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Monday, August 23, 2010

Newly Released Auto Warranty Article

More Coverage Than A Powertrain

By: David

Powertrain is the process in which mechanical parts produce energy and convert it into useful energy to push or run. This could be a car, motor, bike or any other machine. A Powertrain is the transmission, drive shaft and engine. The main goal of the powertrain is to provide propulsion with as little fuel as possible. More and more Auto manufacturers are offering 10 year warranties on powertrains because of the technological improvements of today have made them more efficient and less likely to fail in the 1st ten years.

Getting a Powertrain warranty means covering some of the components in the vehicle for ten years; in some circumstances this will eliminate some aspects of the Powertrain. In the auto industry for both new car warranties and used car warranties, Powertrain warranties are a successful tool for marketing. Some companies like Chrysler rather than offering 10 years Powertrain warranty, now exclusively offers life time warranties. Seeing this many companies also improved their warranties and presented Enhanced Powertrain as an extension of the car warranty. Because of the high level of competition in the Extended Warranty industry, a buyer can take advantage and get a great policy for a great price.

The extended Powertrain usually cover the Powertrain for an additional 5 years and 100k miles. Enhanced Power Train coverage offers 60,000 - 100,000 miles and also covers components like:

· Internal lubricated parts of the engine

· Transfer Case

· Differential Assembly (Front and Rear)

· CV-Joints

· Steering

· Timing Belt

· Electrical

· Cooling System

10 years or 100,000 miles means in ten years the extended warranty will lapse if you pass 100,000 miles before the 10 years is up. A unique warranty program is set for every newly purchased car. The used car warranties may cost more then a new one, so you have to ensure what type of warranty the seller offers you at the time of purchase. Get familiar with the manufacturers terms so you no excatly when the Factory Warranty expires. Buyers want to get lowest deductible possible with a long term plan. Long term policies only cost a little more than short term and make more sense. A larger deductible will not hurt if you are protecting yourself from major cost repairs. The benefits commonly provided by companies offering enhanced warranties includes Road Hazard Benefit, Rental Benefit, Trip Interruption Benefit, Lost Key Lock out Benefit , ICE and Life Lock.

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Article Source: - More Coverage Than A Powertrain

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