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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Perfect Car Wash By Yourself

By Nicole Davis

Most people who own cars love their vehicle so much that they want to keep it in a mint condition, not just internally but also externally. If you are one of these people, you know well that you need to make sure your car is properly treated, not just via maintenance but also through regular car washing.

With some simple tips & the right type of equipment you can give your vehicle the ideal car wash. You can start by hosing down your car to remove the layer of dirt & grime from its surface. Now begin applying soap to the roof with good quality car wash soap.

Do not use utensil cleaners, no matter how effective they are with your unclean dishes. They can cause abrasion of car wax & leave your car devoid of its real lustre and shine. There is a large range of car shampoos available in the stores, but you should select only the best ones.

The sponge that you are using must be fairly clean & not very used up, otherwise your vehicle will become dirtier with additional grime from the sponge. It is also advisable to use micro fibre mitts to clean your car surface, so that the shine does not get lost.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the roof, go through the same procedure with the hood, the rear and sides in that order. When you have applied soap to every inch of your car to your satisfaction, take the hose again & wash off all the shampoo from the body of the car thoroughly. After this, your car still needs just a little bit more to be done to sparkle & shine again.

Letting your vehicle stand in direct sunlight after a hose down will result in water marks to remain on the surface. Hence, you should rub it with a chamois leather to ensure the perfect gleam and a new look.

The outcome of your labour is certain to be a brilliant looking vehicle and a lot of satisfaction from all the difficult work & results reaped.

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