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Monday, September 20, 2010

Toy Train Collection Guide - Tips And How-To

By Frank Keenan

Toy trains have represented for a long period, a popular gift for children and adults. For centuries, these tiny toys made happy old generations.

Although they have been replaced nowadays by video games, computers, and cell phones, they still keep a favourite place on toy store shelves.

There are several trademarks in modern toy trains: - American Flyer toy trains, are available at different auctions on internet, and you must pay a high amount of money, in order to get this kind of trains.

- Brio toy trains, are made of wood, and it offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs.

You can also find modern and simple toy trains. Today, toy trains are made of plastic and metal. But, there is a business which is intended to produce wooden toys.

- HO toy trains, are a top-selling item.

The main reason to buy these trains, is their unique construction and engineering. The second factor that explain the preference of people for these toys, is their appearance.

But what if we take a step back in the toy trains' history. The first ones were hand-fashioned, and produced in the cottage industry of Germany and France. American toy trains will be elaborated with Amerian names.

In England, the sophisticated trains were made of iron anf bras, and were sold to rich children and adults. The first American clock work tinplate trains, were built in 1856 by George W Brown Company. Milton Bradley from Springfield, offered a wide variety of trains made of tin, cast iron, and lithographed wood block.

Marklin, the great German toy company, introduced a revolution in toy trains industry, with the tinplate track and electric trains in 1898. German companies such as Marklin, Plank, and Bing were replaced in the early 20th century by American electric train companies, such as American Flyer. They introduced the interactive automated systems.Unfortunately, with the end of the World War Two, they disappeared from the market.

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