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Friday, August 6, 2010

Introducing National Auto Warranty Company US Direct Protect

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One thing you can always bank on is that your car will breakdown. Having a high maintenance girlfriend can be less expensive. With car payments and insurance, you have a lot of expenses. When an unexpected yet inevitable repair bill arrives, your savings can fall apart overnight.

Thanks to US Direct Protect, the cost of breakdowns and repairs can be one less worry in your life. A licensed software research tool gives Direct Protect real time access to the lowest rates offered by six of the top-rated insurers. Their high volume of business means affordable premiums on policies you won't find anywhere else. Result? You get the best extended warranty at the lowest possible price.

A national company with three years in the business and a consistent B+ or higher BBB rating, US Direct is a front-runner in the brokerage of auto warranties and vehicle service contracts. They're also a member of the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA). Your car is safe with US Direct Protect. Warranties are fully insured and all premiums are held in a US-regulated reserve account used only for future claims.

At US Direct Protect, the goal is to provide you with peace of mind and great savings. Their proprietary software means they'll match your needs and budget with a sound and affordable plan. Why pay hefty commissions to dealerships or other third-parties when US Direct Protect offers Bumper-to-Bumper, Full Comprehensive, and Power Train auto warranties for new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs?

Your back on the road without hassles when you select coverage with US Direct Protect. You will be towed to an ASE-Certified repair shop to have the failure looked at in the event of a breakdown. The facility then contacts a claims administrator to authorize the work.

Industry-standard pricing means all service facilities are paid fairly for their work. The bill is paid directly by corporate credit card to the repair facility and then you are on your way.

The beauty of US Direct Protect Car Warranties is that you can have your car serviced at any ASE-Certified service provider anywhere in the country. Your repair bills are paid for at home and when you`re out of town. Take the car to your dealership, another dealership, or to facilities like Pep Boys, Firestoneand Jiffy Lube.

With US Direct you choose the level of coverage, the facility that will do you`re repairs and you even pick the deductible. It doesn't matter how many repairs your car needs when you take it in for a fix. on any visit you will only pay the deductable once. What's more, the special Wear and Tear policy covers parts and components that need premature replacement, even when they're not yet broken.

Do not take chances on car repairs. When an extended warranty from US Direct Protect can eliminate unexpected expenses and service-related hassles? Especially with used cars, savvy consumers are learning that even though car repairs are a fact of life, they needn't be the outrageous budget-busters we all have nightmares about.

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