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Monday, December 13, 2010

US Direct Protect on The Balancing Act December 16th

Tune in to see US Direct Protect on The Balancing Act December 16th.

US Direct Protect will also be moving their Orange County Office to the Corporation`s main location in Oceanside. "We have out grown our location in Orange County and need more square feet", explains Keri Smith, Manager of Customer Service.

US Direct Protect has the fewest complaints in the industry pound for pound and is also slashing their rates way below market standards.

"We sell the best A rated Fully insured policies on the market today, and now because of our new marketing model, we also will be $100`s of dollars cheaper. So basically you will call company A , and then you will call US Direct Protect and receive the same policy you were just offered, for 2-3 hundred dollars cheaper. So we ask customers to call us with the name of the Warranty Administrators they were offered, and we will beat the overall cost by at least $200.00." ends John Turner, Sales manager at NWS Inc, US Direct Protects home office."

When asked about the BBB of Southlands stunning conclusion to suspend US Direct Protects Accreditation for not being licensed by the DOI, Cunningham state`s "Obviously Kim Burge has made this a personal issue but we will get to the bottom of this. Case in point, no other BBB in the nation requires this, nor are other Vehicle Service Contract sellers under Southland BBB`s jurisdiction required to do this. Nor is it required by law. We also have the fewest complaints of any Auto Warranty Seller in the past 3 years. So it makes them look incompetent when you ask yourself how they give one company with 150 complaints in 1 year and 24 rip off reports an A, and US Direct Protect with 46 complaints in 3 years and 1 rip-off report an NR. We sell more contracts than the company with 150 complaints to answer “Well their bigger, that’s why they have more complaints” excuse. And when we don`t pay them next year we will surely receive an F. The company with the fewest complaints, widest selection, and best rates in the industry. How can we ever trust the BBB of Southland?

We were invited on the Balancing Act due to our solid reputation. So we just ask consumers to take into account the BBB of Southlands crooked reputation. This is another perfect example of their "Goofing Grading" that they have been accused of many times, and remember the LA BBB has spent $400,000 in legal fees to keep a BBB slander case filed against them from ever going to trial when they gave HAMAS and A-.

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