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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Car Extended Warranty From US Direct Protect

Acquiring a car may be the best step you may ever make to ease your transport requirements. However, a car comes with a number of responsibilities that you may not have carefully considered. Similar to other mechanical appliances, the car is bound to face break downs and other malfunctions requiring repair at different instances. If you can comfortably cater for these costs then you are among the few car owners who can. A number of car owners find themselves in a rut when faced with car repair costs. It is wise to acquire a good insurance policy that covers your car wholesomely. A car extended warranty is what you need to get to deal with unforeseeable car repairs, which may crop up in the future.

A car extended warranty is a form of insurance policy, which safeguards a vehicle against expensive repair costs, which may be incurred at any instance. Similar to auto warranties, these warranties usually cover repairs and other car maintenance costs for a stipulated period of time. Unlike warranties that come with the purchase of cars, the extended warranties are acquired separately. Most car dealerships offer these warranties and they can be purchased when buying a vehicle or well after acquiring a vehicle.

A car extended warranty is convenient for an individual who want to ensure that their vehicle is comprehensively covered against future repair costs. It is wise to weigh your options before acquiring these warranties. Find out to what extent your current warranty covers your vehicle, since the initial warranty may be sufficient to cover your car's maintenance costs. If you opt for an extended warranty inquire about the coverage it will entitle your car to and whether it will cover your car for the period you anticipate to own the car. Another factor that may help you decide on whether you need a car extended warranty is your car model's track record with break downs. Cars that constantly require repairs are best suited for extended warranties. The strength of the extended warranty is determined by the company, which is providing it. These warranties are provided by the vehicle manufacturers or independent companies. Extended warranties from vehicle manufacturers rate highly than those from independent companies. If you anticipate to sell your car in the near future it would be wise to go for an extended warranty, which is transferable. The transferable nature of the warranty is usually a added selling point when selling your vehicle.

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