Direct Spokesman states they understand and appreciate the standard the BBB is holding Vehicle Service Contract providers to. They also go on to point out US Direct Protect has the fewest complaints of a company their size and are very confident that their B+ will be reinstated.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bumper To Bumper vs Powertrain Warranty

It's been said about a bumper to bumper warranty that it is an inclusive auto warranty and one that many prefer. Comparing it to powertrain, which covers only some part of your car, bumper to bumper car warranty seems like a great deal. Let's compare the two and find out if bumper to bumper warranty or the powertrain is worth your hard-earned money and the right protection for your car.

Do not overlook the value of Powertrain coverage. Powertrain Warranties usually cover you for 5 years and an additional 100k miles so they protect you for a long time. Their relatively cheap and most important they are a game changer. When you have engine and transmission problem and don`t have a warranty most times is the death of the vehicle in question.

Coverage: Bumper to bumper warranty obviously covers a lot more than powertrain. Bumper to bumper warranty covers everything except for accessories whereas power train covers fuel transmission, emission control, etc. Power train covers a lot lesser than the bumper to bumper warranty.

Duration: Most auto car warranties are 3 years or 36000 miles. However there's a wrap up bumper to bumper warranty that covers for 100,000 miles. However this kind of warranty should only be availed if you would be keeping the car for a really really long time otherwise simply get the regular bumper to bumper warranty.

Cost: Bumper to bumper warranty obviously costs more than the powertrain warranty as the bumper to bumper warranty covers more than power train. In Bumper to bumper the electronic accessories, brake pads, tires and such things are not covered. On the other hand power train warranty is what covers anything that is in direct line with from the motors to the wheels. This includes your motor, transmission, emission, etc. AC and hoses are not included in this warranty.

Utility: Both the car warranties are extremely useful and obviously worthy of every penny. Both of them have their own advantages. Like the bumper to bumper covers more parts and the powertrain covers those that are most likely to need repairs. Bumper to bumper warranty is not for the do-it-yourself, car mechanics. And they should get power train instead because power or the drive train is what cannot be fixed that easily.

There are a lot of factors on which the choice of the right kind of auto car warranty depends. How much mileage is to be extracted, what sort of a driver will be driving and for what intervals, etc. Once you've figured all these answers in your mind only then choose the warranty you want for your car. And after the figuring out is done, begin your research and study about that particular kind of warranty. Most people go with bumper to bumper warranty and rightly so, it's the one that will secure the car to the maximum.

Auto Warranty Review has many expert authors that deliver unique content.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Purchasing a New Car Is Like X-Mas For a Child

Purchasing a new car can be an exciting experience, especially with that feeling of everything being fresh and new. One of the reasons why people choose to purchase a new automobile is because they expect to to reduce some of the headaches that are associated with owning a car. The trouble with that mode of thinking is that your automobile will not stay new forever and you will eventually, through regular wear and tear, end up having to spend money on repairs.

All new cars and most used cars come with some sort of car warranty which is intended to cover some part of your newly purchased vehicle. The problem with that warranty is that it lasts for a short time, depending on the manufacturer, and is limited in the coverage that it provides. There are different types of Extended Auto Warranties warranties which cover specific times and or mileage driven, however, more often than not trouble does not start to brew until that warranty is about ready to expire.

The sad truth is that in some cases your manufacturers car warranty will run out just as your automobile is ready for some costly repairs, making this particular option not quite effective. Because all manufacturers warranties are limited, some companies provide an extended car warranty to cover certain aspects of your new car when it no longer feels quite as new. The problem with some warranties is, you should ensure that the coverage you need is actually provided under the policy that you choose.

There is no argument that an extended car warranty is a wise purchase, in fact unless you plan on trading your car before the manufacturer's car warranty runs out, the choice of not getting one may leave you stranded. The only thing is, like any insurance, what you pay up front may save you bundles in the long run. After you have done your shopping and considered your driving practices, it is now time to do some research into what's out there.

Your driving practices is something that you should be taking into consideration when purchasing an extended car warranty, simply because the coverage that you need will depend on it. In most cases there are three types of coverage, Bumper to Bumper, which covers things like roadside assistance, car rental, towing, wear and tear and other things like electronic equipment. Another form of coverage is comprehensive insurance which is generally used when owners do not qualify for a bumper to bumper policy. Or you can simply cover the expensive items like your transmission, drive shaft and engine with a power train policy. Insurance companies are always willing to provide detailed information about the coverage that they offer, so do the research and give yourself much needed peace of mind.

Friday, December 3, 2010 apoligize`s for all the acne, adolecent posts. Some one hacked my superfeedr.

Bumper to Bumper Warranty – Full Protection for Cars

Bumper to Bumper Warranty – Full Protection for Cars

A Bumper to bumper warranty is considered the most lucrative extended car warranty preference for many. And why not, the name itself sounds better than power train or comprehensive coverage that only covers some part of your car. Extended bumper to bumper car warranty is something that you most definitely cannot ignore when seeking protection for your car.

When you go out into the market, many auto extended warranty providers will suggest bumper to bumper warranty with big smiles on their faces which will be neither deceiving nor fake but confident because they know they're selling something worth it. Anyhow, talking about worthiness, we must elaborate on what is it that makes bumper to bumper warranty the right choice for a car.

Bumper to bumper warranty covers everything what the other two do not. Yes, bumper to bumper means from front to back and inevitably it is known as front to back warranty as well. Now before you start making a list of what all that your car has from front to back, let the auto extended warranty providers make it easy for you by providing you a list of what is not included in the bumper to bumper warranty.

So drop the pen and just read through the benefits of bumper to bumper warranty to make your decision even firmer about the kind of extended auto warranty for your precious precious investment.

1) Bumper to bumper will cover everything except the fuel transmission equipment. Fuel transmission will be covered under the Power Train warranty. Comprehensive warranty is different from these two and includes comprehensive coverage.
2) This kind of auto warranty can also be customized according to the owner's wishes and all that he wants covered from bumper to bumper.
3) Bumper to bumper warranty allows for a lot of payment options and car owners can decide on paying either at one go or break up the amount as monthly pay installments.
4) Bumper to bumper warranties even come with special assistance such as road extra assistance such as road assistance, towing, stay and much more.

Bumper to bumper warranty is a great investment for your car, after all it will act like a much needed power shield that you will obviously need.

Generally all auto warranty providers offer bumper to bumper warranty coverages whose time duration usually expands 2-12 years. People opt for auto extended warranty when their manufacturer's warranty is either expiring or has already expired. However the sooner you obtain bumper to bumper warranty for your car the better it is. It will not only relieve you feeling better but also much more secured as far as your car is concerned.

And before you jump on the extended auto warranty bandwagon make sure you've done enough research and study on bumper to bumper warranty that you're considering.

US Direct Protect

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bumper to Bumper Warranty – Not Literally Bumper to Bumper but Better!

Bumper to Bumper Warranty – Not Literally Bumper to Bumper but Better!

Bumper to Bumper Warranty – Not Literally Bumper to Bumper but Better!

Many car owners are fascinated by this label of a bumper to bumper warranty. However the policy isn't that expansive as the nomenclature is and is more of a relative term to describe the contrasting coverage policy from other extended auto warranty policies. Undoubtedly, bumper to bumper  auto warranties are the most coverage of them all especially when compared to a Powertrain or comprehensive but it sure does not include every inch of the car that comes between the front and the back of the bumper, glass, rubber and all.

It sure is most inclusive of everything and for any regular person the bumper to bumper car warranty policy is perhaps the best he can do for his car. However, for Mr. D-I-Ys, bumper to bumper is perhaps not the best coverage policy that there is. They can truly benefit from something like a Powertrain. Now we'll discuss the comparison between these two some other time for now let's get back to bumper to bumper warranties being literally bumper to bumper.

Parts not included in Bumper to Bumper Warranty:

Listed below are parts that are not covered in the bumper to bumper or front-to-back warranty:

Wear & Tear Parts – A standard bumper to bumper warranty will not be inclusive of wear & tear parts which include brake pads, water pumps, fly wheel, injectors, gearbox, steel joints and more although a car owner can easily get the wear & tear parts included in his bumper to bumper warranty contract with some sellers as an add-on.

Emission Control & Fuel Transmission – Emission control and fuel transmission are also NOT included in the bumper to bumper warranty.

Electronic Equipment – Some electronic accessories are included in this full coverage warranty or front to back car warranty. If you want your latest music system, radio or any other gizmo covered in your bumper to bumper warranty then you got to pay more! Most with the times Car Warranty Companies have add-ons to include exotic digital or custom parts.

Did we mention the tires? Oh yeah and even tires are not included and if constituted in the bumper to bumper warranty agreement then will be charged extra. Now it doesn't really sound bumper to bumper right? Well stop before you think its bumper and bumper rather than bumper to bumper warranty, we recommend you also ask the provider about all the things covered in the warranty. Be specific, with what is and what IS NOT covered.

Along with the inclusive stuff also ensure that you get all your doubts about bumper to bumper warranties cleared. And never buy the bumper to bumper warranty from your dealer because they have huge mark-ups. A third party auto warranty provider is safer after your manufacturer's warranty as their entire business is Auto Warranties and Vehicle Service Contracts so just volume alone allows them to present coverage at much lower prices. Not to mention you never pay interest with sellers and brokers.
wants to friends on YouTube
US Direct Protect acquired Check it out. Its an Awesome website by

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don`t Break Down With Out an Auto Warranty

Don`t Break Down With Out an Auto Warranty

Don`t Break Down With Out an Auto Warranty
Submitted by Dan Warner of Extreme Warranty

When you look at the car that you drive you realize that even with all the routine maintenance that you have done the chances are still going to be good for the vehicle to fail. That is when you realize that is fine with you because you still have your car warranty. However, what you may not realize is all the benefits that you have by having an Extended Auto Warranty on your vehicle.

One benefit that you can find by having an auto warranty is that they will often pick up the bill for most of the repairs on your vehicle. However, you may find that the repairs that they will pay for is going to be limited by the regular maintenance you perform on the vehicle. You should know that your vehicle is being cared for properly because of the requirement for you to keep up on the maintenance could impact your claim. So DO YOUR ROUTINE MAINTENANCE.

Another benefit that you may find is the auto warranty may cover more than just your power train. If it covers more than that, then you should realize that any body work, windows, or other issue with your vehicle may be covered as well. Nothing is worse than having a vehicle that runs great, but cannot be driven because of a defect in the windows.

Something else that you can enjoy with an auto warranty is peace of mind. That piece of mind is going to come from the fact that you will not have to pay for the repairs to your vehicle, but instead the company that has the warranty will end up paying the bill. However, you should know that some of these companies require a certain amount of money paid out by you before they will pick up the bill. Even then that amount is typically lower than what you would pay for the entire repair.

Being able to drive your vehicle is a wonderful thing to do, but could also be very expensive at times. Its always after you break down that realize you should of purchased a car warranty. When you have a car warranty you find that dealing with repair bills is a lot easier when you don`t have to pay them. You can continue to drive your vehicle and not have to worry about breaking your savings acount or taking a bus to work.

US Direct Protect
Don`t forget is on Lifetime channels The Blancing Act on December 16th.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Front to Back, Bumper to Bumper

Front to Back, Bumper to Bumper

Front to Back, Bumper to Bumper

Buying a car is much more than an everyday 7-11 purchase. Most people that purchase vehicles expect to get a lot of service from these items. Some use cars for recreation while others may utilize their vehicles for business. Cars that are purchased for both purposes need to be reliable, but even reliable cars can malfunction at times. It is these times that car owners should consider when they are seeking new vehicles.

This may be of little relevance at the time of purchase, but car owners should not overlook the importance of a car warranty. This purchase is often just as important as the car because you never know what the future will hold. An auto warranty helps you prepare for the unexpected.

No one has any excuse because there are so many types of warranties available. There are power train, bumper-to-bumper Warranties, and comprehensive warranties. There's someone there to cover just about anything that you can anticipate. This is a good thing because it gives car owners the ability to personalize. You do not have to opt for everything, but you should acquire something. Partial protection is better than none.

A care has lots of parts. The car could be perfect in all areas but one, and this one area of deficiency may stop the car from functioning at all. A bad transmission, for example, could have you searching for your nearest car rental business. The replacement of something large could cause you to lose a large amount of money if you do not have a warranty in place.

You don't have wait until the worst occurs. Anyone that considers the purchase of another car should get a warranty. Some dealerships even allow you to get warranties on used vehicles. You may even have the ability to get an extended auto warranty for an even longer period of coverage. This is an invaluable contract that you cannot even begin to put a price on.

It's possible that you will never use the warranty, but there's no need to take the risk. There is probably a greater possibility that it will be put into use. It's as important as insurance, and no one would dare to get behind the wheel without this insurance coverage. This is just how you should view your car warranty. Take it as seriously as you would perceive anything else that is related to your driving experience.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dont Pay Huge Auto Bills Guy

Dont Pay Huge Auto Bills Guy

And now There is a Tiny URL with Auto Bills Guy in it.

Don`t Pay Huge Auto Bills Guy, You Don`t Have To

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Written By Rita Jean from Car Service Contract Blog
Investing in a car for personal transportation is a standard process that happens practically everyday. People sacrifice by saving up money, selling items around their house and working extra hours on their job to have enough money for a nice down payment. Unfortunately, if the recently purchased car didn't come with a warranty, the buyer usually don't think anything about it until it's too late. And too late typically ends up costing several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Truth be told, the majority of car buyers fail to see the importance of auto warranties. Yes, brand new cars come with a auto warranty, but used cars seldomly leave the car lot with coverage. And if they do, the coverage normally only last 3,000 miles from the moment the car leaves the lot. So if at the 3,001 mile the alternator stops working, the poor person who bought the car would have to pay to fix it. Now if a full serviced auto warranty was purchased, that alternator would've been replaced at no cost.

A car, suv, truck, mini-van, etc, are not indestructable, therefore, being prepared when a repair is needed will bring you peace of mind. Imagine driving out of town and your car breaks down, and the cause is the engine. How much do you think the repair charges will run you? It can be anywhere from $800 to $2200 or more. In today's consumer driven world, people are not saving money for an emergency fund. So unless you have room on your credit cards to cover the repair, your drive out of town won't happen. But with a good warranty, typically, you would just contact the company and they'll take care of everything.

Are you starting to understand how important having an auto warranty is? Many drivers are pushed to get auto insurance, and auto insurance should not be avoided at any cost. But auto warranties should be engraved into drivers' heads just like auto insurance is. Drivers need to start taking the responsibility of protecting their vehicles, because they will be the people stuck with large repair bills. The are coverages that are specialty made for high mileage autos, so even used cars that are several years old can find coverage. Visit or for assistance. Take the step to protect your wallet today by ensuring you're not forced to pay a large auto repair bill.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Avoid Affiliates and Lead Generation Companies When Buying Your Car Warranty

Avoid Affiliates and Lead Generation Companies When Buying Your Car Warranty

So you've made it through the stress of buying a new vehicle, you haggled with the salesman, negotiated a price for the new car, they even let you feel like you beat them up for a good trade in price and your about to get your keys and ride home in your nice new car but wait! You have to stop and see the finance manager. This seems pretty harmless he’ll make you feel like a rock star as he asks you for your autograph 53 different times, the champagne is chilling…. But wait there’s options and one of them is would you like to purchase an extended auto warranty?

Now this sounds great with an extended car warranty you’ll get extra coverage, an extra piece (peace) of mind if something happens to the car that they just spent a good amount of the day telling you was the greatest machine ever built and if you pay even more for it they’ll guarantee this great expensive machine just a little more. now after the stress endured from shopping and haggling the extra warranty is enough to make my wife jump at a few extra dollars for them to guarantee an expensive machine that was the highest of technology when they were telling you the price, but then they back peddle and contradict themselves and tell you it's a good idea if you pay extra for them to cover THEIR product! How does this work? What’s next? Will the supermarket charge me more to guarantee that the steak I just bought will stay fresher longer and be more tender even though I paid top dollar for it?

Now as always I'll probably be misinterpreted as an angry negative kind of guy and despite what my wife says I’m not. I’m skeptical for myself and all the rest of the hard working people like myself, so they say they gave me a good deal on the car close to the msrp and they aren't making any money on the deal (when that line comes out I start rolling up my pant legs because it's getting deep) and I’m not totally against auto warranties but lets call it what it really is you pay more for them to guarantee their product.

In closing some people swear by the car warranties offered by dealers and yes if you get a lemon it's covered and you will be safe from costly repairs. All I’m saying is that for what cars are costing these days I think that the dealers and manufacturers should at least be honest and say “yes there’s a chance we screwed up somewhere and we’ll get you insurance against us if it breaks down.

Truth and honesty in sales and America.. All right now I’m dreaming.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

US Direct Protect and Car service Contract Weekly Article`s

US Direct Protect and Car service Contract Weekly Article`s

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pssst! How to Obtain a Hassle-Free Extended Auto Warranty

Pssst! How to Obtain a Hassle-Free Extended Auto Warranty

Pssst! How to Obtain a Hassle-Free Extended Auto Warranty
          By US Direct Protect

To ensure that the extended auto warranty that you're buying is without any issues or contractual obligations which are not suitable to you, you need to be certain of a few things. An extended warranty with no issues is what proves beneficial in actuality when its need emerges. Suppose, you have a repair that needs to be carried out but you don't have funds to cover its expenses. Yet you're relieved because you're relying on your extended car warranty to pay for the expenses. However at the time of claim you're denied on the pretext of one or the clause in your extended auto warranty policy! Then?

Going to the court won't be the best option because the blame may very well be put on you for not thoroughly reading the contract presented by the extended car warranty provider. To avoid getting red-faced in front of your extended auto warranty company or at the service station, keep the guidelines listed below and you can have an extended auto warranty without any issues:

• The foremost is an obvious one – Read the Extended Warranty policy/ contract thoroughly and examine it for unfavorable clauses. This should be done at the time of selection of an extended warranty. Ideally, you should have full knowledge of which parts are covered in your extended car warranty policy, etc. Be sure to go through the sentences such 'what is not covered' or your 'extended auto warranty does not include', etc.

• Check car's history as well. Ensure that it has not gained Salvage Title or is a buyback title I.e under lemon law. This will quash your extended auto warranty completely.

• Maintenance and upkeep of the car is also important to obtain full coverage under the extended car warranty policy. If the extended auto warranty provider detects any sort of misuse of the car or no timely service of the vehicle then you may be paying yourself for the next repair. Keeping your car in good condition makes you eligible for the coverage. It is always better to get your car serviced regularly so that it remains intact and full operational.

• Keep all the bills of repairs, parts and oils bought, receipts and extended warranty policy claims and other documentation safe and secure. So that these can be provided as and when asked.

If all the above steps have been carried out perfectly in your case but there is still an issue posing a threat on your extended warranty claim, then check with legal authorities or the extended auto warranty company management. The better you're acquainted with the terminology, the idea of extended car warranty and how it works, the more would be able to cross question your extended warranty advisor.

It is of extreme importance that the extended auto warranty has no issues so that you can guarantee care and protection of your car.

Monday, November 15, 2010

US Direct Protect Weekly Articles. .US Direct Protect Article.
A Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty Isn't Always Front to Rear!

A Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty Isn't Always Front to Rear!

                                                   US Direct Protect on The Balancing Act

A Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty Isn't Always Front to Rear!
US Direct Protect Author Ridin Macar

When you buy an auto warranty, the first thing you want to know is what is covered and the extended car warranty that sounds the most satisfying is the bumper-to-bumper warranty. And why not, when it means from front to the rear end of the car! But is it really like that? What does bumper-to-bumper warranty actually mean and does it include both the bumpers? Find out by reading below.

Bumper-to-bumper is definitely one of the popular auto warranties that the extended warranty providers offer you. It undoubtedly is a very inclusive auto warranty that you can buy. Such an extended car warranty has almost everything covered – whether there are small repairs, big time mechanical breakdowns or simply some hissess or misses resounding in the car. Bumper-to-bumper warranty will be the first that you may be presented when you go to buy auto warranty. It is easily available for both new and used cars.

There's another important thing about bumper-to-bumper warranties which car owners should know. Bumper-to-bumper extended car warranties are also known as exclusionary auto/ car warranty. This is because bumper-to-bumper car warranties includes so many things along with some fringe benefits that when car owners buy extended warranties then they are provided with a list of items that are not included. This list will let you know about the parts, services and items that are not included in the bumper-to-bumper warranty. And sometimes bumpers are in the excluded category.

So what exactly does bumper-to-bumper warranty NOT incorporates? Read the following to know more:

1) Vehicle emissions and fuel transmission are the things that are not included in the bumper-to-bumper warranty.

2) Tires won't be included as well in the bumper-to-bumper warranty.

3) Most accessories such as exhaust system, hoses, belts, light bulbs, drums, rotors will not be included as well.

4) Power-train that is the drive-train system of the car is exclusive of the bumper-to-bumper warranty. Power-train is fairly an expensive coverage and hence it is a different auto warranty altogether.

5) Full Comprehensive auto warranty is also different from bumper-to-bumper. It covers totally different parts from those power-train and bumper-to-bumper.

As a customer I.e a car owner shows enough determination to buy auto warranty then the auto warranty companies may even throw in freebies such roadside assistance, towing, car rental reimbursements, wear and tear coverage, mechanical breakdown coverage and also tires. Bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage can be bought for a wide duration of years. It begins at 1 year and may even go upto 10 years coverage.

There is a lot of competition in the market these days and auto warranty providers are doing a lot to please their customers. And hence bumper-to-bumper warranty may just become the least exclusionary auto warranty there is.

Resource Box: US Direct Protect provides a bumper-to-bumper warranty that offers much more than regular coverage. Buy auto warranties from USDirectProtect dot com and be sure of getting the best car warranty quote on the market.

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Avoid Scam Artist Auto Warranty Companies

Avoid Scam Artist Auto Warranty Companies

Usually, when a person buys a car, it is because they plan on keeping it for a while. The new and used car buying process is so arduous that most people only do it every several years. An extended warranty ensures the car will be in working order for years to come because the price of repairs is so manageable. A person who is not covered may way to take their car to be fixed, which causes even more damage to the car. Auto warranties keep cars on the road and out of the shop.

An extended warranty keeps people from experiencing mounting maintenance and repair bills that drain their wallets. In this tough and uncertain economy, it is particularly important to save money wherever possible. An auto warranty will help people cut back the cost of having a car while creating a surplus in the bank for the future.

Cars are a big investment. They are expensive, and people rely on them to get from place to place in a safe and efficient manner. In order for a car to function properly and safely, they require regular maintenance and timely repairs. The best way to fully protect the investment and ensure that people get the most for their money is by purchasing an extended warranty.

These packages are a big money maker for car dealerships. Instead of purchasing an auto warranty on the spot from a pushy salesperson, shop around at a few different third party companies. Getting estimates and comparing prices from a few different places will give the owner of the car peace of mind that they are getting the best deal.

Used Car Warranties or a vehicle Service Contract has many benefits to offer. The small upfront cost will pay off in the long run. Auto warranties protect drivers and their passengers from bodily harm. Car owners are also protected from the rising costs of car repairs and regular vehicle maintenance. They allow drivers to rest assured that their investment is being protected for years to come.

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Extended Auto Repair Warranty Company Going Bankrupt?

Extended Auto Repair Warranty Company Going Bankrupt?

Extended Auto Repair Warranty Company Going Bankrupt?

You have an aftermarket car warranty from a third party and suddenly the tower house comes crashing down. The house of cards along with your investment in the auto repair warranty crumbles and you're left with a sinking heart. What to do in such a scenario apart from being taken to the hospital for stress-off-the-charts and hypertension. Well there are ways to get out of this muddle. Extended auto warranty is as such a safe and secure investment and you wouldn't really have to worry about your money being sucked into a black hole. There are provisions which protect your investments in the aftermarket car warranty sectors. So don't worry about the sinking ship, you can sail to the shore in a safety yacht quite comfortably. Just do your homework;check the BBB, and

US Direct Protect, Car Service Contract and Auto Warranty 411 are 3 Auto Warranty Companies that are highly rated and have very few bad reviews.

Remember times have proved pretty volatile for the American automative industry, we had the Chrysler and GM motors declaring bankruptcy and the recession also didn't spare others. This has shown us that it is not only the aftermarket car warranty providers who go bankrupt but others as dealerships and manufacturers too. Now as a car owner you're protected at all the levels. Whether it's your dealership going insolvent, manufacturer's filing for bankruptcy or the third party extended auto repair warranty provider declaring themselves broke, the federal government will come to your rescue or any of the other agencies (among manufacturers, dealerships or the third party extended car warranty company).

Let's deal with when an extended auto repair warranty company goes bankrupt.

When your aftermarket car warranty provider has stumbled upon losing grounds and you still have your administrator and finance comapny still standing strong then you can contact either and obtain some assurance of the worth of the contract even with the extended auto warranty broker no longer in business.

Thus buying extended car warranty isn't bad as it is understood to be. Like all other investments it's highly circumstantial. So be fearless and understand that buying aftermarket car warranty is as wise as owning a manufacturer's car warranty. . Article by US Direct Protect . Article by Car Service Contract.

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Expensive Automobiles Equals Expensive Extended Auto Warranties

Expensive Automobiles Equals Expensive Extended Auto Warranties

Expensive Automobiles Equals Expensive Extended Auto Warranties

The cost of extended auto warranties or simply any auto warranty will definitely be higher for Jaguar, BMW, Toyota, General Motors, and Chevrolet than their less known, accepted counterparts. And rightly so! Somebody has rightly said, the value determines the worth and as you know Jaguars and Audis are almost platinum value cars then their extended auto warranties would be worth accordingly.

The reason that extended auto warranties are being priced on the higher side is that their parts are extremely expensive and can't be replaced by cheaper replicas (not that you should ever ask for getting cheaper parts). Cheaper parts will prove grossly expensive in the long run as these are nothing more than temporary fake arrangements.

Exotic or luxury cars have a similar extended auto warranty plan. Here also the extended car warranty is of two kinds – the manufacturer's or factory manufacturer extended auto warranty or the exotic extended coverage for your prized possession. These extended auto warranties may be expensive but offer completed peace of mind to the car owner.

Exotic Cars Have Expensive Repair Bills| Auto Warranties Are a Must

For your luxury on the road vehicle, car extended warranties are a must, you do want to mess around with your one-of-the-kind accessories along with exteriors and interiors. The deductibles for luxury extended auto warranties start from $100 and goes up to $500. Accessories such as leather, wear and pre-paid maintenance is also offered covered by some exotic car warranties.
The mileage option is unlimited. Wear and tear coverage is provided under the exotic extended auto warranties but not due to lack of maintenance and/ or owner's carelessness.

The duration of the extended auto warranty can also be adjusted as it ranges from as small a duration of 1 year to as long as 10 years. Extended auto warranties for any and every kind of car is of great importance and for luxury cars it may be even more because you do want to pay for car repairs and other maintenance after your manufacturer's auto warranty has timed out.

So What Must an Exotic Car Extended Car Warranty Must Cover?

As a luxury car owner you would want to cover as much as possible, which is understandable but it is something that cannot be guaranteed. Extended auto warranties will only cover as much their policies will allow. Saving on car repairs and paying less for extended auto warranty is much more important than having the whole car covered for nothing. Following are the areas that you must have covered in your exotic extended auto warranty program.

• Engine
• Transmission
• Brake
• Steering & Suspension
• Electrical System

Along with these you want to include other expensive components of the car the you'll have to pay a bit extra. Only important and relevant parts must be covered in your extended auto warranty policy.

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Holy Cow, Who Can You Trust to Buy a Used Car Extended Warranty From?

Holy Cow, Who Can You Trust to Buy a Used Car Extended Warranty From?

Used car extended warranties has become so popular that no car is safe without it and how can it be when a car is the most exposed object on the road and even is it is parked! Owning an extended used automobile warranty is like owning an extended blanket insurance for your car to ensure its timely repairs and also its proper maintenance. Used car extended warranty is now offered by not just dealers. There are independent, genuine third party extended auto warranty providers that are reliable, trustworthy and extremely professional when it comes to delivering peace of mind to the car owner.

Think about it, you buy a used car extended warranty to make sure that your car and finances remain intact however, if the extended warranty provider is not an honest individual then instead of buying peace of mind you end up in a very stressful situation. So the decision to buy the kind of extended used automobile warranty is as of much importance as where to buy it from. Since both the decisions will determine if you are going to be having a smooth drive or a bumpy ride.

Before you tickle your own yardstick and start the assessment process, let us give you some parameters on which you could rate used car extended warranty providers.

•Reputation – Always check with the company's reputation, see its credentials, by whom has the company been accredited and so on. Whether it has a stamp of the Better Business Bureau or not.

•Financial Strength – As used car extended warranty involves assistance with finances, you obviously wouldn't want to be associated with a company that can't keep its own ground.

•Online Presence – Online presence is a good way to gauge the extended warranty provider's status. Since used automobile warranty can now be easily purchased online and most of the transactions have become computed, online presence will give you a clear picture of where the used car extended warranty provider stands. However, be extremely aware of rip offs. Double check on the companies that sell online. Use toll-free numbers given for more information, visit their physical office and inquire with state or local government agencies.

•100% Money Back Guarantee – A genuine used automobile warranty provider will always offer you a 100% money back guarantee in case of failure of deliverance. So buy extended auto warranty from those authorized warranty givers only.

•Fringe Benefits & Coverage of Extra Features – Buy used automobile warranty from those that not just give a low-cost good coverage but those that also give more than that in the form of fringe benefits and coverage of extra features etc.

•Deductibles – Go with companies ensuring $50 deductibles.

•Method of Payment – The payment for the car repairs to mechanic should always be direct and never through an intermediate or to the buyer.

Other than the ones mentioned above, you must have your own understanding of used automobile warranty and what all it entails. Along with judgment and analytical ability to see through the propositions made to you.

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US Direct Protects new 21 publish page
Tips For Buying Extended Car Warranty

Tips For Buying Extended Car Warranty

Tips to Buying Extended Car Warranties

Buying an extended car warranty isn't different from buying a car, it involves the same stress, foot work and head-turning pile of literature to go through. However it is all worth it as the right choice will help you sail through the duration of ownership of the car. Driving a car is definitely more fun than owning one with all those bills and car service expenses. However with extended car warranties, owning the car would come closer to driving them. So let's see what will set the tiger roaring i.e getting the best extended car warranty for car owners.

An extended warranty will depend on the kind of car you own, the mileage, the engine and other specifications. Also to a certain extent the manufacturer's car warranty that your car is covered under. All these factors go a long way in determining the type of extended car warranty that you are going to get. Other factors are influenced by the course you take in choosing the best extended car warranty from those offered to you.

Read through the following tips to get the best extended car warranty and thus the best coverage deal for your car.

Never buy the first one – Never buy the first extended car warranty that comes to you, wait, research, evaluate and then decide. The first one that will proposed to you will most likely be from the dealer himself who instead of thinking about your profit is more interested in making a heavy profit on the sale. Dealers have great margins in extended car warranties.

Never buy from the Dealer – This is a tip off of the first one and has the same reasons.

Look for Third Party extended car warranty providers – Third party extended auto warranties are the best ones to go for as they most of the time only have the best interest of the car owners in mind. Third party car warranties offer enough choices in the extended car warranty policies.

Find About the Coverage Areas – After deciding on the kind of extended car warranty for your car, it's time to get under the covers – not literally but under the coverages. Don't get worried we are talking about the areas covered in the extended auto warranty that you have purchased. If it's bumper-to-bumper then it will have some specific parts covered. Power-terrain car warranty policy will have include other parts of car and so on.

Deductibles – Don't buy the extended auto warranty without having full knowledge about the deductibles. Deductibles are what the car owner has to pay either per visit or per repair to the extended car warranty company.

Mode of Payment – An Extended auto warranty will be sold to you and you have to pay for it. But there are different modes of payment that you can avail for paying up for the car service contract. These could include annual payments, biannual, or monthly payments. You can decide according to your estimate, judgment and of course the budget about how will you make the payment.

Other than the above tips, make sure you're always on the alert about any offer made by the extended car warranty providers and be well educated on the subject of car warranties, cars. Also have a clear picture of what you need for your car to avoid being misguided by the car warranty provider.

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Items to Consider When Deciding Between the Different Vehicle Warranties Available

Items to Consider When Deciding Between the Different Vehicle Warranties Available

Items to Consider When Deciding Between the Different Vehicle Warranties Available

There are several important factors that will weigh on a person’s decision to choose the best type of extended auto warranty for their car and the length of coverage that will be needed. Not taking into account the full coverage on brand new automobiles, there are many points that must be considered when deciding between different vehicle warranties. This simple and quick guide will teach anyone what they must take into consideration while researching the different extended auto warranties.

First and foremost, basic coverage should be considered. Since cars and trucks today are made with better materials and technology, the life-span is much longer, and these basic warranties are taking this into consideration. Today, instead of the usual 12 month and 12,000 miles that are usually granted as coverage, many new basic vehicle warranties are guaranteeing protection for up to four years. These basic vehicle services contracts will cover parts such as the power windows, alternator, power steering, and the ignition switch.

Next, if the plan is to keep the car for more than three years, then extended auto warranties need to be evaluated. These warranties are designed to assist an owner in keeping the basic warranty for a longer period of time. This will result in both peace of mind, and much money being saved at the repair shop, as both parts and labor are usually covered.

Another important item to consider when researching different vehicle warranties is the anti-corrosion protection, especially if living in cold climate that gets a lot of snow where the roads are constantly covered with salt. This plan will protect a car against rust that might begin to make holes through the outer-body. These anti-corrosion vehicle warranties vary widely and are determined on a case by case basis, so be sure to get a clear answer from the policy provider before moving forward.

Finally, since safety issues on the road are becoming so much more important in today’s society, definitely take a look into safety restraint coverage. This extended auto warranty will typically cover the airbags, seat belts, rail assembly, and other safety components. Not every manufacturer will offer this type of vehicle services contract, and the length of coverage will certainly vary, so again be sure to speak with your policy representative to get clear and concise answers.

Though vehicle warranties do not cover all the parts and every aspect of a car, a person can easily save hundreds or thousands of dollars by investing in one of these plans. Obviously, no matter what type of vehicle services contract is selected, it is important to do the research and understand every detail before making a final decision. The above information should always be kept in mind during the search for a reputable car warranty company, and will result in a smooth process

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Car Service Contract, and US Direct Protect`s Weekly Article Releases

Car Service Contract, and US Direct Protect`s Weekly Article Releases

Car Service Contract, and US Direct Protect`s Weekly Article Releases

Many Auto Warranty Industry owners and operators ask me to compile all of the weekly articles releases by the National Warranty Services Inc Expert Authors.

National Warranty Services Inc supplies many Auto Warranty Companies with up to date industry news and information.

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San Jose Limo Service: The Cost

There's an ongoing pattern to hire limos to make your special events extra special, like folks hire San Jose Limo Service for his or her wedding ceremony, promenade nights, business conferences etc. However, the very first thing that comes to your thoughts wile hiring San Jose Limo service is the cost. You might find the San Jose Limo service bit dear but it's all worth it. When you hire a San Jose Limo service, you hire it on the basis of hours. The price per hour and also the gives vary from one San Jose Limo service to another.

In this article we are going to speak in regards to the costs of San Jose Limo Service. Read below to seek out out components concerned in pricing of Limo rental services.
The Basis for value of San Jose Limo Service
The value for San Jose Limo Service varies with variety of factors.

* Time of the year: The price for San Jose Limo Service is dependent upon the time of the year you're going to rent the car. Throughout peak season, you would need to pay extra for the San Jose Limo Service and through non-peak season you possibly can enjoy lesser rates.
* Time of the week: Some San Jose Limo Service providers cost money according to the week days like on Saturday and Sunday you would need to pay higher prices but on weekdays you possibly can benefit from the San Jose Limo Service at lower rates.
* The model and year of limo: The cost for San Jose Limo Service tremendously is dependent upon the model and year of the limo. Hiring a new limo would require you to pay extra for their service; also, the next model would price you more.
* Facilities: Depending upon the facilities, you would be required to pay. If you go for extra services then you would need to pay more. For example, there are some corporations that cost further if you would like the chauffer to be in a uniform.
* Distance: The distance for which you hire a Limo also decides the price, like if you're going for a tour then you would need to pay more. The larger distance you journey, the extra you would need to pay.

Further Prices For Limousine Services
If you rent a San Jose Limo Service, you also needs to think about the extra value you might have to pay for the service. There are some Limo companies that just rent you the Limo and you must search for a chauffeur yourself. You might also should spend on the gasoline yourself. Different limo rental providers have different rules. You would have to research effectively and compare the prices and costs earlier than you hire a specific San Jose Limo Service.

Worth throughout peak seasons
The price for limousine rental service would positively increase throughout these events: proms, weddings, gala night time and comparable special events. There are some rental corporations that provides discounts in case you e-book their service effectively in advance. You may positively get a huge discount in case you e-book the service no less than one year in advance
San Jose Limo Service, then visit Daniella Tlinsky's site on how to choose the best San Jose Limo Service for your needs.

Baltimore Ford Dealer And Al Packer Ford

Al Packer Ford is simply the best Baltimore Ford Dealer in the business. If you are looking to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle then you should be able to purchase one from a reliable and well-priced dealership. At Al Packer Ford you are able to find all of this and so much more.

Al Packer Ford is located in the Baltimore area and this dealership is specializes in new and pre-owned Ford vehicles. Not only are they known for the quality of their vehicles but also for the esteemed customer service they provide.

Business clients who are loyal to this dealership have been given special incentives including lower prices on business vehicles. This is one of the many reasons why their business client base continues to grow and flourish.

This Baltimore Ford Dealer is so much more than a place to buy your next vehicle. They also provide rental cars and an airport service should require transport on your next visit to this city.

When you are looking to finance your vehicle, this dealership will be able to help you through the steps in your application and have you well on your way to owning your next Ford vehicle. Financing is made easy with Al Packers Ford Dealership.

When servicing your Ford vehicle, choosing the right people to help you might be difficult. This dealership will be able to help you with all of your servicing needs and you can rest assured that there is a technician who knows the Ford brand and that the parts are always available.

Test drive one of their many vehicles in order to glimpse why so many people choose this Ford dealership when purchasing their next vehicle. They are renowned for their customer service and their quality and are the best choice for your next Ford purchase.

Take the hassle out of buying your new Ford. Get the ultimate inside scoop on how and where to find the right Baltimore Ford Dealer now in our complete maryland ford overview.

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Tips For Car Extended Warranty Shopping

Tips For Car Extended Warranty Shopping

Tips For Car Extended Warranty Shopping
By David Cunningham

One of the best things about getting a new car is having a mind that is free of worry about breakdowns and various other car problems. It is important to remember, however, that no car is perfect and, down the line, there are bound to be some problems. A car extended warranty is the best way to be protected against anything that could go wrong, but it is important to go about buying one in the right way.

It may seem logical to buy a car warranty from the dealership, but this is actually a fast track to spending way more money than is necessary on a car extended warranty. Dealerships tend to mark up extended car warranties by as much as a thousand dollars, and that is not the only problem. They can also make it very difficult to get a claim approved when something goes wrong. Car warranty companies typically provide much better service at a far more reasonable rate.

After signing the check for a down payment, spending money on a car extended warranty might seem like a bit of a financial stretch. However, it is far more financially responsible to buy the vehicle warranty right away instead of waiting until the car is a bit older. As a car ages and puts on more mileage, a company will see it as a risk and charge a great deal more to cover it.

When it comes to the actual car extended warranty, there are a few important features that nobody should ever go without. In case of an emergency, it is important to have roadside assistance and towing included. It is also important to make sure that someone from the company will be available at any time of any day in case something goes wrong with the car.

One of the most important features of extended car warranties is coverage for wear and tear. Before signing anything, it is important to find out if this is included and, if so, what exactly falls under the category of wear and tear. This can be a grey area and misunderstanding it could cost thousands in car repairs down the line.

Anyone who purchases a new car should also consider purchasing a car extended warranty for their vehicle. However, they should not just sign the one that is put in front of them by the dealership. Keeping these few simple tips in mind will save money and frustration if and when something does go wrong with the vehicle.
Suzuki SX4 - For Him And For Her

Suzuki SX4 - For Him And For Her

Suzuki SX4 is a new car model from the car manufacturing company Suzuki. It is a saloon that has all the features of a luxury vehicle. It is a feast for sore eyes that also has good performance.

These things will surely go on a long way in making it a successful selling car model for Suzuki. The exteriors of Suzuki SX4 are very attractive. It has a unique design that is given its different identity by everything from headlights, to bonnet design etc. Its interior also amply supports the well designed exterior. The materials used are of very high quality that give it an excellent feel.

The dash board is very well made and the controls for the stereo are placed on the steering wheel. The instrument cluster is also very classy and neat. The seats are available in high quality upholstery. With its spacious interior and plenty of comfort the passengers are sure to enjoy riding in Suzuki SX4.

The Suzuki SX4 also has some aces up its sleeve when it comes to performance of the car on the whole. It has a M 16 A four cylinder 1588 cc DOHC mill engine that delivers a very good 103.4 ps at 5500 rpm whereas the top torque it offers is 145 nm at 4200 rpm. It ha s5 speed manual gear box.

It can go from 0 to 100 km in only 12.4 seconds. The top speed of Suzuki SX4 is 180.9 km per hr that puts it in the league of the vehicles that could bea good car for the highway. All these while it still delivers an impressive mileage of 11.7 kmpl in the city whereas on the highway goes up to 17.8 kmpl.

The car is very stable and it s good suspension make sure that the passengers do not get disturbed even on a bumpy road. All these make the new Suzuki sx4 a winner for both Suzuki and the customers

Used Opel Vectra for sale in Ireland is offered by Used Cars so for more informations check out the resources above. Article page at

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Pierre in MD. 150k mile Powertrain Warranty on a 98 Range Rover for 2161.00. $195 down and 18 payments of $120.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Joe from NJ | 96 Toy. Landcruiser| Paid 2205.00 | $300 down & 12 payments of $158 for 150k more miles of coverage|

The Benefits Of Choosing The Best Auto Warranty

If proper research is not carried out prior to making a hefty investment such as a warranty, a person could end up getting burned by the consequences. The investment could burden the buyer with unnecessary costs or improper extent of coverage, causing a sense of regret. Needless to say, there is a vast multitude of benefits to enjoy if the best auto warranty is purchased for a car to leave the customer feeling peaceful about the purchase.

One benefit is that there is an affordable type of warranty for everyone and every car. These come in three levels of coverage: bumper-to-bumper, full coverage, and powertrain. This helps the consumer to feel more comfortable with his or her choice because there is no pressure to purchase more or less coverage than the buyer is comfortable with. Furthermore, choosing the best auto warranty means there will be no need to overspend on unnecessary coverage, and everyone is looking for a way to save a dollar.

Another advantage of choosing the best auto warranty is that they will put the consumer at ease. This is because each warranty is backed by an insurance company that is secured by warranty administrators. Therefore, the affordable, suitable coverage is just as reliable as it is light on the wallet. Finally, consumers don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best car warranty – they can feel secure in their purchases simply because warranties are supported.

Deciding upon the best auto warranty should never be a painful experience. Knowledgeable, experienced representatives are constantly available to assist the buyer in making the right choice. They are available to answer any questions the buyer might have about the conditions of the warranty or merely to provide a quote on pricing, so the process of buying a car extended warranty will never be a dreadful one.

Buyers can be sure that they are getting accurate and valid information when making their purchase. This is because the representatives utilize authorized software to help the customer browse coverage and prices all over the country. This way, the representative can relay these facts to the buyer and offer them a sense of relief.

There are many ways to know if a buyer has purchased the best car warranty for him or herself. However, contrary to popular belief, this is neither an expensive nor a dreadful process. Thanks to employees who are extremely knowledgeable in the field, consumers always know what they are getting when purchasing the best auto warranty and they can finally relax.

If you are looking for a vehicle service contract that will cover all of your needs, check out or Both companies offer great search tools to find the best auto warranty that will offer the coverage needed for any automobile.

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Auto Warranty Company US Direct Protect Announces Launch Date for

Auto Warranty Company US Direct Protect Announces Launch Date for

Auto Warranty Company US Direct Protect Announces Launch Date for

Costa Mesa, CA, October 20, 2010 --( US Direct Protect in coordination with Car Service Contract and Auto Warranty 411 announces its intention's to launch the largest Auto Warranty and Vehicle Service Contract content related website on the Internet. Final plans for the launch are set for the day after Halloween.

US Direct Protect is a medium sized California Corporation with offices in Yorba Linda and Costa Mesa. US Direct Protect has licensed software that allows them to connect to 7 of the largest Warranty Administrators and shop different policies for their customers. US Direct Protect and its parent Corporation National Warranty Services Inc have been in business 3 years to the day and employ over 30 people.

“Extended Warranty 411 will contain the most relevant and recent Auto Warranty and Vehicle Service Contract information by interfacing multiple RSS feeds throughout the Internet. Press Releases, Articles and even blog posts will get funneled into Extended Warranty 411. Duplicate content will get filtered out so that only one version of each piece of content will get delivered to the reader. We also will have a full time staff that will research and author different Extended Auto Warranty related content as well as reviews on Administrators and Sellers. Our goal is to be the central hub for anything Extended Auto Warranty or Vehicle service contract oriented. There will also be a live feed collecting data from Twitter so customers can see what other customers paid for coverage that day. This will give them an idea of what the rates are that they can lock into by seeing what other car owners from around the country paid for their coverage,” ends David Cunningham, CEO of National Warranty Services Inc.


Contact Information
US Direct Protect
David Cunningham
1-888-502-4697 ext 301
US Direct Protect`s Auto Warranty Commercial and Press Release Page

US Direct Protect`s Auto Warranty Commercial and Press Release Page

We have had many requests by email for copies of our Squidoo pages and Auto Warranty Commercials as well as our Press Release page. I`ve also included other US Direct Protect related websites.

What Level Of Knowledge Is Required To Complete My Own Cobra Kit Car At Home

This article content was written for US Direct Protect by
Factory Five Racing

So, you've been looking at some of the awesome kit cars at car shows and you have caught the bug. Excellent! Next comes the realization that building a car from the ground up is a major undertaking and you wonder if you have the required skills and knowledge. Well my friend you have arrived at the right place to help you answer that question and I am confident that you can do build your own car!

The first thing to realize is that if you purchase a modern kit as the start point for your build it will typically include everything you need to build the car except perhaps the drive line so you will not be required to spend hundreds of hours cruising the junk yards, flea markets and swap meets looking for parts that you hope will fit and work.

In these tight times it may be that your budget will not allow you the luxury of using all new parts to build your kit car. If that is your case, take heart as there are many kits out there that are specifically engineered to use the parts from a single donor car. These kits are an excellent alternative in as much as they are engineered in such a way as to ensure that all of the parts from the donor car are a direct no-hassle bolt on to the kit cars chassis. Of course if you take the donor car route, the money you will save will to a degree be off set by the time you invest in cleaning up and refurbishing the parts prior to installing them on your car. Systems such as the brakes, for example, which are designed to wear out you will want to at a minimum replace the pads and shoes prior to installing on your car. Even with this added expense you can expect to save at least half over what it would cost you to buy all new parts for your build and at the end of the day the finished car will be every bit as good as a car built with all new parts.

So, now that we have the money issue covered - sort of, lets talk about your personal abilities, skills and knowledge. The first thing you need to understand about a kit car purchased today is that it will have been designed with modern CAD design software which unlike kits of even 10 years ago means that everything will fit as advertised without your having to break out a welder or other special equipment to modify the frame in order to get the part to actually fit where it is supposed to go. As a result you should not require any special tools beyond what the typical home mechanic would have in his tool box.

If the thought of building a car from the ground seems completely overwhelming, stick with me here as I am about to put this into perspective for you. Try thinking about the entire project as if it were a huge plate of spaghetti and meat balls. When you are initially presented with it the concept of eating the entire plate in a single bite seems like, and in fact is an impossibility. However if you start with one noodle, wrap it around you fork, pop it in your mouth, chew swallow and repeat until done, in no time at all what initially seemed impossible is not only possible it is done. This basic pne step at a time process is precisely how building you kit car will be accomplished - one step at a time. Typically you start by bolting the steering and front suspension to the chassis following the manufacturers instructions. Once complete move to the rear suspension, repeat the process bolt on wheels and tires and voila you have a roller in a couple of evenings work!

With the help of the manufacturers manual, using this same step by step approach will walk you through all of the cars other systems including the Brakes, Fuel system and wiring. While we are on the subject of the wiring I should point out that even experienced professional mechanics are terrified of having to wire a car and it is so unnecessary. With today's modern wiring harnesses having each wires purpose stencilled on the wire every 5 or 6 inches it is actually quite simple to wire an new car. Just like the plate of spaghetti one wire at a time and before you know it you are done. Once you have completed the wiring and everything is working you will look back on it and realize that project was no harder than any other aspect of the build so far.

Obviously in this short article there are many aspects of building a kit car that I have not elaborated on, but what you need to know is that in my 14 years of working with guys building kit cars I have had more than one guy that started the project having never changed a tire in their lives and not owning so much as a screw driver and in all cases not only did they complete the car in more than one save they went on to build several.

So, in summary, if you have always had a hankering to build your own car and been put off by your perception that you do not have the skills knowledge or tools I encourage you in the strongest possible way to think of the plate of spaghetti and Just-Do-It.

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