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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Good The Bad And The Ugly About Extended Vehicle Warranties

The Good The Bad And The Ugly About Extended Vehicle Warranties
by Ann Moore

Buyers of cars, new or used, may decline the opportunity to purchase an extended car warranty. Some may believe that they will never need the warranty or that it is simply more expensive than it is worth. While these types of speculation could be accurate in some cases, the idea of an extended warranty should not be dismissed so quickly.

When buying a car, the salesman often offers a standard and extended warranty. The extended warranty costs extra, and can typically be expensive. To make matters worse, the car dealer is usually pushing the importance of the extended warranty with a disquieting vigor, causing a customer to wonder why. It is usually because the commission for selling an extended car warranty can be built right in, but this tactic can often cause a customer to quickly decline.

However, regardless of sales tactics, deciding against getting an extended car warranty could cause the buyer to face exposure. Should unexpected damage to the vehicle occur, the driver may find him or herself without a source of funds and therefore in a bad financial state of affairs. However, it is not true that one must purchase the extended warranty from the dealership. Private companies sell extended warranties, too, which are in most cases a better deal. In short, a buyer's solution to intimidation of the salesman is simply to shop around.

Purchasing an extended warranty from a company outside the dealership can prove to work to a buyer's advantage. The deductibles are particularly low, especially in contrast to the high repair costs, and the monthly payments are manageable as well. In the long run, the purchaser will find that he or she has actually saved money rather than the original notion that this might be a scam.

Any issue with a vehicle, minor or major, can be solved easily under warranty. The car must simply be taken to a qualified facility for repair and pay the low deductible rate. From that point on, the driver needs not worry - the rest of the situation will be left up to the warranty company and the mechanics. It will be cheap and effortless, setting the car owner's mind at ease.

All in all, it is understandable why a car shopper might be convinced not to get the extended car warranty that is suggested when buying an automobile. The dealer's desire to make commission also makes them come off as pushy and talks a potential customer out of the purchase. However, if a good deal is found elsewhere, these warranties will show for themselves that they can be rather beneficial.

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