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Friday, September 24, 2010

Five Of The Commonly Used Automobile Trailers

By Greg Pierce

"Car trailers have been evolving in the US for so many years. It has been used as a carrier for cars and even other utility vehicles. Since it has so many uses, trailers can sometimes carry around mobile homes. Mobile home is used for families that often use the road for their homes without any permanent address in the US alone. The size of the trailer is 8 wide and has a slope at its back for easy loading. Trailers have different sizes so make you have to measure first whatever it is that you want to carry around with it. Car trailers can be generally used for long travel of a utility vehicle.

Below are the top 5 most recommended car trailers.

* Airstream trailers

This is a classic mobile trailer which can be used as a home or any commercial functions. It has been used since the 1920's and still manufactured these days. This is the only trailer that surpasses the test. Their founder analyzes the design and made use with airplane technology. It is known to meet the demand of the consumers and was named a clipper.

* Spartan trailers

One more type within the airstream trailers, the Spartan trailer is also been used around 1930's. This classic trailer is owned by Spartan Aircraft company in Oklahoma and also been made by the company's aircraft technology. Sparcraft, Sparlane, Manor, Carousel, and Crescendo are the models for this kind of trailer.

* Aluminium closed car hauler trailer

It is used as a trailer part. Its interior has 6'6"" height, 2"" modified v-nose, and 4'x6"" beavertail and it is made from aluminum, which can be durable and lightweight. Furthermore, it has a ramp door, side door, pop up roof vent, and finished interior with brakes on both axles. This is good for storage use or for commercial use that needs AC.

* Cargo trailer

From the word itself, you know exactly what its use for. Because of this, it is ideal for on the road delivery which can carry for up to a maximum load. It is built for durability and usage. It usually measures 6'x12' in 3500 axles and 6' 6"" in height.

* Caravan trailer

This is ideal for home, office, shop, so much more. This is originally made in Mainland China, its size is 40ft wide made with flat sandwich walling, isolation 5mm thickness glass, and also fire resistant. Another option for the use of this trailer is for outdoor camping and outdoor works. This is made to last because it is also made with fibre glass and aluminium frame.

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