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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Keeping Repair Costs Minimal with a Car Warranty

Keeping Repair Costs Minimal with a Car Warranty

There are a lot of headaches that go into car ownership that are both assumed and surprising at times for an automotive owner. Cars are not perfect machines in that they do tend to break down over time due to wear, tear, and mileage. Getting a sufficient car warranty can be one useful way of keeping repair and other costs as low as possible. Don’t be caught off guard and unable to pay for repairs by getting one of these deals.

Shopping around for the best kinds of warranty coverage packages will include the choice of four major areas. Each of them has their own drawbacks and positive aspects that make them affordable and useful to their owner. These varieties of warranties include the powertrain, enhanced powertrain, bumper to bumper, and full comprehensive plans. Dealerships will usually have the warranty attached to a car sale but these will need replacing after a certain period of time.

Bumper to bumper coverage is the first kind of warranty that people should look into getting. Bumper to bumper coverages usually include more than technical problems with the car as they are more geared to helping a person when the car actually breaks down. These coverages protect a motorist from high towing expenses, offers clients roadside assistance, and can even get them money for extended trips and rental cars.

Drivers who are not eligible for bumper to bumper coverage need not fear because full comprehensive warranties exist to help fit the personal needs of clients. In most of these varieties of warranty agreements, people have the option of getting the exact types of coverage they desire while being able to leave out what is not needed. Because of this, comprehensive warranties work best for people who have a limited budget to spend.

The powertrain warranty is the next type of extended car warranty to look into getting and, for most people who know a thing or two about automobiles, is one of the most sought after varieties of insurance. A powertrain warranty covers the entire major functional components of the engine. These major components include the transmission and the engine, which will cost the most when they need to be fixed.

Alongside the powertrain warranty, the enhanced powertrain warranty is an add-on to the older coverage package. The only differences that exist between the two are price and the amount of pieces of hardware covered in the car. The price for this variety of package will be a little higher because it covers more pieces of equipment. These pieces of equipment include all the power and electronic instruments found around the automobile.

Getting the very best car warranty package has its upsides in that it can spare a car owner excessive fees that most garages charge for their work. By paying a low monthly fee, people have the option of paying a lower price, if anything, for all maintenance, repairs, and miscellaneous expenditures that arise with car ownership. Shop around and look through each company’s varieties of packages and select the one that fits with a lifestyle.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Auto Warranty 1st Team All-American, US Direct Protect

Auto Warranties are like people: they come in a number of varieties. You can find a warranty that is for only a couple of months, and you can find extended warranties that last for much longer. There are tons of companies around the world that sell warranties. However, not all of them are equal in type and in value. Only a handful of groups actually sell A-rated policies that truly protect a vehicle. It’s important to look for top-notch warranties in the event that a key part of a car breaks or if the vehicle hits some serious trouble. The right warranty will save a person a lot of money on repair costs: labor, the parts used, etc.

A manufacturer’s car warranty ends usually after three or four years after the car has been bought. Thus, an extended car warranty is a necessary investment. Such a warranty will protect you if your car breaks down and you are in need of some serious repairs. The right extended warranties will cover everything from the car repair bills to associated costs like car rentals and the time and labor of the mechanics. If you do not have the right warranty, you could be out of luck because repairs could cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If these costs are unexpected, you could end up in a bad situation. Why pay for costly repairs yourself when a car warranty could help you?

When your car’s warranty is about to expire, it’s time to work on finding extended warranties that suit you, your vehicle, and your budget. This is where we come in. We have unique licensed software that enables us to shop around to the best warranty carriers to find you a great policy at an affordable price. You can buy an extended car warranty from us and know you are in safe hands. If your car has less than 200,000 miles on it and is less than 15 years old, call us and we can give you a quote in minutes. This estimate price is free. Thus, there is no harm exploring your extended warranty options.

By investing in an extended warranty, one will not have to pay for huge repairs when they come up. Instead, only maintenance-related repairs like an oil change will have to come out of pocket. Why negotiate bill prices when a warranty group can do it for you? The best part is that we can find you a number of warranty options from which to choose. Thus, one could have complete coverage in 49 states with just a phone call. Not every company can promise you the prices we can. This is because no other company has the software we have to find you the top-rated warranty options we can. Once we see the details about your vehicle, your driving needs and habits, monthly budget and plans for your car, we can find you a warranty that suits your life. This personalized service means you will not have to worry about when the manufacturer’s warranty expires: We’re a foolproof safety net!

Monday, December 13, 2010

US Direct Protect on The Balancing Act December 16th

Tune in to see US Direct Protect on The Balancing Act December 16th.

US Direct Protect will also be moving their Orange County Office to the Corporation`s main location in Oceanside. "We have out grown our location in Orange County and need more square feet", explains Keri Smith, Manager of Customer Service.

US Direct Protect has the fewest complaints in the industry pound for pound and is also slashing their rates way below market standards.

"We sell the best A rated Fully insured policies on the market today, and now because of our new marketing model, we also will be $100`s of dollars cheaper. So basically you will call company A , and then you will call US Direct Protect and receive the same policy you were just offered, for 2-3 hundred dollars cheaper. So we ask customers to call us with the name of the Warranty Administrators they were offered, and we will beat the overall cost by at least $200.00." ends John Turner, Sales manager at NWS Inc, US Direct Protects home office."

When asked about the BBB of Southlands stunning conclusion to suspend US Direct Protects Accreditation for not being licensed by the DOI, Cunningham state`s "Obviously Kim Burge has made this a personal issue but we will get to the bottom of this. Case in point, no other BBB in the nation requires this, nor are other Vehicle Service Contract sellers under Southland BBB`s jurisdiction required to do this. Nor is it required by law. We also have the fewest complaints of any Auto Warranty Seller in the past 3 years. So it makes them look incompetent when you ask yourself how they give one company with 150 complaints in 1 year and 24 rip off reports an A, and US Direct Protect with 46 complaints in 3 years and 1 rip-off report an NR. We sell more contracts than the company with 150 complaints to answer “Well their bigger, that’s why they have more complaints” excuse. And when we don`t pay them next year we will surely receive an F. The company with the fewest complaints, widest selection, and best rates in the industry. How can we ever trust the BBB of Southland?

We were invited on the Balancing Act due to our solid reputation. So we just ask consumers to take into account the BBB of Southlands crooked reputation. This is another perfect example of their "Goofing Grading" that they have been accused of many times, and remember the LA BBB has spent $400,000 in legal fees to keep a BBB slander case filed against them from ever going to trial when they gave HAMAS and A-.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

National Warranty Services Inc Has Been NR`d by the BBB

NWS Inc of California has had a B+ on the BBB for 3 years. On Dec. 1st this changed to an NR.CEO David Cunningham called the Southland BBB office on 2 separate occasions and was told they were making upgrades to the system and things will be fixed soon. On the 3rd call a Nichole Delnara told them that their account was suspended.

After calling the BBB, Bob Richardson agreed to review the account. The BBB requested tax returns and other documents from US Direct Protect to prove the amount of complaints is tiny compared to the amount of business.

A US Direct Spokesman states they understand and appreciate the standard the BBB is holding Vehicle Service Contract providers to. They also go on to point out US Direct Protect has the fewest complaints of a company their size and are very confident that their B+ will be reinstated.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bumper To Bumper vs Powertrain Warranty

It's been said about a bumper to bumper warranty that it is an inclusive auto warranty and one that many prefer. Comparing it to powertrain, which covers only some part of your car, bumper to bumper car warranty seems like a great deal. Let's compare the two and find out if bumper to bumper warranty or the powertrain is worth your hard-earned money and the right protection for your car.

Do not overlook the value of Powertrain coverage. Powertrain Warranties usually cover you for 5 years and an additional 100k miles so they protect you for a long time. Their relatively cheap and most important they are a game changer. When you have engine and transmission problem and don`t have a warranty most times is the death of the vehicle in question.

Coverage: Bumper to bumper warranty obviously covers a lot more than powertrain. Bumper to bumper warranty covers everything except for accessories whereas power train covers fuel transmission, emission control, etc. Power train covers a lot lesser than the bumper to bumper warranty.

Duration: Most auto car warranties are 3 years or 36000 miles. However there's a wrap up bumper to bumper warranty that covers for 100,000 miles. However this kind of warranty should only be availed if you would be keeping the car for a really really long time otherwise simply get the regular bumper to bumper warranty.

Cost: Bumper to bumper warranty obviously costs more than the powertrain warranty as the bumper to bumper warranty covers more than power train. In Bumper to bumper the electronic accessories, brake pads, tires and such things are not covered. On the other hand power train warranty is what covers anything that is in direct line with from the motors to the wheels. This includes your motor, transmission, emission, etc. AC and hoses are not included in this warranty.

Utility: Both the car warranties are extremely useful and obviously worthy of every penny. Both of them have their own advantages. Like the bumper to bumper covers more parts and the powertrain covers those that are most likely to need repairs. Bumper to bumper warranty is not for the do-it-yourself, car mechanics. And they should get power train instead because power or the drive train is what cannot be fixed that easily.

There are a lot of factors on which the choice of the right kind of auto car warranty depends. How much mileage is to be extracted, what sort of a driver will be driving and for what intervals, etc. Once you've figured all these answers in your mind only then choose the warranty you want for your car. And after the figuring out is done, begin your research and study about that particular kind of warranty. Most people go with bumper to bumper warranty and rightly so, it's the one that will secure the car to the maximum.

Auto Warranty Review has many expert authors that deliver unique content.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Purchasing a New Car Is Like X-Mas For a Child

Purchasing a new car can be an exciting experience, especially with that feeling of everything being fresh and new. One of the reasons why people choose to purchase a new automobile is because they expect to to reduce some of the headaches that are associated with owning a car. The trouble with that mode of thinking is that your automobile will not stay new forever and you will eventually, through regular wear and tear, end up having to spend money on repairs.

All new cars and most used cars come with some sort of car warranty which is intended to cover some part of your newly purchased vehicle. The problem with that warranty is that it lasts for a short time, depending on the manufacturer, and is limited in the coverage that it provides. There are different types of Extended Auto Warranties warranties which cover specific times and or mileage driven, however, more often than not trouble does not start to brew until that warranty is about ready to expire.

The sad truth is that in some cases your manufacturers car warranty will run out just as your automobile is ready for some costly repairs, making this particular option not quite effective. Because all manufacturers warranties are limited, some companies provide an extended car warranty to cover certain aspects of your new car when it no longer feels quite as new. The problem with some warranties is, you should ensure that the coverage you need is actually provided under the policy that you choose.

There is no argument that an extended car warranty is a wise purchase, in fact unless you plan on trading your car before the manufacturer's car warranty runs out, the choice of not getting one may leave you stranded. The only thing is, like any insurance, what you pay up front may save you bundles in the long run. After you have done your shopping and considered your driving practices, it is now time to do some research into what's out there.

Your driving practices is something that you should be taking into consideration when purchasing an extended car warranty, simply because the coverage that you need will depend on it. In most cases there are three types of coverage, Bumper to Bumper, which covers things like roadside assistance, car rental, towing, wear and tear and other things like electronic equipment. Another form of coverage is comprehensive insurance which is generally used when owners do not qualify for a bumper to bumper policy. Or you can simply cover the expensive items like your transmission, drive shaft and engine with a power train policy. Insurance companies are always willing to provide detailed information about the coverage that they offer, so do the research and give yourself much needed peace of mind.

Friday, December 3, 2010 apoligize`s for all the acne, adolecent posts. Some one hacked my superfeedr.

Bumper to Bumper Warranty – Full Protection for Cars

Bumper to Bumper Warranty – Full Protection for Cars

A Bumper to bumper warranty is considered the most lucrative extended car warranty preference for many. And why not, the name itself sounds better than power train or comprehensive coverage that only covers some part of your car. Extended bumper to bumper car warranty is something that you most definitely cannot ignore when seeking protection for your car.

When you go out into the market, many auto extended warranty providers will suggest bumper to bumper warranty with big smiles on their faces which will be neither deceiving nor fake but confident because they know they're selling something worth it. Anyhow, talking about worthiness, we must elaborate on what is it that makes bumper to bumper warranty the right choice for a car.

Bumper to bumper warranty covers everything what the other two do not. Yes, bumper to bumper means from front to back and inevitably it is known as front to back warranty as well. Now before you start making a list of what all that your car has from front to back, let the auto extended warranty providers make it easy for you by providing you a list of what is not included in the bumper to bumper warranty.

So drop the pen and just read through the benefits of bumper to bumper warranty to make your decision even firmer about the kind of extended auto warranty for your precious precious investment.

1) Bumper to bumper will cover everything except the fuel transmission equipment. Fuel transmission will be covered under the Power Train warranty. Comprehensive warranty is different from these two and includes comprehensive coverage.
2) This kind of auto warranty can also be customized according to the owner's wishes and all that he wants covered from bumper to bumper.
3) Bumper to bumper warranty allows for a lot of payment options and car owners can decide on paying either at one go or break up the amount as monthly pay installments.
4) Bumper to bumper warranties even come with special assistance such as road extra assistance such as road assistance, towing, stay and much more.

Bumper to bumper warranty is a great investment for your car, after all it will act like a much needed power shield that you will obviously need.

Generally all auto warranty providers offer bumper to bumper warranty coverages whose time duration usually expands 2-12 years. People opt for auto extended warranty when their manufacturer's warranty is either expiring or has already expired. However the sooner you obtain bumper to bumper warranty for your car the better it is. It will not only relieve you feeling better but also much more secured as far as your car is concerned.

And before you jump on the extended auto warranty bandwagon make sure you've done enough research and study on bumper to bumper warranty that you're considering.

US Direct Protect

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bumper to Bumper Warranty – Not Literally Bumper to Bumper but Better!

Bumper to Bumper Warranty – Not Literally Bumper to Bumper but Better!

Bumper to Bumper Warranty – Not Literally Bumper to Bumper but Better!

Many car owners are fascinated by this label of a bumper to bumper warranty. However the policy isn't that expansive as the nomenclature is and is more of a relative term to describe the contrasting coverage policy from other extended auto warranty policies. Undoubtedly, bumper to bumper  auto warranties are the most coverage of them all especially when compared to a Powertrain or comprehensive but it sure does not include every inch of the car that comes between the front and the back of the bumper, glass, rubber and all.

It sure is most inclusive of everything and for any regular person the bumper to bumper car warranty policy is perhaps the best he can do for his car. However, for Mr. D-I-Ys, bumper to bumper is perhaps not the best coverage policy that there is. They can truly benefit from something like a Powertrain. Now we'll discuss the comparison between these two some other time for now let's get back to bumper to bumper warranties being literally bumper to bumper.

Parts not included in Bumper to Bumper Warranty:

Listed below are parts that are not covered in the bumper to bumper or front-to-back warranty:

Wear & Tear Parts – A standard bumper to bumper warranty will not be inclusive of wear & tear parts which include brake pads, water pumps, fly wheel, injectors, gearbox, steel joints and more although a car owner can easily get the wear & tear parts included in his bumper to bumper warranty contract with some sellers as an add-on.

Emission Control & Fuel Transmission – Emission control and fuel transmission are also NOT included in the bumper to bumper warranty.

Electronic Equipment – Some electronic accessories are included in this full coverage warranty or front to back car warranty. If you want your latest music system, radio or any other gizmo covered in your bumper to bumper warranty then you got to pay more! Most with the times Car Warranty Companies have add-ons to include exotic digital or custom parts.

Did we mention the tires? Oh yeah and even tires are not included and if constituted in the bumper to bumper warranty agreement then will be charged extra. Now it doesn't really sound bumper to bumper right? Well stop before you think its bumper and bumper rather than bumper to bumper warranty, we recommend you also ask the provider about all the things covered in the warranty. Be specific, with what is and what IS NOT covered.

Along with the inclusive stuff also ensure that you get all your doubts about bumper to bumper warranties cleared. And never buy the bumper to bumper warranty from your dealer because they have huge mark-ups. A third party auto warranty provider is safer after your manufacturer's warranty as their entire business is Auto Warranties and Vehicle Service Contracts so just volume alone allows them to present coverage at much lower prices. Not to mention you never pay interest with sellers and brokers.
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