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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've Been Pulled Over For Drunk Driving In Miami

By Bill Rogers

So You've Been Stopped For Driving Drunk, What Is The Next Move?

In the event that a police officer suspects you of a Miami DUI, you will be questioned, observed, identification requested, and subjected to field sobriety assessments. There is a very good chance that the full encounter could be recorded. In the event that you are arrested for driving under the influence, you will want to get the professional assistance of a Miami criminal defense legal professional as soon as you can.

Right Away After Being Pulled Over for Dwi in Florida

When you notice the blinking red and blue lights pull up behind you as you drive on a Florida roadway, pull over the instant you can. Be sure that you do so safely and gradually, so that you do not bring on more suspicion. Once the officer approaches your car, be willing to provide your driver's license and registration. In the event that you experience difficulty producing these documents, the official may suspect that you are intoxicated.

Answering a Police Officer's Requests When Stopped for Drunk Driving in Miami

It is essential that you chat politely, clearly and calmly anytime you are pulled over for Dwi in Florida. It is also vital to be cautious about what you say. Any time a police officer asks if you've been drinking, consider the simple fact that there may be the smell of an alcoholic drink on your breath.

In the event you refute having had any drinks when you did, those lies might come back to haunt you when you are charged with a Miami Dwi. Telling lies to a policeman may be seen as incriminating if your Miami Dwi proceeds to court.

Remember, admitting that you've ingested alcohol is not exactly the same as confessing exactly how much you've had to drink and it is not the same as committing a drunk driving offense in Miami. Due to the fact that a Miami Dui charge and conviction are dependent on your precise blood alcohol content and not the smell of your breath. In no way voluntarily inform a police officer exactly how much you've had to drink. This data can't be known by the scent of alcohol on your breath.

If you really don't wish to take the chance of addressing an officer's questions after being pulled over for Driving while intoxicated in Miami, you could simply say that you wish to speak to a Miami Dwi defense law firm. You may well be placed under arrest, but you can prevent yourself from providing any kind of incriminating information.

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