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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bumper To Bumper vs Powertrain Warranty

It's been said about a bumper to bumper warranty that it is an inclusive auto warranty and one that many prefer. Comparing it to powertrain, which covers only some part of your car, bumper to bumper car warranty seems like a great deal. Let's compare the two and find out if bumper to bumper warranty or the powertrain is worth your hard-earned money and the right protection for your car.

Do not overlook the value of Powertrain coverage. Powertrain Warranties usually cover you for 5 years and an additional 100k miles so they protect you for a long time. Their relatively cheap and most important they are a game changer. When you have engine and transmission problem and don`t have a warranty most times is the death of the vehicle in question.

Coverage: Bumper to bumper warranty obviously covers a lot more than powertrain. Bumper to bumper warranty covers everything except for accessories whereas power train covers fuel transmission, emission control, etc. Power train covers a lot lesser than the bumper to bumper warranty.

Duration: Most auto car warranties are 3 years or 36000 miles. However there's a wrap up bumper to bumper warranty that covers for 100,000 miles. However this kind of warranty should only be availed if you would be keeping the car for a really really long time otherwise simply get the regular bumper to bumper warranty.

Cost: Bumper to bumper warranty obviously costs more than the powertrain warranty as the bumper to bumper warranty covers more than power train. In Bumper to bumper the electronic accessories, brake pads, tires and such things are not covered. On the other hand power train warranty is what covers anything that is in direct line with from the motors to the wheels. This includes your motor, transmission, emission, etc. AC and hoses are not included in this warranty.

Utility: Both the car warranties are extremely useful and obviously worthy of every penny. Both of them have their own advantages. Like the bumper to bumper covers more parts and the powertrain covers those that are most likely to need repairs. Bumper to bumper warranty is not for the do-it-yourself, car mechanics. And they should get power train instead because power or the drive train is what cannot be fixed that easily.

There are a lot of factors on which the choice of the right kind of auto car warranty depends. How much mileage is to be extracted, what sort of a driver will be driving and for what intervals, etc. Once you've figured all these answers in your mind only then choose the warranty you want for your car. And after the figuring out is done, begin your research and study about that particular kind of warranty. Most people go with bumper to bumper warranty and rightly so, it's the one that will secure the car to the maximum.

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