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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don`t Break Down With Out an Auto Warranty

Don`t Break Down With Out an Auto Warranty
Submitted by Dan Warner of Extreme Warranty

When you look at the car that you drive you realize that even with all the routine maintenance that you have done the chances are still going to be good for the vehicle to fail. That is when you realize that is fine with you because you still have your car warranty. However, what you may not realize is all the benefits that you have by having an Extended Auto Warranty on your vehicle.

One benefit that you can find by having an auto warranty is that they will often pick up the bill for most of the repairs on your vehicle. However, you may find that the repairs that they will pay for is going to be limited by the regular maintenance you perform on the vehicle. You should know that your vehicle is being cared for properly because of the requirement for you to keep up on the maintenance could impact your claim. So DO YOUR ROUTINE MAINTENANCE.

Another benefit that you may find is the auto warranty may cover more than just your power train. If it covers more than that, then you should realize that any body work, windows, or other issue with your vehicle may be covered as well. Nothing is worse than having a vehicle that runs great, but cannot be driven because of a defect in the windows.

Something else that you can enjoy with an auto warranty is peace of mind. That piece of mind is going to come from the fact that you will not have to pay for the repairs to your vehicle, but instead the company that has the warranty will end up paying the bill. However, you should know that some of these companies require a certain amount of money paid out by you before they will pick up the bill. Even then that amount is typically lower than what you would pay for the entire repair.

Being able to drive your vehicle is a wonderful thing to do, but could also be very expensive at times. Its always after you break down that realize you should of purchased a car warranty. When you have a car warranty you find that dealing with repair bills is a lot easier when you don`t have to pay them. You can continue to drive your vehicle and not have to worry about breaking your savings acount or taking a bus to work.

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