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Monday, September 13, 2010

Used Car Warranty To Prepare For Unexpected Repair Bills

Used Car Warranty-Prepare For Unexpected Repair Bills
by John Jacob

Your wife calls you on the phone in a hissy because she broke down on the side of the road. You tell her to relax and to call the number for roadside assistance on the extended warranty policy that is in the glove box. You hear her attitude reverse as she giggle`s and reminds you what a hard time she gave you when you bought the bumper to bumper extended Vehicle Service Contract months back. She calls the tow truck who brings her to the repair facility. They fix the car in 2 hours and cover 90% of the $2800.00 repair bill.

When buying a new car it is most often covered with a bumper to bumper warranty. This is done with good reason as you never know what could go wrong with any car let alone a brand new one. Many people often neglect the importance of extending the warranty on their car.

Car warranties are offered to car buyers for very good reasons. Keep in mind that the cost of everything goes up and it is rare that things like auto parts and mechanics labor go down. Things like supply and demand, business insurance, garage rent and other incidentals are always making it more expensive to do business with your mechanic.

Just cost of replacement parts, even if the mechanic is your uncle, is a good enough reason for a warranty. Generally when a car breaks down, most of the cost to get it running again is covered by the warranty. Unfortunately, many people neglect to purchase a warranty and some come to regret skipping coverage.

Thousands of dollars are saved each day by auto warranties. Having one is almost like having a savings account dedicated to keeping your car running. Car warranties are written for lay people to understand; normally it will only be a few pages to skim through while you have your morning coffee.

Having a car warranty makes life easier and takes a whole truck load of stress out of your life. When you have auto warranties in place you can rest assured that your car has that extra security often needed in the time of a mechanical breakdown.

Auto warranties are insurance policies and should be a part of every auto transaction. The warranty helps the owner maintain a dependable car without unnecessary stress or additional expense. Auto warranties are not just for new cars; every car should be covered. Older models need warranty coverage just as much as new models.

When an automotive disaster hits, a car warranties are like pre-packaged survival kits for your car. Warranties are simple to get and provide an extra cushion to help ride out this recession. Don't delay and get caught without one. You'll be happy you did if you're your car breaks down. Get one now while it's still fresh in your mind and sleep soundly, wrapped in your security blanket of vehicel breakdown protection.

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