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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Purchasing a New Car Is Like X-Mas For a Child

Purchasing a new car can be an exciting experience, especially with that feeling of everything being fresh and new. One of the reasons why people choose to purchase a new automobile is because they expect to to reduce some of the headaches that are associated with owning a car. The trouble with that mode of thinking is that your automobile will not stay new forever and you will eventually, through regular wear and tear, end up having to spend money on repairs.

All new cars and most used cars come with some sort of car warranty which is intended to cover some part of your newly purchased vehicle. The problem with that warranty is that it lasts for a short time, depending on the manufacturer, and is limited in the coverage that it provides. There are different types of Extended Auto Warranties warranties which cover specific times and or mileage driven, however, more often than not trouble does not start to brew until that warranty is about ready to expire.

The sad truth is that in some cases your manufacturers car warranty will run out just as your automobile is ready for some costly repairs, making this particular option not quite effective. Because all manufacturers warranties are limited, some companies provide an extended car warranty to cover certain aspects of your new car when it no longer feels quite as new. The problem with some warranties is, you should ensure that the coverage you need is actually provided under the policy that you choose.

There is no argument that an extended car warranty is a wise purchase, in fact unless you plan on trading your car before the manufacturer's car warranty runs out, the choice of not getting one may leave you stranded. The only thing is, like any insurance, what you pay up front may save you bundles in the long run. After you have done your shopping and considered your driving practices, it is now time to do some research into what's out there.

Your driving practices is something that you should be taking into consideration when purchasing an extended car warranty, simply because the coverage that you need will depend on it. In most cases there are three types of coverage, Bumper to Bumper, which covers things like roadside assistance, car rental, towing, wear and tear and other things like electronic equipment. Another form of coverage is comprehensive insurance which is generally used when owners do not qualify for a bumper to bumper policy. Or you can simply cover the expensive items like your transmission, drive shaft and engine with a power train policy. Insurance companies are always willing to provide detailed information about the coverage that they offer, so do the research and give yourself much needed peace of mind.

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