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Monday, July 26, 2010

Submitted by a US Direct Customer

When I purchased my last used car, it did not come with an extended warranty. I came to the conclusion that it would be a prudent idea to invest in a car warranty . The dealership did offer me a warranty option but it looked to be too expensive for too little benefit. I regret passing on their offer. The extended auto warranty I purchased was awful. The company took my money and then did not pay for any of the 4 claims I filed. I ended up having to contact the state attorney general to get a partial refund and found out the company went chapter 11! Well, I decided that I needed to do my homework on Vehicle Service Contracts. There was no reason that I should not have last time and after my last experience, I was in no mood to get burned again. I read through dozens of consumer magazines, website, car buying guides and even testimonials. I scoured the public library, internet and even the phone book! Extended auto warranty companies are everywhere. However, most ended up having a terrible track record and scary customer service stories from their customers. These companies almost made me consider giving up on trying to purchase a car warranty. Finally, I found a review website that said US Direct Protect would not take me to the cleaners. They also had a high rating on the BBB. The reviewer stated that they had several extended auto warranty plans through this company and would buy again.I decided to call them and see if they were the real deal. After I called the number, a gentleman Answered and he asked me how I was doing and how he could help me. Not only was he and professional but he was quick and honest to his word. He ensured that I had a quote within ten minutes and stayed on the line to help me understand why Us Direct Protect was the best choice. I called back several days later and a another woman picked up the phone and assisted me in the exact same way that the young man had! They went over the all the levels of coverage options that they had available and I picked out the one that fit me best. This level of transparency and salesmanship is rarely seen anywhere. Thankfully, Us Direct Protect was there to sell me my warranty!

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