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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Extended Auto Repair Warranty Company Going Bankrupt?

Extended Auto Repair Warranty Company Going Bankrupt?

You have an aftermarket car warranty from a third party and suddenly the tower house comes crashing down. The house of cards along with your investment in the auto repair warranty crumbles and you're left with a sinking heart. What to do in such a scenario apart from being taken to the hospital for stress-off-the-charts and hypertension. Well there are ways to get out of this muddle. Extended auto warranty is as such a safe and secure investment and you wouldn't really have to worry about your money being sucked into a black hole. There are provisions which protect your investments in the aftermarket car warranty sectors. So don't worry about the sinking ship, you can sail to the shore in a safety yacht quite comfortably. Just do your homework;check the BBB, and

US Direct Protect, Car Service Contract and Auto Warranty 411 are 3 Auto Warranty Companies that are highly rated and have very few bad reviews.

Remember times have proved pretty volatile for the American automative industry, we had the Chrysler and GM motors declaring bankruptcy and the recession also didn't spare others. This has shown us that it is not only the aftermarket car warranty providers who go bankrupt but others as dealerships and manufacturers too. Now as a car owner you're protected at all the levels. Whether it's your dealership going insolvent, manufacturer's filing for bankruptcy or the third party extended auto repair warranty provider declaring themselves broke, the federal government will come to your rescue or any of the other agencies (among manufacturers, dealerships or the third party extended car warranty company).

Let's deal with when an extended auto repair warranty company goes bankrupt.

When your aftermarket car warranty provider has stumbled upon losing grounds and you still have your administrator and finance comapny still standing strong then you can contact either and obtain some assurance of the worth of the contract even with the extended auto warranty broker no longer in business.

Thus buying extended car warranty isn't bad as it is understood to be. Like all other investments it's highly circumstantial. So be fearless and understand that buying aftermarket car warranty is as wise as owning a manufacturer's car warranty.


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