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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Appropriate Way Of Applying Car Wax Or Car Polish

By Henry King

Though a shining car is what everyone wants, taking care of a car is rather tough. Both time and exertion are required to make your car look as perfect as it was the day you purchased it, to increase the car's life, or to even get a really good price on resale.

Prolonged use over a period of time eventually causes the sheen of the car to be ruined due to stains, making it look unattractive, especially if the original layer of paint is getting discoloured. Car wash, car polishing and waxing are all part of a good car maintenance routine to make your vehicle look like it has just come out of the showroom.

The first and foremost step is cleaning your car by properly washing it with a good shampoo, and water, followed by application of either a layer of wax or polish. There is generally some confusion among vehicle owners as to when car polishing and car waxing should be done. It is crucial for you as the owner of the car to have a fair idea of what treatment your car requires.

Car wax is a combination of carnauba and other wax products, which give the body a wet and sleek look. But due to lack of abrasive ingredients, car waxes are not able to get rid of more prominent stains and they are also unable to withstand too much heat.

On the other hand, car polish possesses ingredients like Teflon, which increase its strength, providing an ever- lasting glossy appearance to your car. Scratches and stains on the car's exterior are also more effectively covered up with polish.

When polishing the blend edges, work away from the edge. The most advisable process for a blend edge is to hand glaze rather than machine polish. When you have to hand glaze, always a fabric that is soft and make sure it is clean for both the application and when taking the glaze off.

If your car has to bear dust and dirt on the road everyday, car polishing is usually the best solution. Car wax provides your car with a temporary shine for certain occasions, but it is not a very good protection on a regular basis. You will have to determine what the needs of your car are after taking its model and make and your lifestyle into consideration, and on the basis of these factors you can go for a renovation that brings back the glossy appearance of your car.

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  1. Every car owner should invest in a good car wax, car polish and other car detailing products. They will be worth it as they help keep cars looking shiny, brand new, and in mint condition even while they are exposed to the elements.


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