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Friday, September 17, 2010

Protect Your Money By Protecting Your Car

By Rita Jean

There are so many horror stories about the financial dissatisfactions of consumers who make large monetary purchases. That is why, when buying a car, a consumer might want to reap the benefits of purchasing an extended warranty to back up the quality of their investment. Otherwise, a buyer might find him or herself in a tough situation when the initial warranty's service contract expires.

An initial auto warranty is an excellent place to start. It usually covers the vehicle for some relatively short period of time or driving distance. These offer the relief of anxiety from a buyer who is probably hoping they made a decent investment. It also helps the dealership to demonstrate that they guarantee the quality of their vehicles. These contracts can be bumper-to-bumper, but usually they offer coverage on a limited amount of potential issues.

Of course, these policies run out sooner or later and no driver wants to be left without good coverage. This is the point where the purchased extended warranty would be put into effect. The coverage from the warranty is comprehensive and bumper-to-bumper, leaving the driver worry-free. The policies are reinforced by insurance companies. This is their way of keeping the contracts manageable in terms of monthly payments and deductibles.

An extended warranty is a good idea for a number of specific reasons. The buyer of an extended warranty for a vehicle will find it relatively painless to deal with any otherwise time-consuming and expensive situation. For example, most extended warranties have inexpensive or free roadside assistance, towing, lock-out assistance, and so on. Rental cars are usually inexpensive or free to acquire under these warranties as well. These policies are also usually transferrable between owners.

These contracts make filing a claim as painless as possible on the owner of the vehicle under warranty. All that is required is for a licensed repair facility to make contact with a claims administrator so that the repair of the damage can be authorized. The car owner will then only need to pay the deductible instead of fronting the money for the entire bill out-of-pocket and waiting to be compensated. The fact that it is so inexpensive and simple to complete this process makes purchasing an extended warranty desirable to a car owner.

Obtaining an extended warranty outside of a dealership is cost-efficient for a car owner. It provides a number of essential services for a low monthly fee and deductible. Furthermore, it supplies a driver with peace of mind that cannot be found elsewhere.

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