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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What You Need to Know About Extended Car Warranties

What you need to know about Extended Car Warranties

When you purchase a new car, you will be provided with an auto warranty for a certain period, usually 3 years or for 36,000 miles. When these warranties expire, you will have to pay the necessary repairs on your vehicle. To help in reducing the amount of money you will have to pay, you may consider extended car warranties. These extended warranties are a contract between a warranty company and the car owner that covers the repairs of the vehicle for a given duration. It is a good option because it offers protection to you in case you encounter emergency repair costs.

You will be required to make a decision between manufacturers and after markets when you are considering purchasing extended car warranties. The manufacturers warranty is provided by an authorized dealer and comes with similar features to the original warranty that you bought your car with. In case of any repairs, you will be required to take the vehicle to a dealer so that they can carry them out. The aftermarket warranty provides you with flexible options. You may take your vehicle to a dealer or a certified facility for repairs. The repairs will be carried out after the repair shop has been given the authorization by the warranty administrator. Some of these companies will pay directly to the repair shops while others will require you to foot the bill and then they will reimburse you as required.

In order to determine if you need extended car warranties, you need to check out the situation of your vehicle. Some of the things you need to consider include the time that you will keep the car after the original warranty has expired. If you are planning to have it for a long time then you need an extended warranty. If you have another cover, there is no need for you to duplicate it, therefore you should find out if there is any before you purchase an extended one. The other things you need to look at include your ability to foot unexpected repair costs. If you are not prepared for them then it is advisable you look for a number of extended car warranties before making a selection of the one that will best fit your needs. The reliability of the vehicle is also an important thing to consider. If the car is generally reliable, you might not need an extended warranty but if not then you should get one as soon as the original warranty expires.

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