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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aftermarket Warranties And Levels Of Coverage

By: David

A lot of dealerships offer new and used car warranties. A lot of people do not get the extended warranty when they buy the vehicle and wait until the factory warranty expires or many 1000 miles after it expires. At this point it depends on the years and mileage of the vehicle to determine the best coverage available to you. There are many warranty companies who have agents that can explain the different levels of coverage still available to you.

Almost every extended auto warranty has different levels of coverage: bumper to bumper, comprehensive, and powertrain/powertrain enhanced. How long each of these items are covered will be outlined in each and every extended car warranty. Coverage is measured in time and miles. Coverage ends when you do the miles or the time expired.

The bumper to bumper coverage in any extended auto warranty is designed to cover most mechanical systems in a vehicle as well as smaller details, such as mysterious squeaks and rattles. Due to the fact that bumper to bumper coverage is so thorough, it also tends to be the most expensive. This is mostly true for long term warranties and older cars.

Comprehensive coverage is a step down from Bumper to Bumper. Besides covering the engine and transmision it may cover parts in the braking, cooling, A/C and electrical systems.

The powertrain section of an extended car warranty is designed to cover the motor, the transmission, and the drive axles. These components are subject to tremendous forces that it takes to propel vehicles, and thus are likely to experience wear and tear over time. Its no surprise that these specific parts are more expensive than any other part in the vehicle. Thankfully, most extended auto warranties offer lengthy powertrain coverage that lasts longer than bumper to bumper or comprehensive coverage. There are also Product Warranties that promise to cover the engine and transmission if you use there products in your oiltank and transmission fluid.

These Product Warranties are not noticed as Vehicle Service Contracts by the VPA. Most Legitimate Extended Warranty Companies will not sell Product Warranties to their customers. In general Product Warranties should only be purchased if your vehicle qualifies for nothing else.

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