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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Extended Car Warranties Are Crucial In Todays Economy

Any driver can vouch for the fact that repairs and maintenance on a car are inevitable and often costly. That being said, when purchasing a car, why not be prepared for the unavoidable? When the coverage provided by a dealership's initial warranty runs out, it is best to have an extended warranty. After all, issues with vehicles do not necessarily cease after the first year of owning a car.

All dealerships have their initial warranties that they offer to their customers at the time of their purchase. Yet these warranties don't last forever, obviously. Usually they protect the vehicle for a few thousand miles or a specific number of months. This keeps the customer happy, seeing as anything that goes wrong with their new car will not have to be paid for out of pocket. It also gives the dealership a way to establish their confidence in the quality of their vehicles.

It is when these initial warranties expire that the extended warranty can take over. The owner of the vehicle is then left with an additional contract that covers the vehicle wholly so the customer can continue be at ease. Insurance companies back these warranties so the financial issues imparted upon the buyer are minimal. For example, the monthly payments are often quite low, including when the deductible is low itself.

An extended warranty provides peace of mind in other aspects as well. Should the vehicle have an unexpected breakdown, the warranty will usually provide roadside assistance for little or no additional cost. Towing is included in this as well. They also usually can be switched to another owner if perhaps the vehicle is sold. Another benefit is the fact that rental cars are often quite cheap or free under these plans.

These contracts make filing a claim as painless as possible on the owner of the vehicle under warranty. All that is required is for a licensed repair facility to make contact with a claims administrator so that the repair of the damage can be authorized. The car owner will then only need to pay the deductible instead of fronting the money for the entire bill out-of-pocket and waiting to be compensated. The fact that it is so inexpensive and simple to complete this process makes purchasing an extended warranty desirable to a car owner.

Obtaining an extended warranty outside of a dealership is cost-efficient for a car owner. It provides a number of essential services for a low monthly fee and deductible. Furthermore, it supplies a driver with peace of mind that cannot be found elsewhere.

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