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Friday, July 23, 2010

So You Want To Sell Extended Warranties

Starting next Friday were going to start the " So You Want to Sell Warranties" volume. This will be a volume of articles outlining all the different facets of being an Extended Warranty Company. We will start the volume with "Location, location, Location". This will document the beginning stage`s of getting your model ready to launch. Leasing a location and getting all of your workstations operational and interfaced with your phone system to setting up procedures for management. Before you can sell anything you have to have your office in order along with all of your tracking applications and analytical software. We will go over what is the best technical layout for a midsize call center.

We hope to deter all the Companies thinking about leaving there Industries to come infect the Auto Warranty Industry with poor ethics, low level uninsured warranties and fly by night sales tactics that stain the Auto Warranty Industry. We will talk about the VPA and its rule in cleaning up the Industry. We will help consumers expose the frauds and target the authentic Extended Warranty Companies.

This will be a huge undertaking and we have hired a team of professional writer`s to help chronologically organize the volume. This has never been done and may actually anger some Auto Warranty Companies. We think it will do more good than harm as it will not only help legitimate companies and honest business owners get a foot hold in the Vehicle Service Contract world but also help guide car owners on how to get the best coverage for there vehicle.

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