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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Optional Rental Insurance- To Take Or Not To Take? That Is The Question

By Jason Hall

Do you need a rental car insurance? It's a question many people ask very simply because the car rental agents in general believe that you are committing a crime when you do not accept it, making you sign a release waiver. You may be reluctant to reject it and you can even accept it because you think that somehow it will provide additional protection in case. Be clear, insurance for rental cars will not provide additional benefits above and beyond what your auto insurance or credit card to pay.

To be on the safe side you should always contact your car insurance company. Let them know that you are considering renting a car and for what period of time and where in the world. Then let them tell you if you have coverage and what exactly will be covered. If you still feel that you require additional coverage, most car insurance companies offer an option of additional insurance for car rental and generally this coverage will cost far less than what the car rental agency is offering .

After checking with your auto insurance company, then get in contact with your credit card companies to see what coverage they will provide you with a rental car. Some credit companies will cover you for a higher rate, therefore it is a good idea to check with several before deciding which card to make your reservation with.

Between your car insurance company and your credit card company you should have enough coverage to take care of any and all issues that may arise. Don't be intimidated into paying the rental agent directly for extra insurance. While they may make it seem like an item you need, it usually winds up serving them in the form of additional income for the rental. Keep in mind that their motivation to sell you this insurance is not for your protection but for their profits.

Car rental agents are encouraged to talk you into this insurance and usually take a larger commission if they do. So they will be extremely motivated to do all that they can to convince you to take it but if you go to the agency armed with the information that you need about rental vehicle insurance you should have no problem being comfortable with signing that waiver and getting on your way.

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