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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don`t Pay Huge Auto Bills Guy, You Don`t Have To

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Written By Rita Jean from Car Service Contract Blog
Investing in a car for personal transportation is a standard process that happens practically everyday. People sacrifice by saving up money, selling items around their house and working extra hours on their job to have enough money for a nice down payment. Unfortunately, if the recently purchased car didn't come with a warranty, the buyer usually don't think anything about it until it's too late. And too late typically ends up costing several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Truth be told, the majority of car buyers fail to see the importance of auto warranties. Yes, brand new cars come with a auto warranty, but used cars seldomly leave the car lot with coverage. And if they do, the coverage normally only last 3,000 miles from the moment the car leaves the lot. So if at the 3,001 mile the alternator stops working, the poor person who bought the car would have to pay to fix it. Now if a full serviced auto warranty was purchased, that alternator would've been replaced at no cost.

A car, suv, truck, mini-van, etc, are not indestructable, therefore, being prepared when a repair is needed will bring you peace of mind. Imagine driving out of town and your car breaks down, and the cause is the engine. How much do you think the repair charges will run you? It can be anywhere from $800 to $2200 or more. In today's consumer driven world, people are not saving money for an emergency fund. So unless you have room on your credit cards to cover the repair, your drive out of town won't happen. But with a good warranty, typically, you would just contact the company and they'll take care of everything.

Are you starting to understand how important having an auto warranty is? Many drivers are pushed to get auto insurance, and auto insurance should not be avoided at any cost. But auto warranties should be engraved into drivers' heads just like auto insurance is. Drivers need to start taking the responsibility of protecting their vehicles, because they will be the people stuck with large repair bills. The are coverages that are specialty made for high mileage autos, so even used cars that are several years old can find coverage. Visit or for assistance. Take the step to protect your wallet today by ensuring you're not forced to pay a large auto repair bill.

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