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Sunday, March 11, 2012

6 Auto Warranty Tips From US Direct Protect

Does your car have a tendency to break down as soon as the manufacturer's warranty expires? Do you know anyone whose used car has started having trouble almost as soon as they drive it off the lot? Whether your car is new or used, it is essential to have the right car warranty for you when you buy a car.

When shopping for a car warranty, ask yourself the following questions:
1. Who takes care of the claims?
When purchasing a car warranty, make sure the company that sells the claim handles the claim too. Companies that sell and administer their own claims are better equipped to provide their own service and support.

2. Is it an exclusionary plan?
Manufacturer claims are called exclusionary claims because it is easier to list the items that are not covered rather than list the things that are. Plans that list what is covered may not be full exclusionary plans, but supplemental or partial plans. Be sure to always choose an extended auto warranty that is an exclusionary plan.

3. Parts, Labor and Other Expenses
Never assume that an auto warranty includes parts and labor. At around $70 - $100 and hour, labor costs alone can greatly add to the cost of repairing and maintaining your automobile. Car rental and other expenses should also be taken into consideration. Look for an auto warranty that includes these items.

4. Reputation
If you're going to hold up your end by paying for the premium, you need a warranty company that will hold up their end of the deal if your car breaks down. Choose a company that has a good reputation with its clients so that you know if you need them they will be there for you.

5. How Does the Company Handle Claims?
An auto contract that can only be used in certain places, or that makes you pay for the repairs then offers to reimburse, does not give you peace of mind and can even make your car repairs more complicated. Nationwide coverage, the ability to choose where you get your car fixed, and direct payment to repair facilities can make your life a lot easier. Choose a warranty service contract with these options and you will sleep much better at night.

6. You Get What You Pay For
Don't let sticker price affect you when shopping for a warranty company for your vehicle. Look at what you are getting for your money and factor in out-of-pocket costs you are likely to be burdened with if you choose a less expensive, reputable company. You will probably end up saving more money in the end paying a little more for a warranty with a company that has a proven track record than if you go with a "bargain basement" plan.

Take these six tips into consideration when choosing a warranty for your car, and you'll know be assured you have invested in the best protection for your car dollar for dollar.

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