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Friday, October 15, 2010

Don`t Be a Bonehead, Get Your Car Covered

The price of putting back together a damaged car by dealers and repair shops is increasing, so protecting you, your family, and your investment from unexpected costs is a must. automobile salesman or third party companies make this possible through auto warranty policies that are sold. Some of these contracts only cover major damages, like mechanical breakdowns. However, an Auto Warranty with wear and tear coverage protects the vehicle from damages caused by every day use.

Only some warranties offer wear and tear as an option as part of their car warranties. Many parts of a car wear down over time, and they are often the most likely pieces that need to be replaced. If a part wears out prematurely, wear and tear coverage will cover it. These parts include joints, wheel bearings, and engine parts. These may not be covered under a general mechanical breakdown warranty.

Extended vehicle Warranties takes care of most of the money to fix a car when it fails you. Often, they have a deductable that usually ranges in price from $100 to $300. For many new cars, or dependable models, the car breaking down is an unlikely occurrence. They cover the vehicle's mechanical and electrical components, but not the fees associated with everyday use.

Both types of Extended car Warranties are meant to protect car owners from incurring thousands of dollars worth of bills after the original warranty expires. However, one offers far more coverage than the other does. Policies that cover wear and tear issues help the owner of the car protect against the cost of components that wear down over time and that are beyond the manufacturer's tolerances.

To protect against costly repairs and every day costs of operating a car, people should consider adding wear and tear coverage to their Car Service Contract. The covered part does not need to break before it is covered. It can be replaced under this type of auto repair warranty. This keeps cars in good shape and prolongs the life of the automobile, which saves even more money over time.

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