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Monday, June 27, 2011

How Total Car Maintenance and Auto Warranties Keep Your Vehicle on the Road for Less Money

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Being stranded on the side of the road in the blistering heat waiting for help to come is no one’s idea of a pleasant experience. It can happen, though, to anyone at any time. Vehicles are intricate machines, nothing more. The number of components in an automobile that have to work properly and synergistically for optimal performance is pretty astounding. This is the reason that enough cannot be written on the great importance of maintaining a vehicle properly.

Oil changes are both good and necessary. They alone, however, will never be enough to keep a vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. There are a number of systems cars use to ensure operation. Much like the human body, when one system goes awry, all others may end up being affected. Paying attention to recommendations can mean not only a vehicle that will stay on the road, but also benefit the owner with fewer car repairs and lower auto bills.

Of the systems that require routine monitoring and maintenance, engine oil is undoubtedly the mandate with the shortest interval for change. Other fluids, though, are equally important in function. The cooling system, which is responsible for making sure the engine does not overheat, requires professional flushing and fluid replacement. So does the fluid in the transmission. Both these fluids, like oil, are subjected to extremely high temperatures every time the vehicle is driven. Manufacturers and repair shops, who offer services for these key services, have recommendations for their replacement. Intervals may vary by age and make of the vehicle, but should be investigated and put into the overall maintenance plan.

Fuel system cleaning is sometimes overlooked, but should be considered a routine need for the sake of an optimally performing engine. Fuel injectors can build up deposits. Regular fuel system cleaning takes care of this issue, among others, guaranteeing smooth operation. When it comes to car repairs, a fuel injector, or injectors, can be very extravagant in cost compared to the relatively inexpensive prevention.

The final easy-to-remember maintenance item is tire rotation and inflation. Tire rotation is suggested for almost every vehicle to be performed every 6,000 miles, or every other oil change. The importance of this simple procedure cannot be ignored. Rotating tires allows all tires to wear at an even pace, which prolongs the need to buy new, as well as makes it possible to keep a smooth, comfortable ride. Proper inflation works on the same principal. When air gets hot, or cold, tire pressure can fluctuate. Keeping a tire gauge in the vehicle will allow for an easy, quick check of pressures. Many repair facilities now offer nitrogen gas filling for tires. This is a worthwhile option that can help alleviate variations and the need for consistent monitoring, as the gas is unaffected by temperature, and helps maintain constant pressure at all times.

The above items will all help keep repair needs minimal. They cannot guarantee there will never be an issue requiring attention, though. To keep auto bills very minimal, when the need does arise for fixing, it is always a good idea to invest in an extended car warranty. The extended car warranty is available on practically any vehicle, which has exceeded the terms of the original manufacturer’s warranty. These policies typically come with a deductible that must be met when car repairs are necessary, but pale in comparison to the actual cost of the repair itself. Paying $100, for instance, to replace a transmission that costs $2,000, or more, can be substantially beneficial.

Keeping a vehicle on the road means more than hitting the quick lube shop every three months. Paying attention to the overall needs of the car routinely, along with heeding advice from your mechanic, can make it easier to keep auto bills lower over time. For the greatest protection possible against expensive visits, an extended car warranty covering major drivetrain components is supremely advantageous.

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