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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Extended Warranty for Cars

Extended Warranty for Cars

An extended warranty on a car is simply a contract between the car owner and the car warranty company, where any repair costs you incur are covered by the company. Auto warranties are not a type of insurance. Far from it; they are simply a type of warranty that extends the original car warranty as offered by the manufacturer. So, essentially, if the car warranty you got when you bought the car was for four years, an extended car warranty can add two, three or more years to the warranty period, ensuring that you remain covered longer.

Buying extended warranties for the first time can be tricky, even confusing. You must understand what it is you want covered and then look for a warranty that provides this type of cover. Buying an extended warranty does not excuse you from buying auto insurance. You still to have your car covered under the best auto insurance policy you can afford, since these are two different products.

It is important to read through the contract of the warranty, in order to fully understand what is covered under the warranty and what is not. A good warranty contract will list all the services and parts covered under the contract. Be very wary of contracts that are vague or those that give a blanket sort of assurance. It is also common for a warranty contract to state the standard routine maintenance the car owner must stick to in order for the warranty to remain effective. Failure to do so may lead to a rejection of your claim application.

To ensure that you get the best deal on auto warranties, always buy your warranty from a reliable company. There are many car warranty companies selling warranties directly, without going through a dealer. By buying directly through a car warranty company or their agent, you get a better deal as the rate tends to be lower.

A lot of motorists are not sure whether they require an extended warranty, until they run high repair costs without one and realize just how much they could have saved. Buying extended warranties is pretty much like buying insurance. You are simply protecting yourself against a risk which might happen in the future. Much as this risk may never happen, there is still a 50% or more chance of it happening.

To lessen the strain of paying for extended car warranties, use the car rebate to pay for the warranty. This way, you won’t have spent a dollar on the warranty. This is for the lucky motorists who get rebates on new cars. If you are not so lucky as to get a rebate and do not have cash on you, you can finance your purchase. A lot of warranty companies provide zero percent financing, which can help you keep your car protected even when you do not have money on the ready.

The best time to purchase extended warranties on your cars is immediately after buying the car. A lot of motorists assume that as long as they have the manufacturer’s warranty, they can forego the extended one until the original warranty expires. However, the rates are higher when you buy an extended car warranty after the original one expires. You will save more if you buy extended warranties earlier, preferably when the original one is still in effect.

Do not worry if your car warranty has already expired. You can still get an extended car warranty. The same applies if you have bought a used car. However, most car warranty companies carry out inspections on used cars before selling auto warranties on them. This they do to ensure that the car is clean enough and bears no pre-existing mechanical issues. Usually, they will screen the car, which is basically checking for any mechanical problems.

If the car is found to have any problems, the company may refuse to sell you the warranty. In most cases though, all you have to do is get the car checked and repaired. If it passes the screen test this time round, the company will sell you the warranty.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finding a Used Car Warranty

If you feel your vehicle is not covered enough for future repairs, then you can approach a third party company who will provide you with ample options and coverage. Repair bills may not cost as little as you want them to cost. Anything might happen and you might have to face huge expenses for repairing your vehicle. You might be covered with the manufacturer’s original warranty, but that is not enough because sometimes repair expenses sky rocket. You must find an alternative, something to fall back on. To know more about the warranty provided by the original car manufacturer, you will have to read the manual thoroughly. Once you are sure of what protection your vehicle carries, you will know what you need to get extra cover for. So when you are taking cover from a company that provides additional warranty, then you must be perfectly aware of what you will need. There are plenty of companies who will provide you with auto warranty and all you have to do is approach them and choose the one that you think will suit all your needs. You are entering into a contract between that particular company and yourself, there is no one in between and no mediator. You can do an online research and choose a company that will provide you with auto warranty coverage. Once you take coverage from a company, you can keep the contract for a period of one month or so. If you are happy with their dealings, you can continue the contract and if not, you can request your money back.

When your auto needs to be repaired, you should find a company that you are comfortable with and then do the repairs. However, the premium that you have to pay for this insurance will depend on whether your car is old or new. If it is a new vehicle then naturally you don’t have to get expensive coverage, but if your vehicle is old then you will have to get a coverage that is much higher. However, if you do your calculations, then you will know that taking out insurance is much cheaper than paying for all the repairs out of your pocket.

When you approach the company and negotiate with them on the different policies and the coverage you have to pay for them, you will have to talk about the things that are covered in the insurance and those that are not covered. This will prevent any misunderstandings in the future. When you and the company know where you stand then everything is much easier. There are different levels of cover that will cover the electrical and mechanical components of your vehicle. So when you draw a policy name the components that are likely to go wrong or are more expensive to repair. Only the vehicle owner will know what could go wrong frequently in a particular make and model.

Most companies just cover repair bills and not the periodical changing of brakes, exhaust, tires and so on. In addition, they will not be paying for any intentional damages; they will investigate before they hand out the money.

The plans offered to you by an AutoWarranty Company will benefit you greatly because they are known for customer satisfaction and honesty in all their dealings. All you have to do is get in touch with them and they will help you with whatever you want. They also provide you with additional services so you always get the best when it comes to car warranties. Approaching this company will definitely get you the best deals and rates in the industry.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Extended Auto Warranty

When you purchase a new car, although it comes with a factory auto warranty, in most cases for five or ten years, it is generally a limited warranty, and will not cover all damage or repair. Plus, when that time period expires, your car is not going to be covered at all. So, when you are considering the purchase of a new car, you also have to take into account the option of purchasing an extended auto warranty, from a private dealer, in order to have the full coverage you are looking for, and that your car deserves, so that you can protect this pricey investment. Not only will the extended auto warranty cover things that are not covered under the manufacturer warranty, but depending on the amount you purchase, and the time period purchased, you can protect anything from theft to auto accidents.

So, when you do purchase a new car, of course the manufacturer warranty is a great thing to have, especially if something occurs in the early years that you own the car, and it is the manufacturer's fault, or something that is covered under the warranty that they offer. But, for the time period beyond that time, and even early on, there are some things that the manufacturer will not cover. For these things, whatever they may be, and whatever kind of damage may occur to your auto, you want to make sure that the vehicle warranties you purchase, are going to fully cover your car, so that whatever kind of accident, or whatever kind of service needs to be performed on your car, will get performed at no additional cost to you. This is not only going to save you money in the long run, but it will also ensure that you can keep your pricey investment running its best, for the longest period of time.

You want to make sure that when you purchase a new car not only that it is fully covered, but that it will last for years to come thanks to the great care that it received. For this reason, when you do consider that new car, not only do you have to purchase the best autos made, but you also have to purchase the best extended auto warranty you can find, so that you can keep up with maintenance, and make sure that your car is running at its best, at all times. Not only is this extended warranty going to give you the assurance that anything that might happen to your car is going to be covered, but that it is going to be covered beyond the date that the manufacture warranty expires. Therefore, no matter what problems may turn up, either mechanical or cosmetic, when you have an extended warranty on the car, you know that the problem is going to be fixed, at no cost, or at a very minimal cost to you out of pocket.

So, rather than just go with the manufacturer warranty, and hope that no problems occur with your car beyond the date that the warranty expires, you have to consider additional vehicle warranties, in order to know that your car is going to be fully covered, for as long as you own it. And, not only will it be covered, but with the right warranties, it is going to be covered for cosmetic as well as mechanical work and errors. When buying a new car, make sure to consider a great extended auto warranty, so that your car can give back the performance you need it to, for the longest time periods which are possible.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Auto Bills Auto Bills and More Auto Bills

Auto Warranty In a perfect world your car would never break down and the only cost to own your car would be the amount you paid for it. However, a car is a machine, and all machines break down from time to time. Auto bills happen, so you have to be prepared to take care of them.

Most car repairs are covered by your car's auto warranty. However, what happens if your warranty has expired? If your car is out of warranty it can cost thousands of dollars to make the necessary repairs. One way to cover your car for an extended period of time is to buy an extended warranty.

An extended warranty will protect your car in the event of a needed repair after your originally warranty expires. An additional warranty will typically run you about 750 dollars on average. Keep in mind that most car warranties last for 5 years and up to 60,000 miles. Find out how much of the warranty you would have left upon buying the car and decide accordingly.

What can a consumer expect to pay on average for a car repair bill? The cost is probably going to make you wish you took public transportation. An average engine replacement can run as much as 3600 dollars. To replace a transmission can run you a little over 3,000 dollars and having to replace any power components of your car is going to set you back about 1,000 dollars.

Auto bills can be mitigated with proper maintenance and care for your car. The oil should be changed every 5,000 miles, or whenever your owners manual says to get the oil changed. Flushing fluids every 30-60,000 miles is also recommended. Not only will proper care keep your car running, but it will ensure that the warranty on the car is not voided.

The most important aspects of your car are your brakes, tires and electrical system. If you cannot stop you will be in serious danger and not having proper tire tread can result in blow out and skidding off the road. A good battery will ensure that your car will always start which is even more crucial during cold winter months.

Keeping these systems maintained is cheap and will save you more money down the road. You shouldn't have to spend more than a couple hundred dollars for routine maintenance.

Be aware that you are allowed to take your car in to whatever repair shop that you want. If you were in an accident, and you have repairs to be made, your insurance company cannot tell you where to go. Go where you feel comfortable and you feel like the best work will be done on your car.

Your car should be one of your prized possessions. Make sure that you are maintaining the car to reduce breakdowns and the resulting repair bills. Good upkeep and common sense should keep your car running well, but if not, hope that your warranty will cover whatever bills come due.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

US Direct Protect Auto Warranty

Auto Warranty
An Auto Warranty can be one of the most important features associated with buying a new car. A warranty is one of the few ways you can insure that the car you buy will last long enough to make it worth your money. A car cost a substantial amount of money and protecting that purchase with a warranty can be one of the most important decisions you will make. Many new car customers focus on features such as a satellite radio or interior color but a car warranty should be the number one feature any car buyer focuses on. The problem with many car buyers is that they don't know where to begin when it comes to warranties. Researching and understanding car warranties can be the difference between spending thousands of dollars down the road or keeping a car dependable and free from major repairs. Purchasing an extended warranty for your automobile from they very start is often times the best way to go.

There are many types of warranties available including types of original manufactures warranties and extended coverage warranties. These are both important but are often misunderstood. Many car consumers believe that since they have an original car warranty that extended coverage can be taken care of at a later date. The thing that people don't realize is that often times a warranty company will give you a lower rate on car warranties since you are a lower risk to them with original warranties still in effect. Purchasing an extended warranty for your automobile from they very start is often times the best way to go.

The highest level of coverage on a car is called bumper to bumper coverage. This may sound like it covers everything on the car but there are some exclusions. These exclusions will be listed for you upon purchase of the warranty. In most cases this warranty does cover everything except normal wear and tear that a car may endure.
Used cars are usually covered under a warranty called a stated plan. All components that are covered under this plan are stated in a list. This what gives the warranty the name stated plan. These lists will look as if it equals bumper to bumper coverage but there are a substantial number of components not covered under this plan. Under most stated plans major repairs are covered but be sure to go over this plan thoroughly before purchasing it. A thinner warranty that is ideal for high mileage or older cars is a power tran warranty. This warranty is designed to cover the most expensive hardest working mechanical parts of your car. In most case it covers transmissions, engines, seals, and gaskets. An older car has a much higher chance of developing problems in the components and this warranty can save you from having to junk an older car before its time. A common warranty that many people purchase to go along with an existing warranty on newer cars is the wrap coverage warranty. In many cases a vehicle will come with a satisfactory power tran warranty and will last 5 or 10 years. When you purchase the wrap coverage it will include other components into that power tran warranty and it will turn that power tran warranty into bumper to bumper coverage.

This may seem confusing but when you take the time to go over you warranty as in depth as possible it will make understanding what each warranty offers a little less confusing. There are a few other key points to keep in mind when studying a warranty offer. One thing to keep in mind is if your warranty is transferable, this means that the warranty will be transferred if you ever choose to sell your car. Another thing to look for is which insurance company is backing your warranty and make sure to check up on that particular insurance company. Car warranties are extremely important but can become useless if you don't make sure that you purchase a warranty that can serve your needs.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tips To Extending Your Car’s Life

Coddle Your Car
Many motorists realize that the convenience, and privilege of owning a car, is balanced by the financial responsibility of maintaining one. With national and local economies still in recovery mode, many car owners have opted to keep their old cars on the road for as long as possible. Regular and timely maintenance can help any motorist get the maximum amount of mileage from their vehicle before having to purchase a new one. Most safety checks are simple enough so that they can be performed by motorists without any automotive repair expertise.

The fluid levels in your car’s engine should be regularly checked. This includes brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, and motor oil. Low brake fluid can drastically reduce the life of your vehicle’s brakes. Low motor oil acts as a coolant, and lubricant for your engine. Allowing the oil level to get too low can increase stress on your engine, and can minimize overall performance. If levels of any of the fluids in your engine are low, chances are, your vehicle has a leak, or there are other mechanical issues that need to be attended to. Regular fluid level checks ensure that you spot these issues while they are still minor ones, and before they burn a hole in your pocketbook.

Belt and hose deficiencies can often be recognized by the naked, untrained eye. A belt in poor condition will appear frayed and cracked. Likewise, a hose in poor condition can appear brittle, have bulges, and should not be too soft or too hard to the touch. Regular checks of your car’s belts and hoses can help ensure that a mechanical issue is caught early before leaving you stranded on the side of the road. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual should recommend the mileage marks to replace the belts, and hoses required for your engine.

The tires on your car should be properly inflated to aid in decreasing wear and tear on the engine, and to simultaneously increase your fuel economy. The owner’s manual for your car will indicate recommended tire pressure inflation. Some vehicles even have this information printed in the door jam of your car. A trip to a local gas station’s air hose machines should enable you to check your tire’s current pressure, and to add or remove air as needed.

Though regular maintenance can help reduce instances of catastrophic engine failure, it cannot completely eliminate unforeseen breakdowns. When those unforeseen mechanical failures do occur, auto warranties can be a great way to hedge against the high cost of completing the necessary repairs. Think auto warranties are only for new car purchases? Think again. After market extended warranty plans can be purchased to cover used cars. Before buying your auto warranty policy, check into the company offering the policy, and read the fine print that explains the policy details. No consumer wants to be in the uncomfortable position to have to pay for an expensive repair out of pocket, while thinking that it was a covered repair.

When you are ready to make a new car purchase, an auto warranty is a recommended supplemental purchase. The average car in the United States costs about $28,000 according to the National Automobile Dealers Association. Auto warranties are a great way to protect such a valuable investment, and will help ensure that your car continues to run like new, long after driving it off the lot. As with extended warranties, before adding the auto warranty to your new car purchase price, be certain to read the fine print. As a consumer, you have the right to fully understand the terms and conditions of your warranty purchase.
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Monday, June 27, 2011

How Total Car Maintenance and Auto Warranties Keep Your Vehicle on the Road for Less Money

Tustin Ranch Tires

Being stranded on the side of the road in the blistering heat waiting for help to come is no one’s idea of a pleasant experience. It can happen, though, to anyone at any time. Vehicles are intricate machines, nothing more. The number of components in an automobile that have to work properly and synergistically for optimal performance is pretty astounding. This is the reason that enough cannot be written on the great importance of maintaining a vehicle properly.

Oil changes are both good and necessary. They alone, however, will never be enough to keep a vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. There are a number of systems cars use to ensure operation. Much like the human body, when one system goes awry, all others may end up being affected. Paying attention to recommendations can mean not only a vehicle that will stay on the road, but also benefit the owner with fewer car repairs and lower auto bills.

Of the systems that require routine monitoring and maintenance, engine oil is undoubtedly the mandate with the shortest interval for change. Other fluids, though, are equally important in function. The cooling system, which is responsible for making sure the engine does not overheat, requires professional flushing and fluid replacement. So does the fluid in the transmission. Both these fluids, like oil, are subjected to extremely high temperatures every time the vehicle is driven. Manufacturers and repair shops, who offer services for these key services, have recommendations for their replacement. Intervals may vary by age and make of the vehicle, but should be investigated and put into the overall maintenance plan.

Fuel system cleaning is sometimes overlooked, but should be considered a routine need for the sake of an optimally performing engine. Fuel injectors can build up deposits. Regular fuel system cleaning takes care of this issue, among others, guaranteeing smooth operation. When it comes to car repairs, a fuel injector, or injectors, can be very extravagant in cost compared to the relatively inexpensive prevention.

The final easy-to-remember maintenance item is tire rotation and inflation. Tire rotation is suggested for almost every vehicle to be performed every 6,000 miles, or every other oil change. The importance of this simple procedure cannot be ignored. Rotating tires allows all tires to wear at an even pace, which prolongs the need to buy new, as well as makes it possible to keep a smooth, comfortable ride. Proper inflation works on the same principal. When air gets hot, or cold, tire pressure can fluctuate. Keeping a tire gauge in the vehicle will allow for an easy, quick check of pressures. Many repair facilities now offer nitrogen gas filling for tires. This is a worthwhile option that can help alleviate variations and the need for consistent monitoring, as the gas is unaffected by temperature, and helps maintain constant pressure at all times.

The above items will all help keep repair needs minimal. They cannot guarantee there will never be an issue requiring attention, though. To keep auto bills very minimal, when the need does arise for fixing, it is always a good idea to invest in an extended car warranty. The extended car warranty is available on practically any vehicle, which has exceeded the terms of the original manufacturer’s warranty. These policies typically come with a deductible that must be met when car repairs are necessary, but pale in comparison to the actual cost of the repair itself. Paying $100, for instance, to replace a transmission that costs $2,000, or more, can be substantially beneficial.

Keeping a vehicle on the road means more than hitting the quick lube shop every three months. Paying attention to the overall needs of the car routinely, along with heeding advice from your mechanic, can make it easier to keep auto bills lower over time. For the greatest protection possible against expensive visits, an extended car warranty covering major drivetrain components is supremely advantageous.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Auto Warranty Review by US Direct Protect

Cars are assets that need to be maintained time and again in order to retain their value. Although cars tend to depreciate in value, proper maintenance over the years can see the vehicles retain and even regain their worth even as time goes by. In order for this to happen there are certain things that the owner of the vehicle has got to take into consideration. One of these issues is the maintenance of the vehicle in question.

Depending on the model of the vehicle and its age this can either be a simplex task of maintaining a Toyota, or the arduous task of keeping a classic Chevrolet in tip top shape. In both cases however, the car owner can make vehicle maintenance elementary and one of the simplest methods one can use is taking on auto warranties.

As the term implies, these are set aside in order to help the vehicle owners preserve their vehicles, without paying for these expenses out of pocket. Getting these car warranties might sound like a piece of cake, but there are several elements that the car owner should consider with regards to the warranties.

First and foremost, the reliability of the company offering the warranty should be meticulously scrutinized. Knowledge of the establishment that will be in charge of making payments for replacement parts is important. This is because as with every other business out there, this sector of the economy has companies that are out to fleece the masses.

However, once the right warranty has been sourced and applied for, the automobile owner can now rest assured that their vehicle is adequately covered with regards to replacement parts.

Secondly, the client ought to consider the terms and conditions of the warranties being offered by a particular company. This is simply because there are certain warranties that might look good on paper, yet be inadequate for the vehicle in question. In other words as the owner of the vehicle, the fine print should be carefully studied and understood because as it is said the devil is indeed in the details.

Auto warranties are a dime a dozen. Subsequently, the vehicle owner will be bombarded with all sorts of offers from different companies. However, before one settles on a particular car warranty it is imperative that the exact components of the vehicle to be catered for by the company are clearly stated.

Looking for the right auto warranties for you is tantamount to finding the proverbial needle in a hay stack. This process can however be simplified by looking into car warranty reviews, which will be sure to reveal a gem or two. Here, the client will have numerous sources for the said warranties, ranging from blogs to entire websites dedicated to finding the perfect car warranties for you.

For starters, these auto assurance reviews indicate that certain warranties are proffered to the consumer as a part of their car insurance policies. These work well for the client who is looking for an insurance package, which offers them an all inclusive cover for their vehicle.

Another source of car warranties, as indicated on some of these reviews, is the car manufacturer in question. In some cases, the producers of the automobiles have their own warranties on hand for the consumer to take advantage of making repair and replacement of certain vehicle parts that much easier.

Taking on these car warranty reviews will disclose the kind of protection the vehicle owner should take on.

For every car owner, it is important to understand that purchasing a vehicle from an individual seller might not give them access to any warranties, which could result in high out of pocket expenses should the vehicle experience a malfunction.

To conclude, it is up to the consumer to search out a good warranty, which will serve their vehicle for years to come. If nothing else, the warranty should keep the prized possession in tip top shape while granting its owner the peace of mind to enjoy automobile without worrying about sudden repair costs.

Friday, June 10, 2011

What is a Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty?

The bumper-to-bumper warranty is the most comprehensive portion of a car manufacturer's Factory Warranty, that covers all parts and systems, except for those specifically excluded, such as certain "wear" items like tires and wiper blades. Normally, bumper-to-bumper warranties cover everything from major mechanical repairs to even some seemingly minor details.

Essentially all new cars come with bumper-to-bumper warranties. Those warranties are for a fixed term, such as three years or 36,000 miles. That warranty will expire whenever the first threshold is met. A two year old car with 40,000 miles on it which is covered by the three year/36,000 mile warranty will be out of warranty. By the same token, a four year old car with only 25,000 miles will also be out of warranty. Warranty terms are often a selling feature promoted by vehicle manufacturers. For instance, on some new cars, you may find five year/50,000 mile warranties, or even ten year/100,000 mile warranties. New car buyers are known to shop for cars based on warranties.

By name at least, the bumper-to-bumper auto warranty provides complete and exhaustive coverage for your new car. You might think that a bumper-to-bumper warranty will cover every last feature and condition on the car. But, alas, likely it won't. Bumper-to-bumper doesn't necessarily include every square inch of a car from one bumper to the other. Bumper-to-bumper warranties are generally referred to as exclusionary in their coverage. This means they provide coverage for all breakdowns except components specifically itemized in the warranty. These warranties generally cover components like air conditioning, vehicle sensors, fuel systems, drive-trains, and major electrical components. At the same time, a bumper-to-bumper warranty may specifically exclude from coverage such issues as scheduled maintenance, adjustments, and wear items; batteries and trim; after-market equipment; noises, including rattles, squeaks and wind noise; body damage; and various miscellaneous items, such as satellite/GPS/video systems, emissions, CD changers and audio systems, and a breakdown caused by collision, fire, theft, freezing, overheating, electrical fire or meltdown, vandalism, flood, and any hazard insurable under standard damage insurance coverage. In the sense that these policies are exclusionary, generally speaking, if you don't see a condition excluded, it's covered.

Car makers may also include a number of convenience features, such as roadside assistance, hotel stays, rental car, towing, and nationwide coverage. These features are commonly called a "peace of mind" assurance.

Bumper-to-bumper warranties provide a wealth of protection against auto repair bills. As noted, not every single possible issue with a car will be covered by the warranty, but many are. They are a great feature of the new car. For the protection of the buyer, however, warranties must be read and monitored closely. Exclusions exist, and may lead to costly, unexpected repair bills which are the responsibility of the car owner.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Keys To Optimizing Your Extended Auto Warranty

Extended Auto Warranties
May, 29 2011
US Direct Protect
When a potential customer enters the showroom at a local dealership, he or she is very optimistic regarding the new car that they are about to purchase. Once they've studied their options, met with the dealer, completed all necessary paperwork, they find out that they are approved. Most new cars come with a factory backed warranty. Many used cars offer owners the opportunity to purchase a warranty from either the factory or dealership. Many new and used owners alike, are clueless about what to do after their warranty expires. There are certain things an automobile owner can do, to the optimize their extended auto warranty buying experience.

Key 1: Know what you can and can't afford
Many customers purchase warranties that they can not afford and it results in lost of coverage. Having a warranty is a necessity for today's car owner. Regardless of your income bracket, there are many financing options available, that caters to the various income levels. Understanding these options can save you money.

Key 2: Shop carefully
Due to false advertisement, many buyers has been scammed by car warranty dealers. For those seeking, research carefully to find the best, suitable and legitimate extended auto warranty. Owners have bought expensive warranties, believing that they were getting certain features, only to find out that they were deceived. Make sure to read all of the proposed warranty information, including the fine print. Many people have found comparing easier, through the use of the internet. Within one click, you can find available and affordable vehicle warranty companies and dealers, information about their services and compare prices. Also, understand that there are many auto warranty companies available and you're not limited to a dealer.

Key 3: Understand the different types of auto warranties
It is vital that potential warranty owners, understand the various types of warranties available. There are warranties that only support the wear and tear on a vehicle, while some support mechanical breakdown. Others provide support for both of these. If you are needing an extended warranty, choose a warranty that supports both. You want your vehicle covered if it ever breaks down, due to mechanical breakdown, and if repairs need to be made, due to normal wear and tear.

Finally, owning a vehicle is an asset, need and responsibility. Having a vehicle covered through warranty, means peace of mind for any owner. Peace is gained by knowing that, regardless of what happens to your auto, you have a extended auto warranty that cover's it. Good drivers purchase warranties, in order to prevent possibly future un-expectancies and for basic travel. In order to live effectively in today's society, reliable transportation is a must-have.
May, 29 2011
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May, 29 2011
Auto Warranty 411

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Auto Warranty|Listen Up or Lose Money

US Direct Protect
The world of extended warranties for cars is a large and confusing place. Vehicles can have a manufacturer’s warranty, extended warranty, product warranty, a vehicle service contract, or mechanical breakdown insurance. To further complicate the situation, each of these has its own laws and regulations which govern the application of them, and can have their own specific benefits or limitations.

Let’s begin with a manufacturer’s warranty, it is provided for the new and original (no modifications) vehicle by the maker. This type of warranty covers specific areas of the vehicle and is enforceable for a set number of months or miles driven, this is mandated by law.

Once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired the vehicle is used and has additional miles on it, the next step is an extended warranty, a vehicle service contract or mechanical breakdown insurance. This is a basic contract between the vehicle owner and the warranty company which covers specific parts of the vehicle to be repaired or replaced in the event it fails. These warranties become more appealing when they are offered with the additional benefit of 24/7 roadside assistance, a wear and tear coverage, rental car reimbursement and in some cases traveler’s insurance. For these reasons, when considering an extended warranty it is a good idea to research and find the best deal possible. Again, each warranty is regulated by the state.

The best warranty companies can be found on A.M. Best & Company’s “A” list.

Product warranties are warranties on an additive or product. These are a promise and backing by the Admin. regarding the product being used.

A major difference between an extended vehicle warranty and a product warranty is the extended warranty has to be backed by an insurance company and a product warranty does not.

Everyone has that nightmare story of how they were done wrong by the vehicle, here are a few tips to help you avoid that problem.

• Always thoroughly read the contract, do not be afraid to ask questions.
• Get a pre purchase inspection by a certified mechanic. These inspections are usually a small fee $100-$250, and will prevent the warranty from saying an issue was pre existing.
• Be diligent in the maintenance of the vehicle. This is a quick way for the warranty to become null and void.
• Establish where the repairs need to be done, many companies have specific shops they use.
• Know how the claim/repair is paid. Some companies pay the shop directly, others want you to pay the shop then reimburse you.
• Check the deductable, this can be a one time total, or per repair.
• Verify the expiration of the contract, the the exact odometer reading or specific date.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Avoid Car Warranty Scams|Get a US Direct Protect Approved Auto Warranty

Car Warranties

Avoid Car Warranty Scams

While many legitimate and reliable car warranties are available online, there are also warranty scams in which low price warranties are offered to unwitting consumers who are actually paying for a useless or fraudulent warranty. Other scams include overpricing of warranties by affiliate and lead sites, and then there are car warranty sites which in reality are dreaded "phishing" sites that exist only to obtain private data that is then abused. Avoiding these scams, and finding the right online car warranty, is a matter of being alert and knowing how to recognize scams while dealing only with companies that have a proven track record in issuing car warranties.

Oftentimes, a new auto warranty company will suddenly spring up online, offering extremely low prices on a very small selection of auto warranties. This is an indication that the company is, at best, an affiliate or lead site which makes a commission only on those warranties, or, at worst, a scam site.

The scam sites offer warranty terms that seem too good to be true, and they are set up for instant payment. The warranty which you purchase from such sites is not of much value, as it is not backed by a legitimate and insured warranty provider. Usually, such warranties do not pay repair and body shops directly, but instead ask the warranty holder to pay, so that they can then escape having to reimburse you for the money you paid out. This is fraud, and almost no reliable car warranty issuer will ask you to pay for repairs - instead, they work with a network of auto repair services which accept their payments directly at no extra cost to you.

Worse yet are those online sites which contact you via E-mail, warning you that your warranty is about to expire. Chances are that not only is your warranty not expiring, but you have yet to purchase an extended warranty. The E-mail messages which they send contain links to phishing sites that do not offer any legitimate warranties whatsoever. Instead, they capture your personal data for use in subsequent scams, and they may even be able to access your secure accounts using the information that they request. Under no condition should you respond to E-mail offers for car warranties. No legitimate firm uses such methods, which are illegal under spam prevention laws.

Instead, insist on car warranties that are maintained by legitimate and known firms. These firms deposit your money into a claims reserve account, and carry re-insurance from A. M. Best A or higher rated firms to protect you in the event the warranty company fails or experiences difficulties. Such policies are well-advertised and often discussed on consumer ratings sites.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not All Car Warranty Sites are Created Equal|Beware of Affiliates

An extended warranty for a car is very useful and indeed saves drivers much time, money and hassle. It is therefore no wonder that so many new car warranty sites have sprung up across the Internet, and many of these sites have similar names and offers. For instance, their is now a lead company who made a website called and use it for PPC. They have no affiliation with, number 1 online seller of extended warranties for vehicles, but they obviously are trying to catch consumers off guard. US Direct Protect had one of their agents call the phony outfit and they did try to portray themselves`s as industry leader US Direct Protect.

That is because many car warranty sites are actually lead sites or affiliate sites for major providers of online car warranties. Such sites often offer but a few fixed choices, because their owners know that those are the warranties which their audience will be most apt to choose, or that they are the ones for which the actual warranty providers pay the most affiliate commission. These policies all have weasel clauses or are the same policies with the price inflated.

On the other hand, a true professional site will include a wide selection of car warranties for various makes and models of cars, with various price, feature, length and coverage options. These sites are run by webmasters who are dedicated to their customers, and who therefore make sure to offer the warranties that customers are looking for, at the best possible prices. Beware of 1 or 2 page websites, this is a sure fire way to detect an affiliate or lead company. They sell your inquiry to an Auto Warranty Company that does not have the marketing skills to attract their own inquiries. The customer is now paying the lead companies fee on top of the policy they purchase. Sometime`s this fee alone is $100.00.

When shopping for an extended auto warranty, make sure there are sufficient options for the make and model that you need to protect. One or two basic options is a clear sign that the site you are checking is a lead or affiliate site, as is a small selection of models regardless of whether your own car is included. One question we always tell consumers to ask the warranty company is "How many different Administrators do you carry". If their reply is 1 or

Make sure to shop around, and discount any claims made by sites which claim to specialize only in one make or model. Such sites are clearly lead sites that just link to a site that actually offers warranties for several makes and models, but prices which are generated by the lead site could be higher than the prices which would be charged to consumers who go directly to the main site. If a site URL contains the name of one make or model, such as Chevy or Malibu, it is almost always a lead site and it is rare that such a site offers the best option for extended auto warranties.

Car warranties are best purchased from experts who maintain sites that clearly show their understanding of and commitment to the consumer. Affiliate and lead sites are usually operated by small-time webmasters who also operate such sites for tens if not hundreds of other products, from cookware to computer accessories, and they depend on commissions from each sale that only add to the cost of the warranty which you actually need.

Choose your car warranty from a site that lists clear options for different levels of coverage, and which has a comprehensive list of policies available for major makes and models of cars, which of course must include, but should not be limited to, your own car. You will find that a more comprehensive site offers better prices for exactly what you need.

Other online Auto Warranty Companies that have multiple A rated administrators for car owners to choose from is Auto Warranty 411. They have a licensed software that allows them to shop 10 A rated carriers for the best policy. We have heard nothing bad about this organization, nor are their any rip off reports or BBB complaints. Automotive Extended Warranties also has multiple policies at below market pricing. Their website has arguably the most auto warranty related content on it and is a tool used by many in the industry. Car Service Contract is a new comer in the industry who has compiled a long list of A rated Administrators and also has very affordable pricing.

We are going to open this post up for comments. NOT SPAM. If you have an industry related question or have another online company you would like to talk about feel free to leave a comment.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Extended Warranty and Vehicle Service Contracts

Extended Warranties are some of the most misunderstood aspects of the automotive industry, and while many have taken quite a beating in the media recently, there are many very good and legitimate extended warranty programs out there.

What are Extended Warranties, Really?

What the policy actually is, just happens to be where many consumers become confused about the entire situation, which highlights one of the most important aspects of automotive warranties, what kind of policy it is. There are three basic types of additional automotive coverage for mechanical issues; the new car protection, the used car, sometimes known as silver or comprehensive, and the power train coverage that is typically reserved for older and higher-mileage vehicles.

New car packages are likely to cover the vehicle in what is commonly called “bumper-to-bumper” protection, the same as what is offered through dealerships when the vehicle is brand new, and these are often through the exact same underwriters as those from the dealer. The comprehensive packages are similar, covering many electronics, sensors and computers, but not quite as many as the new car protection would. Although, these two can be indiscernible, depending on the particular vehicle and coverage plan. The power train packages commonly include the engine, transmission and other larger components that are prone to failure on older vehicles.

What is Actually Covered?

Here again, this is where the customer and the provider need proper communication to impart exactly what is covered, as many customers will assume things like “bumper-to-bumper” includes the bumpers. Any credible provider will immediately provide a detailed list that itemizes exactly what is covered along with the policy documentation, as well as for much, and it is often the failure to read and understand this that leads to surprises at the service department.

Regardless of what is actually covered, even the simplest of these policies can be real life-savers when the major repair that we all know is coming finally makes its appearance. With the average automotive service shop charging around $100 for each hour of labor, not including parts, the bill for something as simple as a power window motor can cost over a thousand dollars in no time at all.

Avoiding the Scams

The extended warranties industry has been marred by a few unscrupulous providers, the majority of which have since been closed down by the various attorneys general around the country, and these are well-documented around the web and in the various media outlets.

There are many legitimate extended warranty providers that offer the exact same service contracts as the dealers use, with the added benefit of features like low or no-interest payments over one or two years, as opposed to the life of the car loan. Many of these policies also have transfer and refund options that enable customers to pay for the part of the policy used and get a refund on what was not. The key to extended auto warranties is an educated consumer, and with some simple research online, the best one for any given situation is easy to find.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Auto Warranty 411|A Rated Policies For $100`s Less Than Other Brokers

As if purchasing a car isn’t a big enough decision, then the customer is faced with the prospect of purchasing an auto warranty to cover the vehicle. This does not have to be as big of a nightmare as it sounds. One should simply keep in mind that this is merely an insurance policy against repair costs and that the warranty should only fit the needs and budget of the buyer – purchasing too much or too little could pose an issue.

One good thing to remember is that it is not necessary to obtain an extended car warranty immediately after buying the car. Most dealerships will extend the offer until within the first year of ownership. However, it is also important to know that after a certain number of miles, the cost of policies do tend to increase. This gives a buyer just enough time to think about the extent of coverage that is necessary.

Another tip to keep in mind is that the buyer should be able to give the policy booklet a thorough look-through and if a policy is purchased, he or she should be able to take the booklet home immediately. Knowing the ins and outs of the plan to be purchased is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, aspects that are important to the buyer could unknowingly be omitted and the buyer could be unaware of other features.

In addition to this, buyers should familiarize themselves with the exclusions and limitations of the policy. For example, some policies will not cover overheating of a vehicle. Others will only cover mechanical breakdown, which is when mechanical parts spontaneously break. Thus, if a part simply wears out because it is old, this will probably not be covered in the plan and could leave the driver with a hefty expense.

A consumer should make sure that the warranty approves the repairs by the shop he or she typically visits. Some policies have limitations on where the vehicle can be taken for repairs and this could mean that a buyer will have to visit a mechanic he or she is not familiar with and does not trust. It is simply better for peace of mind and convenience if the trusted shop is included in the plan.

Having an extended warranty can provide great benefits to car owners. For the most part, they will save many repair expenses in the end and the policy will provide a sense of security. However, specifications and stipulations tend to vary greatly from warranty to warranty, so this is not the time to make an impulse buy. You really have to do the research and know the policy inside and out to make sure that it is right for you before it is purchased.

This article was written by Auto Warranty 411.

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Auto Warranty 411 has the best internet marketing company in the world and their leads are free. Other Auto Warranty Companies spend $100`s of dollars on marketing and have to add that price to the cost of the warranties they sell. So try out what is suggested and save money.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vehicle Service Contracts

Vehicle Service Contracts

All vehicles suffer from break downs at different instances. It is difficult to cater for high repair costs especially if your vehicle constantly suffers from unforeseen break downs. A vehicle service contract is the solution to comprehensively protecting your vehicle from costly future repair costs.

A vehicle service contract is purchased at any instance from car dealerships or independent companies. It can be thought of as an insurance policy and defers from initial vehicle warranties minimally. The service contracts cover a car's repair and maintenance costs during a given period of time. New cars and relatively new cars may get much more comprehensive extended coverage as compared to used cars, which are offered limited service contract coverage. It is important to weigh the extent to which a vehicle service contract will cover your car before purchasing one.

If your car does not have an initial warranty or lacks comprehensive coverage, a service contract would be ideal for your car. A vehicle service contract offered by vehicle manufacturers hold much more weight than those offered by independent companies. The cost of service contracts are usually determined by the make of the car, the particular car model, the condition of the car (especially in the case of used cars), the extent of coverage and the length of coverage. The vehicle is covered to a certain extent and there are a few service contracts, which cover repairs of all natures. It is wise to watch out for such policies that exclude certain repair costs for instance a policy only covering mechanical breakdowns meaning that they will not cover problems arising from wear and tear. In the instance of a repair, the contract may require you to take the vehicle to the car manufacturer for repairs, in the case of a contract purchased from the car manufacturer, or the contract may allow you to select a service dealer to carry out repairs on your vehicle. When acquiring the contract find out exactly how claims will be handled. These contracts hold you accountable to follow certain manufacturer recommendations such as oil changes. In the instance that you deviate from the recommendations, the contract may be declared void. The car service contract should be able to work for your requirements. If you plan on selling your vehicle in the nearby future it would be beneficial to get a transferable service contract. This aspect highly helps when selling your vehicle. Added fees may be applied to transferable service contracts.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What You Need to Know About Extended Car Warranties

What you need to know about Extended Car Warranties

When you purchase a new car, you will be provided with an auto warranty for a certain period, usually 3 years or for 36,000 miles. When these warranties expire, you will have to pay the necessary repairs on your vehicle. To help in reducing the amount of money you will have to pay, you may consider extended car warranties. These extended warranties are a contract between a warranty company and the car owner that covers the repairs of the vehicle for a given duration. It is a good option because it offers protection to you in case you encounter emergency repair costs.

You will be required to make a decision between manufacturers and after markets when you are considering purchasing extended car warranties. The manufacturers warranty is provided by an authorized dealer and comes with similar features to the original warranty that you bought your car with. In case of any repairs, you will be required to take the vehicle to a dealer so that they can carry them out. The aftermarket warranty provides you with flexible options. You may take your vehicle to a dealer or a certified facility for repairs. The repairs will be carried out after the repair shop has been given the authorization by the warranty administrator. Some of these companies will pay directly to the repair shops while others will require you to foot the bill and then they will reimburse you as required.

In order to determine if you need extended car warranties, you need to check out the situation of your vehicle. Some of the things you need to consider include the time that you will keep the car after the original warranty has expired. If you are planning to have it for a long time then you need an extended warranty. If you have another cover, there is no need for you to duplicate it, therefore you should find out if there is any before you purchase an extended one. The other things you need to look at include your ability to foot unexpected repair costs. If you are not prepared for them then it is advisable you look for a number of extended car warranties before making a selection of the one that will best fit your needs. The reliability of the vehicle is also an important thing to consider. If the car is generally reliable, you might not need an extended warranty but if not then you should get one as soon as the original warranty expires.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Used Car Warranty

Used Car Warranty

As a car owner, you may incur a lot of unforeseen costs arising from the maintenance of your vehicle. The costs may become over bearing as the car ages. Generally used cars are anticipated to require increased maintenance requirements than new cars. Used cars come with fewer warranties compared to brand new cars. The warranties extended to a used car depend on the car's particular state and where the car is bought. Car dealerships are likely to offer a used car warranty while used cars bought from individuals are bound to come without warranties unless the car comes with a transferable car warranty.

A used car warranty defers minimally to that offered for new cars. These extended warranties similarly include bumper to bumper and powertrain policies. However, used cars enjoy these policies to the extent of the car's condition meaning that the warranty may only cover a fraction of the car's repair costs. Used car warranties also cover a number of car items including audio accessories and electrical systems. These items are similarly covered to a limited extent in the case of a used car. It is important to understand how warranties extended to used cars work, especially if you are planning on buying a used car.

Most states allow dealerships to sell used cars without warranties. In the bid to help sell used cars, most car dealerships offer minimal warranties on used car, which cover a percentage of repair and maintenance costs. These warranties cover the used cars for a period of 30 days going up to one year after sale. An extended used car warranty is sold to used car buyers by automakers and independent companies. They are referred to as contract services and work more or less similarly to those offered to new cars. These extended warranties protect a used car from costly repairs, which may be required in the future. A used car warranty varies in the extent to which it covers a car and the length in which it covers the car depending on different dealerships offering them. In some instances extended powertrain coverage may be offered to used car buyers going up to 100,000 miles. Several of these warranties offer roadside assistance to used car buyers and nominal deductible rates. Warranties may be extended to vehicle parts bought in a dealership to replace faulty ones. These warranties usually go up to a year or more. Car batteries come with separate policies, which typically last longer.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Automotive Extended Warranties

Also known as an extended service agreement, an extended warranty is a contract through which a manufacturer or a third party warranty providers carry out the necessary repairs on mechanical break downs for a given duration of time as stated in the contract. The vehicles come with an original warranty that usually covers the car for a period of three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. The users can then purchase an extended car warranty to cover the repairs when the original warranty expires.

The coverage of the extended warranty varies from one provider to another and therefore the car owners need to check out the details to ensure that they know what they are paying for. It is recommended that the car owners read the fine print of the warranties, as it will provide them with the insight on the type of repairs covered. This will enable them select those warranties that are suitable to their needs and they will be in a better position to reduce the out of pocket costs they will have to foot.

The car owners are required to consider a number of things before they settle for an extended warranty. One of them is if they are planning to keep the car especially after the end of the original warranty. If they are hoping to keep it for along time, then they should buy a warranty before the original one expires to avoid being uninsured.

They will also need to consider their financial responsibility. This will deal with the deductibles they are required to pay when they have purchased the extended warranty. They have the option of selecting the per repair deductible which will require them to pay the deductible each time the vehicle is repaired. They can also select the per visit deductible which will require them to pay the deductible each time they visit a repair shop. It is the best choice because some time the vehicle may require more than one repair work.

The warranties come with different payment options. Some of them will pay the repair shops once the repair is done while others will require the car owners to pay the repair costs and then they will be reimbursed later. To be reimbursed, they will need to send the receipt to the administrator of the warranty who will give the authorization. The other consideration they need to check is whether the warranty can be transferred to a new owner, especially if they are thinking of selling it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do You Need an Extended Car Warranty?

One of the most common questions car owners ask themselves is whether they should purchase an extended car warranty for their new or used vehicles. These warranties cover a number of things and it is very important for the users to consider what they want covered before they sign for an extended warranty. Most of the providers offer warranty programs that are almost the same, with a period of up to 7 years.

When they have purchased a vehicle, the users need to consider extended car warranty as it will save them from paying extra cash when the vehicle breaks down. The warranty is necessary even when the users feel like everything is running smoothly. This is because things might happen without any warning or the vehicle might need a replacement of one part or the other when the users least expect it to. It is important that the users consider the type of parts that may be costly than the warranties they are thinking of purchasing because this will influence their decision on whether they should take the extended car warranty or not. Incase the replacement of the part will cost more than the warranty and then they should purchase it and vice versa.

It is essential to keep in mind the fact that there is no correct answer when it comes to selecting an extended car warranty program. It will all depend with the needs of the car owner. There are many areas where these warranties can be purchased from and it is up to the car owners to research on the various programs available in order for them to make the right decision. Some of the providers will offer affordable programs in addition to other services such as warranty for the old vehicles with a number of mileages on the odometer. Others get rid of the users worry when it comes to paying out of pocket costs as they provide prepaid scheduled maintenance plans while others have coverage for the wear and tear for specific parts of the vehicle such as the belts, brake pads, spark plugs and many others.

It is also helpful to keep in mind that most of the extended car warranties are transferable and when users are planning to sale their vehicles, it would increase their resale value. Of importance when researching on these products, the users should find out more information on the provisions so that they can have the adequate information to make an informed decision.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Car Extended Warranty From US Direct Protect

Acquiring a car may be the best step you may ever make to ease your transport requirements. However, a car comes with a number of responsibilities that you may not have carefully considered. Similar to other mechanical appliances, the car is bound to face break downs and other malfunctions requiring repair at different instances. If you can comfortably cater for these costs then you are among the few car owners who can. A number of car owners find themselves in a rut when faced with car repair costs. It is wise to acquire a good insurance policy that covers your car wholesomely. A car extended warranty is what you need to get to deal with unforeseeable car repairs, which may crop up in the future.

A car extended warranty is a form of insurance policy, which safeguards a vehicle against expensive repair costs, which may be incurred at any instance. Similar to auto warranties, these warranties usually cover repairs and other car maintenance costs for a stipulated period of time. Unlike warranties that come with the purchase of cars, the extended warranties are acquired separately. Most car dealerships offer these warranties and they can be purchased when buying a vehicle or well after acquiring a vehicle.

A car extended warranty is convenient for an individual who want to ensure that their vehicle is comprehensively covered against future repair costs. It is wise to weigh your options before acquiring these warranties. Find out to what extent your current warranty covers your vehicle, since the initial warranty may be sufficient to cover your car's maintenance costs. If you opt for an extended warranty inquire about the coverage it will entitle your car to and whether it will cover your car for the period you anticipate to own the car. Another factor that may help you decide on whether you need a car extended warranty is your car model's track record with break downs. Cars that constantly require repairs are best suited for extended warranties. The strength of the extended warranty is determined by the company, which is providing it. These warranties are provided by the vehicle manufacturers or independent companies. Extended warranties from vehicle manufacturers rate highly than those from independent companies. If you anticipate to sell your car in the near future it would be wise to go for an extended warranty, which is transferable. The transferable nature of the warranty is usually a added selling point when selling your vehicle.

Monday, January 3, 2011

US Direct Protect, Your Friendly Neighborhood Auto Warranty and Vehicle Service Contract Provider

Finding a good auto warranty isn't easy. Finding one that won't demolish your budget might seem impossible. Your automobile is a significant investment and it can cost more than $1,000 for repairs. You might be tempted to park your car and buy a horse instead of paying even more money to get a service contract agreement that really doesn't work that well for you.

That's one drastic measure, but we have a better idea. Let US Direct Protect find the best car warranty coverage for you at a price that's just right. Our special licensed software enables us to shop around the hundreds of companies offering these products. Only a few high-quality carriers offer A-rated auto warranties, the best ones available. You could spend many hours searching for them without reward, all the while daydreaming of a brisk horseback ride in rush hour traffic. We have more and better options available.

Most car warranty companies offer one or two plans that probably won't cover a lot of the repairs your vehicle will need. Worse, they are very expensive. You could go to the dealership where you bought your car and buy one of their service plans, but you'll still be paying too much. Most auto warranty companies and dealerships need to make a higher profit from each plan they sell because they sell so few of them.

US Direct Protect specializes in only good-value service agreements. We've helped more than 10,000 people in the past six years find the right coverage for their needs. Because we do a lot of business, we don't have to mark up our prices the way dealerships and warranty companies do. The result: You save money every time you work with us.

Our representatives are highly trained to help you find the warranty that's right for you. They are ready to answer your questions 24/7.

We're auto warranty brokers and we make sure that the plans we sell live up to your expectations, not only in terms of selection and price, but also in terms of your claims being paid. A car warranty isn't worth much if you still end up paying most of the repair bill yourself.

With quality, best prices, a wide range of plans, and the assurance that your plan will cover what it says it covers, choosing US Direct Protect for your warranty needs is the right move.

Put Dobbin out to pasture once and for all, at least for the daily commute. We don't have one alternative to horsepower; we have lots of them. Let us help you find the extended car warranty that works for you.