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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finding The Right Performance Motorcycle Parts For Your Needs

By Darren T. Wilson

Owning a performance bike usually means having to spend money on increasing the ability of the bike by using custom motorcycle accessories and parts. If you were to ask someone what the most important motorcycle part is that will help to increase performance, then you are likely to get several different answers. One thing that many new riders are not aware of is that it is possible to "over do it" and actually diminish the bike's performance.

Of course when you do ask that question there are several suggestions given on what custom motorcycle parts or accessories to use. For example, the suspension is one area that you can work on in order to increase the speed of the bike. Unfortunately, many riders, especially the more inexperienced ones, overlook this important fact. When you purchase a stock bike it may perform fine, but if you want that little extra and you push the bike beyond what is considered average, then it may not perform as you wish. That does not mean that you need to redo everything; just concentrate on the stock suspension and use the appropriate custom motorcycle accessory to accomplish this.

Each motorcycle tire must be included in the motorcycle part category, and they should be considered when you are trying to improve how your bike maneuvers and handles. The lighter the components are, the better off you will be and according to many experts, one way to do this is by a reduction in the weight that is on the unsprung parts of the bike, like the sprockets, wheels and rotors.

Most people who modify these bikes for a living or even race them know that the way a bike handles takes priority over both cosmetics and power. An average rider may think that custom motorcycle accessories are the most important considerations, yet there are things that may not be visible to the inexperienced rider.

It is not always overtly obvious what needs to be done to a bike to improve its performance, which causes many new or inexperienced riders to miss small details. By adjusting just one motorcycle part, like the triple clamps that are on the fork of the bike when you install new tires, you can help balance out the handling of the bike. The tires that most experts suggest for new riders are the DOT slicks, as they heat up quicker than most, which helps to increase the rider's lap speeds.

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