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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Auto Warranty: Why You Need It

Submitted by Keri Smith

The Auto Warranty: Why You Need It

If you are driving down the road and another car hits you, rendering your car useless, your car insurance (hopefully) will cover the damages so that you can get back on the road. But if you are driving down the road and your transmission falls out, your insurance company might pay for the towing to a repair shop, but it is up to you to scrape together the money to have it fixed. In the meantime, you are off the road. This is where an extended auto warranty would come in handy.

What is an auto warranty?

An auto warranty could be considered “insurance” for the wear and tear on your vehicle. There are different types of coverage you can pay for, but the idea remains the same: sometimes, it does not take an accident to need auto repair.

How does an auto warranty protect you?

In the above situation, the used car warranty would pay for the repairs to your transmission. This would then allow you to have it fixed immediately, getting you back on the road as soon as possible without dropping a bomb on your financial world.

Do you need an auto warranty?

How often do you need your car? Every day? Do you have a family that needs reliable transportation? Besides the car, what about your bank account? A serious repair job on a car can empty your bank account and rack up large credit card charges very quickly. When you are supporting your family, you need the security of knowing that your repairs can be paid for.

By opting for the low monthly payment of an auto warranty, you provide yourself and your family with the financial peace of mind knowing that major problems with your car can be repaired quickly and easily.

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