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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Used Car Dealers And More Questions To Ask

There are a number of questions that you need to ask any car dealer that you are considering buying a car from. The following questions will not only allow you to find out what you need to know but they will let the dealer know that he can't treat you like a fool.

Where Did You Get This Car From?

Although the dealer will not tell you exactly where the car came from, he should still give you plenty of information about the car and where it originated from. You can assume that this is a hard sell if the car came from another dealer. Cars which were bought at auction should have been given a full service to ensure that there were no problems so make sure this happened.

What Length Of Time Will You Be Able To Take The Car For A Test Drive?

It is important that the dealer allows you to drive the car over a few different surfaces and for at least a half hour so that you can really get a feel for the car. It is better to go alone for your test drive if you are going to be distracted by someone else and never take your children with you. Try not to fall into conversation with the dealer during the test drive; you want to be able to listen for car noises. And you may also find that the dealer lets some vital information about the car slip in order to fill up the uncomfortable silence.

Will The Dealer Provide Any Extras With The Car?

Before even mentioning extras you should be certain that the price for the car is as low as its going to go. Most dealers will have free things to give you if they think that it will close the deal. Services and free oil changes are some of the things you can ask for. Most dealers will want to give you as little as they will get away with so you will have to drive a hard bargain.

Whenever you happening to be looking for cars for sale, you may end up much better off by thoroughly researching the cars that interest you. Good research lets you find only the best models available. When your research is done, you could very well end up with a great used vauxhall or even a used toyota.

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