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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Extended Warranty

A solid claims processing history is absolutely imperative, and consumers should hesitate to do business with any auto warranty company that does not pay the repair shop directly. The reason people protect their budget with aftermarket coverage is they would not be able to cover a huge repair bill and in some cases would have to forfeit the vehicle. If a warranty company makes the driver pay and then reimburses him later, is no good if you have no money to put up in the first place. Drivers should ensure that their extended warranty is going to pay their mechanic directly, and with no claims or paperwork hassles.

Modern vehicles on the road today have a vast array of hi tech computers, a small failure of one these can turn into a major and costly repair. Any auto warranty should provide adequate coverage for electronics and other computer modules that could prove to become a hassle. With so many technological improvements and not enough time to adequately test them has inevitably resulted in failure of these parts here and there. A strong warranty program will help a driver rest assured knowing that they are covered no matter what the problem is.

Some of the extended warranty programs require a member to use certain mechanics, but the more reputable companies like US Direct Protect and Car Service Contract will encourage a consumer to take the vehicle to anyone that is properly certified. Nobody wants to worry about networks of authorized repair shops, so it is important to make sure that a particular warranty program will allow a member to have their vehicle fixed at any acceptable location with a qualified mechanic present. Other restrictions are only going to make the claims process more difficult than it needs to be.

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