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Thursday, December 9, 2010

National Warranty Services Inc Has Been NR`d by the BBB

NWS Inc of California has had a B+ on the BBB for 3 years. On Dec. 1st this changed to an NR.CEO David Cunningham called the Southland BBB office on 2 separate occasions and was told they were making upgrades to the system and things will be fixed soon. On the 3rd call a Nichole Delnara told them that their account was suspended.

After calling the BBB, Bob Richardson agreed to review the account. The BBB requested tax returns and other documents from US Direct Protect to prove the amount of complaints is tiny compared to the amount of business.

A US Direct Spokesman states they understand and appreciate the standard the BBB is holding Vehicle Service Contract providers to. They also go on to point out US Direct Protect has the fewest complaints of a company their size and are very confident that their B+ will be reinstated.

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