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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Expensive Automobiles Equals Expensive Extended Auto Warranties

Expensive Automobiles Equals Expensive Extended Auto Warranties

The cost of extended auto warranties or simply any auto warranty will definitely be higher for Jaguar, BMW, Toyota, General Motors, and Chevrolet than their less known, accepted counterparts. And rightly so! Somebody has rightly said, the value determines the worth and as you know Jaguars and Audis are almost platinum value cars then their extended auto warranties would be worth accordingly.

The reason that extended auto warranties are being priced on the higher side is that their parts are extremely expensive and can't be replaced by cheaper replicas (not that you should ever ask for getting cheaper parts). Cheaper parts will prove grossly expensive in the long run as these are nothing more than temporary fake arrangements.

Exotic or luxury cars have a similar extended auto warranty plan. Here also the extended car warranty is of two kinds – the manufacturer's or factory manufacturer extended auto warranty or the exotic extended coverage for your prized possession. These extended auto warranties may be expensive but offer completed peace of mind to the car owner.

Exotic Cars Have Expensive Repair Bills| Auto Warranties Are a Must

For your luxury on the road vehicle, car extended warranties are a must, you do want to mess around with your one-of-the-kind accessories along with exteriors and interiors. The deductibles for luxury extended auto warranties start from $100 and goes up to $500. Accessories such as leather, wear and pre-paid maintenance is also offered covered by some exotic car warranties.
The mileage option is unlimited. Wear and tear coverage is provided under the exotic extended auto warranties but not due to lack of maintenance and/ or owner's carelessness.

The duration of the extended auto warranty can also be adjusted as it ranges from as small a duration of 1 year to as long as 10 years. Extended auto warranties for any and every kind of car is of great importance and for luxury cars it may be even more because you do want to pay for car repairs and other maintenance after your manufacturer's auto warranty has timed out.

So What Must an Exotic Car Extended Car Warranty Must Cover?

As a luxury car owner you would want to cover as much as possible, which is understandable but it is something that cannot be guaranteed. Extended auto warranties will only cover as much their policies will allow. Saving on car repairs and paying less for extended auto warranty is much more important than having the whole car covered for nothing. Following are the areas that you must have covered in your exotic extended auto warranty program.

• Engine
• Transmission
• Brake
• Steering & Suspension
• Electrical System

Along with these you want to include other expensive components of the car the you'll have to pay a bit extra. Only important and relevant parts must be covered in your extended auto warranty policy.

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