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Monday, January 24, 2011

Used Car Warranty

Used Car Warranty

As a car owner, you may incur a lot of unforeseen costs arising from the maintenance of your vehicle. The costs may become over bearing as the car ages. Generally used cars are anticipated to require increased maintenance requirements than new cars. Used cars come with fewer warranties compared to brand new cars. The warranties extended to a used car depend on the car's particular state and where the car is bought. Car dealerships are likely to offer a used car warranty while used cars bought from individuals are bound to come without warranties unless the car comes with a transferable car warranty.

A used car warranty defers minimally to that offered for new cars. These extended warranties similarly include bumper to bumper and powertrain policies. However, used cars enjoy these policies to the extent of the car's condition meaning that the warranty may only cover a fraction of the car's repair costs. Used car warranties also cover a number of car items including audio accessories and electrical systems. These items are similarly covered to a limited extent in the case of a used car. It is important to understand how warranties extended to used cars work, especially if you are planning on buying a used car.

Most states allow dealerships to sell used cars without warranties. In the bid to help sell used cars, most car dealerships offer minimal warranties on used car, which cover a percentage of repair and maintenance costs. These warranties cover the used cars for a period of 30 days going up to one year after sale. An extended used car warranty is sold to used car buyers by automakers and independent companies. They are referred to as contract services and work more or less similarly to those offered to new cars. These extended warranties protect a used car from costly repairs, which may be required in the future. A used car warranty varies in the extent to which it covers a car and the length in which it covers the car depending on different dealerships offering them. In some instances extended powertrain coverage may be offered to used car buyers going up to 100,000 miles. Several of these warranties offer roadside assistance to used car buyers and nominal deductible rates. Warranties may be extended to vehicle parts bought in a dealership to replace faulty ones. These warranties usually go up to a year or more. Car batteries come with separate policies, which typically last longer.

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  1. Buying a used car warranty is definitely a good idea if you are purchasing a used car, simply for the piece of mind. Repairs can add up and having a warranty can be quite useful if you end up having to have repairs performed.

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