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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Garmin GPS 265 Wt

Garmin 265 wt GPS can be used in many ways as it is an elated device. This device is very helpful for safe driving purpose. The device is a wide Bluetooth touch screen which manually converts the display brightness according to the day time and night time which makes proper brightness. The real time traffic updates including 2d and 3d view can be perfectly viewed by this device while driving. Anybody can navigate through the screen as the device is not a slim model. It has Bluetooth connectivity to mobile phones

The main highlight features of Garmin GPS 265 wt includes an intense 4.3-inch slanting color touch screen; 480 x 272 pixels, WQVGA TFT exhibit with white backlight Sleek, ultra-slim design fits with no trouble in pocket, maps of City Navigator North America which are Preloaded and it Supports the Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free calling when corresponding with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. Supplementary features of Garmin GPS 265 wt includes faster satellite lock, an improved screen that displays more information, terrain maps, and great new photo navigation feature.

Garmin GPS 265 wt provides real time traffic updates from navteq. The device is equipped with an integrated GTM 20 fm traffic receiver. This equipment is mainly to know the current traffic jam updates in your direction. With the help of this device we can go anywhere we want, no need to bother about the route. This touch screen device gives the whole details of real traffic updates. By just touching the screen you can get the address. You will receive voice prompt and it will give the instructions inch by inch. The voice gives the clear details of your destination without any strain. This is an important device especially for tour travelers.

Any important calls cannot be attended while on drive. It may lead to mishap if the call is attended. The Garmin GPS 265 wt device helps to attend the calls. Without using the hand one can attend the call which is called as hands free calling. The Bluetooth facility helps a person to make or receive a call without using the hands. This can be done by attaching the device to the Bluetooth-capable phone to make hands-free calling. Thus, this device is the answer to make or take very important calls.

The TMC details can be received which is another benefit of the device. A technology for sending the traffic and travel information's to drivers is called as the Traffic Message Channel (TMC). If in case you entered the wrong route and lost your way, the automatic route will be shown with the help of the Garmin GPS 265 wt to get you back to the correct track. A silent FM data accepts traffic details even if we are listening to music and news will never be intermittent.

The provision of Garmin GPS 265 wt breadth - 4.8 inches, deepness - 0.8 inches, tallness - 2.9 inches and heaviness - 6.1 ounce. The Battery provisions of Garmin Nuvi 265 wt is an internal Battery enclosure, battery technology is made up of lithium ion and charged battery can withstand for 4
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