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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What You Should Understand About Kia Phoenix

By Trudy Edwards

Kia Phoenix carries a full line of Kia cars. Kia motors is a South Korean automobile manufacturer. It's one of the largest car makers in Asia and enjoys millions of dollars worth of sales each year. They have expanded beyond the Asian market and are available in the United States as well as American. Hyundai, another car manufacturer, also owns a portion of Kia motors.

Kia has recently become a very popular car among certain markets and has an interesting and long history. The company did not star off making cars. Their first products with parts for bicycles The company then went on the manufacture motorcycles that were very popular in Asia. They were one of the largest automobile manufacturer in Asia. It wasn't until the early seventies that they started to manufacture automobiles.

The first Kia automobiles were first sold in the United states in the early nineties. It did not take long before the company began to make a name for itself. The first dealership was set up in Portland, Oregon and sold, what was, a very basic and limited line. The company introduced new models to the market very slowly. And more dealerships began showing up all over the Unites States as well as in European countries.

Kia is know for is compact reliable cars. The line has expanded to include larger cars and SUVs. It's acceptance into the market was gradual. But Kia continues to prove itself as an affordable yet reliable vehicle. But the company did hit a financial crisis in 1997 and had to file for bankruptcy.

As a result of the bankruptcy, more than half of the company was purchased by Hyundai. But over the years, Hyundai divested in Kia and currently owns less than half of the business. The car company has made a name for itself in the automobile industry. They have cornered out a market that tends to be younger consumers.

Kia motors decided to revamp its look and expand its market. The company wanted to look different from all the other cars on the market. It was also important for them to set themselves apart from Japanese cars. Consumers were not recognizing a different between the Korean car and the Japanese cars. The company set out to change this by drastically changing the look of their cars.

Kia Phoenix sells the complete line of Kia cars. Kia went through many changes and have now realized their share of the market. The line now includes SUVs and their overall look is very distinctive. It is very easy to spot a Kia automobile and this is exactly what the company wanted.

Kia Phoenix

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