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Friday, November 5, 2010

Tips For Buying Extended Car Warranty

Tips to Buying Extended Car Warranties

Buying an extended car warranty isn't different from buying a car, it involves the same stress, foot work and head-turning pile of literature to go through. However it is all worth it as the right choice will help you sail through the duration of ownership of the car. Driving a car is definitely more fun than owning one with all those bills and car service expenses. However with extended car warranties, owning the car would come closer to driving them. So let's see what will set the tiger roaring i.e getting the best extended car warranty for car owners.

An extended warranty will depend on the kind of car you own, the mileage, the engine and other specifications. Also to a certain extent the manufacturer's car warranty that your car is covered under. All these factors go a long way in determining the type of extended car warranty that you are going to get. Other factors are influenced by the course you take in choosing the best extended car warranty from those offered to you.

Read through the following tips to get the best extended car warranty and thus the best coverage deal for your car.

Never buy the first one – Never buy the first extended car warranty that comes to you, wait, research, evaluate and then decide. The first one that will proposed to you will most likely be from the dealer himself who instead of thinking about your profit is more interested in making a heavy profit on the sale. Dealers have great margins in extended car warranties.

Never buy from the Dealer – This is a tip off of the first one and has the same reasons.

Look for Third Party extended car warranty providers – Third party extended auto warranties are the best ones to go for as they most of the time only have the best interest of the car owners in mind. Third party car warranties offer enough choices in the extended car warranty policies.

Find About the Coverage Areas – After deciding on the kind of extended car warranty for your car, it's time to get under the covers – not literally but under the coverages. Don't get worried we are talking about the areas covered in the extended auto warranty that you have purchased. If it's bumper-to-bumper then it will have some specific parts covered. Power-terrain car warranty policy will have include other parts of car and so on.

Deductibles – Don't buy the extended auto warranty without having full knowledge about the deductibles. Deductibles are what the car owner has to pay either per visit or per repair to the extended car warranty company.

Mode of Payment – An Extended auto warranty will be sold to you and you have to pay for it. But there are different modes of payment that you can avail for paying up for the car service contract. These could include annual payments, biannual, or monthly payments. You can decide according to your estimate, judgment and of course the budget about how will you make the payment.

Other than the above tips, make sure you're always on the alert about any offer made by the extended car warranty providers and be well educated on the subject of car warranties, cars. Also have a clear picture of what you need for your car to avoid being misguided by the car warranty provider.

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