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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bumper to Bumper Warranty – Not Literally Bumper to Bumper but Better!

Bumper to Bumper Warranty – Not Literally Bumper to Bumper but Better!

Many car owners are fascinated by this label of a bumper to bumper warranty. However the policy isn't that expansive as the nomenclature is and is more of a relative term to describe the contrasting coverage policy from other extended auto warranty policies. Undoubtedly, bumper to bumper  auto warranties are the most coverage of them all especially when compared to a Powertrain or comprehensive but it sure does not include every inch of the car that comes between the front and the back of the bumper, glass, rubber and all.

It sure is most inclusive of everything and for any regular person the bumper to bumper car warranty policy is perhaps the best he can do for his car. However, for Mr. D-I-Ys, bumper to bumper is perhaps not the best coverage policy that there is. They can truly benefit from something like a Powertrain. Now we'll discuss the comparison between these two some other time for now let's get back to bumper to bumper warranties being literally bumper to bumper.

Parts not included in Bumper to Bumper Warranty:

Listed below are parts that are not covered in the bumper to bumper or front-to-back warranty:

Wear & Tear Parts – A standard bumper to bumper warranty will not be inclusive of wear & tear parts which include brake pads, water pumps, fly wheel, injectors, gearbox, steel joints and more although a car owner can easily get the wear & tear parts included in his bumper to bumper warranty contract with some sellers as an add-on.

Emission Control & Fuel Transmission – Emission control and fuel transmission are also NOT included in the bumper to bumper warranty.

Electronic Equipment – Some electronic accessories are included in this full coverage warranty or front to back car warranty. If you want your latest music system, radio or any other gizmo covered in your bumper to bumper warranty then you got to pay more! Most with the times Car Warranty Companies have add-ons to include exotic digital or custom parts.

Did we mention the tires? Oh yeah and even tires are not included and if constituted in the bumper to bumper warranty agreement then will be charged extra. Now it doesn't really sound bumper to bumper right? Well stop before you think its bumper and bumper rather than bumper to bumper warranty, we recommend you also ask the provider about all the things covered in the warranty. Be specific, with what is and what IS NOT covered.

Along with the inclusive stuff also ensure that you get all your doubts about bumper to bumper warranties cleared. And never buy the bumper to bumper warranty from your dealer because they have huge mark-ups. A third party auto warranty provider is safer after your manufacturer's warranty as their entire business is Auto Warranties and Vehicle Service Contracts so just volume alone allows them to present coverage at much lower prices. Not to mention you never pay interest with sellers and brokers.

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