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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Basing A Man's Personality With How He Takes Care Of His Car

By Libby Santos

Often, we come across men who love their cars so much that they refer to their rides as their babies. Nevertheless, on another news: Women are also equally addressing their vehicles as their babies! And who can blame them? A car is recognized as one of the major purchases that an individual makes in his or her lifetime, second only to purchasing a house. They are not just means to transport an individual from one place to another; its a social symbolism, one that almost guarantees a date or the start of a new romantic relationship if presented right.

Women don't just go for looks when they base their attraction to the kind of car a man has. Furthermore, based on the results of several studies, it has been shown that one can actually guess the character of a car driver based on the condition of the car he or she drives. But while a Ford F-150 can give them a look of total masculinity, a poorly kept one can totally ruin the effect.

Whatever car you have, it is almost as good as the brand new Chevy if it is not only well-maintained on the inside, but well-maintained and buffed to sparkling perfection on the exterior.

A well-maintained car, no matter what brand or make, is a very attractive thing, indeed. It creates an interesting conversation piece during dates or even on ordinary occasions. A well-groomed vehicle gives the impression that the individual who owns it is also concerned about the state of his wellbeing.

Did you realize that women relates the way a person keeps the inside of his car with how he takes care of his belongings and the way he maintains the exterior of the car with how he cares for himself? Well, that's what most studies have discovered. Women base a man's personality on how well he takes care of his ride. Here's how it works: a well-maintained vehicle implies that the owner knows how to take good care of himself. He takes care of his health and himself, which is not a bad thing actually. So, take a close look at your vehicle: is it rusting in several areas? It might signal to others that you take poor care of yourself; better take care of your car now as you would if it were your very own self.

For a professional polish that gives your car a sleek look, you can drive to a car wash and polish shop. On those weekends when you are car grooming, it would also be a great idea to keep a stock of car polish products at home.

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