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Monday, September 20, 2010

Why Choose The Insurance Auto Auction

By Lary Kate

The auto auction is a kind of popular way. Getting involved with auto auctions may just be the best thing you ever do if you're looking to get a new or used vehicle. Where else can you get the car of your dreams at half the amount of what it's worth? Featured by the Insurance Auto Auction, and what helps them stand out from the crowd, is the largest facility footprint in all of North America. The Insurance Auto Auction is a perfect example.

This helps their consumers because it means that they are able to offer the most options in terms of selection and the best prices. They offer motorcycles, boats, high-end cars and motor homes. They offer the most flexibility and choice. You can check their site to find out when their next auctions are in your area if you're interested in attending in person.

There are three different ways to bid when you go through the Insurance Auto Auction Company. If there are few to no other bidders, you can get a vehicle for next to nothing. You can either bid in person the old-fashioned way so that you can take a look at a vehicle before deciding to invest money in it, or you can do online bidding for which the entire process takes place over the computer. The I-Bid Live offered by Insurance Auto Auction allows consumers to join live auctions as long as they have an active Internet connection.

Then they are able to bid in real time with other online bidders and find the car of their dreams. You can do your bidding the night before so it's over and done with. But the Insurance Auto Auction Company also offers a third option for bidding which is known as pre-bidding. The highest pre-bid is then taken and represented at the auction.

There are certainly other places a person could head to if they wanted to buy a vehicle at an auction. They are one of the most longstanding and reputable businesses offering auto auctions. They even feature some resourceful tools to help you find the right vehicle. That includes their Locate Vehicles tool which helps you find cars you want at any available branch locations.

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