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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pssst! How to Obtain a Hassle-Free Extended Auto Warranty

Pssst! How to Obtain a Hassle-Free Extended Auto Warranty
          By US Direct Protect

To ensure that the extended auto warranty that you're buying is without any issues or contractual obligations which are not suitable to you, you need to be certain of a few things. An extended warranty with no issues is what proves beneficial in actuality when its need emerges. Suppose, you have a repair that needs to be carried out but you don't have funds to cover its expenses. Yet you're relieved because you're relying on your extended car warranty to pay for the expenses. However at the time of claim you're denied on the pretext of one or the clause in your extended auto warranty policy! Then?

Going to the court won't be the best option because the blame may very well be put on you for not thoroughly reading the contract presented by the extended car warranty provider. To avoid getting red-faced in front of your extended auto warranty company or at the service station, keep the guidelines listed below and you can have an extended auto warranty without any issues:

• The foremost is an obvious one – Read the Extended Warranty policy/ contract thoroughly and examine it for unfavorable clauses. This should be done at the time of selection of an extended warranty. Ideally, you should have full knowledge of which parts are covered in your extended car warranty policy, etc. Be sure to go through the sentences such 'what is not covered' or your 'extended auto warranty does not include', etc.

• Check car's history as well. Ensure that it has not gained Salvage Title or is a buyback title I.e under lemon law. This will quash your extended auto warranty completely.

• Maintenance and upkeep of the car is also important to obtain full coverage under the extended car warranty policy. If the extended auto warranty provider detects any sort of misuse of the car or no timely service of the vehicle then you may be paying yourself for the next repair. Keeping your car in good condition makes you eligible for the coverage. It is always better to get your car serviced regularly so that it remains intact and full operational.

• Keep all the bills of repairs, parts and oils bought, receipts and extended warranty policy claims and other documentation safe and secure. So that these can be provided as and when asked.

If all the above steps have been carried out perfectly in your case but there is still an issue posing a threat on your extended warranty claim, then check with legal authorities or the extended auto warranty company management. The better you're acquainted with the terminology, the idea of extended car warranty and how it works, the more would be able to cross question your extended warranty advisor.

It is of extreme importance that the extended auto warranty has no issues so that you can guarantee care and protection of your car.

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