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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lets Talk About Repair Bills

Car repairs are an unpleasant reality of life. We generally don't know where or when they will occur, only that they will and this is a fact. Two options exist when they do: pay for them yourself or use an Extended Vehicle Warranty.

Extended Auto Warranties are in essence an insurance policy on your vehicle against mechanical breakdowns. In fact, Extended Car Warrenties are not really warranties at all. To be accurate, the term warranty implies that the coverage is included in the purchase price of the vehicle. Since the car owner pays for this coverage themselves, these extended vehicle warranties are more precisely Vehicle Service Contracts. Like the original manufacturer's warranty, they cover agreed upon repairs and/or routine maintenance for an agreed upon period of time.

Before purchasing an Extended Warranty, consider the following:
• You can purchase extended coverage for your vehicle at any time. Don’t feel pressured into buying one when you are purchasing your vehicle.
• Don’t duplicate your car warranty coverage. New cars today come with longer, more comprehensive warranty coverage. Be sure any extended coverage you’re paying for isn’t duplicating existing coverage on your car.
• Match the coverage to your driving habits. If you only drive 10,000 miles per year and plan to keep your car three or four years, there’s no need to buy an extended auto warranty that’s good for another 50,000 or 75,000 miles.
• Get some advice from a pro. Have a trusted mechanic check your warranty or make sure you checked the BBB on the Auto Warranty Companies that you choose. Understand what’s covered and what’s not, as well as details about the business end of the coverage: who can work on your car and how do they get paid.
• Understand how your deductible works. How much is it? Do you pay the deductible amount just once per trip to the mechanic or is it applied separately to each repair made? Details like this could make a huge difference in your total repair bill.
• Check out the company underwriting your extended auto warranty. Know who you’re dealing with and what their reputation is.
• Today’s cars are much more reliable than cars of the past. It is actually quite rare for a car to require serious repairs. What are the reliability ratings for your car, how likely is it that it will actually require serious repairs?
• Companies that deal in extended car warranties are in the business. So let them direct you to the best policy for you and your vehicle.

US Direct Protect is the leader in Extended Warranties. Our agents are trained to shop for the best policy at the best price.

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