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Monday, September 20, 2010

Why Exactly Do Motorists Need Automotive Insurance?

By Sean Powers

It doesn't matter where you live, automotive insurance is a compulsion. Without insurance and without a licence you cannot drive your vehicle. Physically, of course, you can still get in the car and get out onto the road, but you really are opening yourself up to all sorts of risks by doing so. Auto insurance is compulsory for a number of reasons. But what exactly are these?

Well, the first reason to consider is simply the fact that you are legally obliged purchase an auto insurance policy. If you drive a car, you need insurance. If you fail to get a proper car insurance policy then you will find that you can be fully punished by the law if you are caught. The punishment that you are given can range significantly between a simple fine, all the way up to a jail sentence depending upon the severity of your actions.

So why exactly are you legally obligated to purchase auto insurance? Well, essentially the minimum requirement of auto insurance that you are going to need to get will be there to protect others from your actions on the road. If you were to cause an accident then this can cause problems, not only for you, but for others involved as well.

Of course, the minimum requirements are there to protect others and therefore it is certainly advisable for you to purchase a slightly more can print of policy in order to protect yourself. In many weaker policies your interests will not be covered and this can really leave you in diet straits if you did have a problem.

For example, if you did drive a relatively valuable vehicle and then you failed to have necessary coverage for it then you may have to suffer all of the costs of repairing the vehicle if you had an accident. Depending on the severity of the required repairs, the costs can be insurmountable for many people. In addition, you may also have to purchase an entirely new car if it is written off.

Given that the cost of repairing vehicles is so high, depending on the model of course, you would be best advised to make a small investment into an insurance policy as protection against this eventuality. In addition, if you fail to have any insurance policy at all then you might have to cover the costs of any other damage done during the accident as well.

In fact, it doesn't actually stop there either. Insurance does not only protect against vehicle and property damage but it also helps to protect against medical expenses as well. If you have an injury in an accident then your insurance is intended to cover your medical expenses. If you fail to have insurance then these expenses may have to be covered by you. Again, the same might go for others involved in the accident, depending upon the level of insurance that you have.

As such, the small investment that you have to make into an auto insurance policy really is far more sensible than looking at the alternative. In addition, due to the fact that it is a legal obligation, you really have no other option.

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