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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Questions To Ask A Prospective Auto Mechanic

Aren't most of us hunting for a respectable mechanic that will fix whatever problems our vehicle is having at any time? If you drive or own a motor vehicle, it's likely that you will seriously desire a good mechanic sometime in your lifetime.

The problem is that not all vehicle mechanics are the most wonderful, genuine, and overall trustworthy folks. You don't want to hire a mechanic to fix your car that either doesn't know what he or she is doing, or that scams you out of money. There are a few things you should watch for to find out whether you're dealing with a winner of a mechanic.

First off, it is vital that any mechanic that you deal with has the capacity to get your car into his or her auto shop for repairs as fast as possible. Scheduling an appointment for non-emergency repairs one to two days or more in advance is perfectly alright. However, scheduling an appointment for emergency repairs two days or more in advance is not alright. Think about it - you probably need your automobile to get to work and/or other various places throughout the day. Why should you have to wait days upon days for technicians to fix the vehicle that you need to get to your job location with? All emergency repairs on your vehicle must be completed in a really timely manner by your mechanic. If they are not, it's time to look around for a significantly better mechanic to fix your automobile.

After your automobile is out of the mechanic's shop, take note of whether or not the same automotive problem that the mechanic supposedly fixed happens again. If it does, there's a strong possibility that you hired an incompetent auto mechanic to fix your vehicle's problem. Excellent mechanics usually repair things accurately on the first try.

If your mechanic suggests to you that your vehicle needs a specific replacement part, you really need to ask him what the part will cost before purchasing it. Then, take a moment to call around to various mechanics and ask them what the part would cost. If the first mechanic that you dealt with is quoting you an atrocious auto part rate, then you can almost be guaranteed that the mechanic isn't honest. An honest mechanic will not charge outlandish prices for almost any automotive parts that your vehicle needs.

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