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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holy Cow, Who Can You Trust to Buy a Used Car Extended Warranty From?

Used car extended warranties has become so popular that no car is safe without it and how can it be when a car is the most exposed object on the road and even is it is parked! Owning an extended used automobile warranty is like owning an extended blanket insurance for your car to ensure its timely repairs and also its proper maintenance. Used car extended warranty is now offered by not just dealers. There are independent, genuine third party extended auto warranty providers that are reliable, trustworthy and extremely professional when it comes to delivering peace of mind to the car owner.

Think about it, you buy a used car extended warranty to make sure that your car and finances remain intact however, if the extended warranty provider is not an honest individual then instead of buying peace of mind you end up in a very stressful situation. So the decision to buy the kind of extended used automobile warranty is as of much importance as where to buy it from. Since both the decisions will determine if you are going to be having a smooth drive or a bumpy ride.

Before you tickle your own yardstick and start the assessment process, let us give you some parameters on which you could rate used car extended warranty providers.

•Reputation – Always check with the company's reputation, see its credentials, by whom has the company been accredited and so on. Whether it has a stamp of the Better Business Bureau or not.

•Financial Strength – As used car extended warranty involves assistance with finances, you obviously wouldn't want to be associated with a company that can't keep its own ground.

•Online Presence – Online presence is a good way to gauge the extended warranty provider's status. Since used automobile warranty can now be easily purchased online and most of the transactions have become computed, online presence will give you a clear picture of where the used car extended warranty provider stands. However, be extremely aware of rip offs. Double check on the companies that sell online. Use toll-free numbers given for more information, visit their physical office and inquire with state or local government agencies.

•100% Money Back Guarantee – A genuine used automobile warranty provider will always offer you a 100% money back guarantee in case of failure of deliverance. So buy extended auto warranty from those authorized warranty givers only.

•Fringe Benefits & Coverage of Extra Features – Buy used automobile warranty from those that not just give a low-cost good coverage but those that also give more than that in the form of fringe benefits and coverage of extra features etc.

•Deductibles – Go with companies ensuring $50 deductibles.

•Method of Payment – The payment for the car repairs to mechanic should always be direct and never through an intermediate or to the buyer.

Other than the ones mentioned above, you must have your own understanding of used automobile warranty and what all it entails. Along with judgment and analytical ability to see through the propositions made to you.

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