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Monday, September 13, 2010

Used Car Warranties and What They Do For Your Budget

Used Car Warranties and What They Do For Your Budget
by Rita Jean

Picture this. Your car breaks down on the way to work. You reach into your glove box and pull out your extended warranty policy and call the number for roadside assistance. You get towed to the repair facility of your choice. Here the mechanic informs you that your car has multiple failure. The mechanic calls in the claim and a $2600.00 repair bill is paid.

Most people are aware that their new car has a bumper to bumper warranty, but the importance of that coverage is often taken for granted. Even though a new car recently rolled off a sophisticated assembly line, and it was inspected before it was shipped to the dealer several internal operating issues can develop and repairing them can be expensive.

A warranty protects the buyer from the inflation that often occurs within the car industry. Labor and auto costs are constantly increasing due to insurance rate increases, garage rent, and maintenance costs, plus the price escalation of auto parts due to supply and demand as well as other factors.

Believe it or not, those things alone are good reason to have an auto warranty in place. Many times when a car breaks down much of it will be covered in the car warranty. Many people feel that an auto warranty is something they can live without and the truth is, this is simple not the case.

Thousands of dollars are saved each day by auto warranties. Having one is almost like having a savings account dedicated to keeping your car running. Car warranties are written for lay people to understand; normally it will only be a few pages to skim through while you have your morning coffee.

A car warranty can take the stress out of your day. With coverage, you won`t lie awake at night wondering how to replace the radiator in your car. You would be covered by a security blanket and be protected should you experience mechanical failure.

Anyone with an ounce of pride in their vehicle shouldn't go without protection for their vehicle. If you want to keep your car dependable, a warranty is the best way to ensure it works optimally. If you've read this far, but still don't have a warranty, buy one today and take pride in your car.

Having a plan when a break down occurs is better than not having one. These warranties are so easy to get and provide the needed coverage that is so valuable in today's paycheck world. Take action and get your car a warranty today while it is fresh in your mind. You will be protected if your car breaks down and you can rest knowing that you planned ahead.

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